June 2, 2012 - Freddy Villano of Awaken

Listen to the Show;

L.A. Guns - Hollywood Forever
Amulance - Witch's Sin
Jorn - Bring Heavy Rock To The Land
Mucky Pup - Little Pigs

Circus Maximus - Reach Within
Ancient Cross - The Hourglass
Rush - Headlong Flight
Malice - New Breed Of Godz

Pantera - Mouth For War
Lowkey - Passion
Six Feet Under - Blood On My Hands
I, Omega - Cannibals

Awaken - Bones To Dust
Havok - Post Mortem/Raining Blood
Royal Thunder - Sleeping Witch

Awaken - The Inquisitor
Chaosweaver - Ragnarok Sunset
Dying Fetus - Second Skin
Whitechapel - Hate Creation

Awaken - As The Dark So The Light
Ereb Altor - Seven
Architects (UK) - Behind The Throne
Rise To Remain - Power Through Fear
Mnemic - There's No Tommorrow

Awaken - Beneath The Surface
Fear Factory - Virus Of Faith
Candlemass - The Sound Of Dying Demons
Mucky Pup - Death By Cholestrol
Cold Day - Deep Inside

Lowriderz - Never Cut A Beard
For Today - Under God
Grand Magus - Iron Hand
Kreator - Victory Will Come
Gypsyhawk - Hedgeking

Athiest - Unquestionable Presence
Fallguy - Kill The Machine
Avigal - Gates Of Hell
Altars - Red Brick Army
Kill Devil Hill - War Machine

Spider Rockets - Better When It's Loud
Lawnmower Deth - Watch Out Grandma Here Comes A Lawnmower
Confessor - Eve Of Salvation
Malice - Sinister Double
Saint Chaos - Nothing Is Forever

Recap by The Metal Wulf

Still basking in the warm aftermath of the latest edition of Finger Lakes Metal Fest, this week's in-studio guest was Awaken bassist, Freddy Villano.

Now, I'll gladly state that there were absolutely NO bad bands at Metal Fest this year, but Awaken were without a doubt among the stand-outs. One of those cases where I've been kicking myself in the butt for choosing their slot to take a trip to the bar, since I only got to enjoy the last three songs of their set. I won't make that mistake again!

Gotta make some mention of some cool non-Awaken facts, here. Freddy is also a freelance writer who contributes to Bass Player magazine, and has also been a member of both Quiet Riot and Dee Snider's Widowmaker. No bull, Freddy is a very cool guy, and I think it's safe to say he and any of his bandmates are more than welcome to join us again.

So, in the random silliness department we somehow got on the subject of me needing training. It was even laughably mentioned that I'd have to do some push-ups later in the evening. Now, I can't honestly remember the last time I could successfully pull off even one (although it HAS been within the past five years...), and I kept insisting there was no way in Hell it was going to happen.

Of course, having Jeffie in the building prompted me to at least show them that I just wasn't capable of it at this stage. Especially considering they ALSO thought I'd be able to do "The Worm" (remember Scotty 2 Hotty, WWE fans?)

So, in the interest of proving that I could NOT do a push-up, I assumed the position. Surprisingly enough, I DID manage to pull off about half of a push-up. Shocked the hell outta me...Then, somebody mentioned doing them up against the wall...Well, that's a completely different ball of wax, I can pull those off pretty effectively. Jeez...let's be a bit more specific next time, shall we?

The only other note-worthy bit of weirdness I can seem to remember involves Jeffie wanting to hire himself out as a Santa.

All I've gotta say to that is it's probably NOT the greatest idea to bring a Jeffie anywhere near your children, unless you want to spend quality time playing "What's In My Pants" for hours and hours on end, or listening to the Cry of the Sad Whale...once again for hours and hours on end.

Some things are best left NOT contemplated...


May 26, 2012 - Metal Fest Recap

Listen to the Show;

Jorn - Ride Like The Wind
Ancient Cross - Gates Of Hell
Grand Magus - Valhalla Rising
Circus Maximus - Namaste

Awaken - As The Dark So The Light
Unisonic - Star Rider
Anvil - Plenty Of Power
L.A. Guns - Dirty Black Night

Amulance - 7th Son
Fear Factory - God Eater
Kreator - Death To The World
For Today - Stand Defiant
Children Of Bodom - Jessie's Girl

Altars - Red Brick
Army Altars - Scum
Spater - Witch One
Marduk - Souls For Belial
Miss Lava - Ride Havok - Arise

Cassidy Has Cholera - Walkers
Obituary - Killing Victims Found
Six Feet Under - 18 Days
Mellow Bravo - Love Hammer
Candlemass - The King Of The Sun
I, Omega - Heretics

Burn Everything - Holy Diverticulitis
Royal Thunder - No Good
Pantera - No Good (Attack The Radical)
Kill Devil Hill - Old Man
Ritual Of Odds - Haunt
Hate Machine - Hasben?
Overkill - Drop The Hammer Down

Lawnmower Deth - Watch Out Granma Here Comes A Lawnmower
Spider Rockets - Scream
Circus Grenade - Exit
Shadows Fall - Walk The Edge
Diatribe - Crime Legacy
Prong - Revenge Best Served Cold
Eternal Helcaraxe - As The Snow Gathers

Kreator - Your Heaven My Hell
Fear Factory - Virus Of Faith
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Of Kali Ma Calibre
Jorn - Ride To The Guns
Gypsyhawk - Hedgeking
Rush - Headlong Flight

Megadeth - Hook In Mouth
Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave
Ancient Cross - The Hourglass
Circus Maximus - Used
The Agonist - Anxious Darwinians

Shadowside - Ace Of Spades

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

So, Finger Lakes Metal Fest is over and done for yet another year. Personally, I kinda compare it to Christmas. There's weeks of building excitement, to the point that you can't sleep the night before the event, and then when the day gets here, it seems to go way too fast.

And yet, at the end of the day, no matter how much fun it was, you're still kinda glad it only comes once a year!

Note to self: Next year, plan on taking the day AFTER Metal Fest off...

Bearing all that in mind , we were more than happy to once again have Spater's David Henninger in the studio to help us share some fun Metal Fest memories. Oddly, with all the great bands that were set to perform, attendance seemed to be down a bit from previous years. But, those who DID attend were a bit louder than attendees from last year, so maybe quantity was less important than enthusiasm...Hmmmm...

In all honesty, we all had a blast, and it's always an honor when David asks us to host, which we WILL be doing again, when it all rolls around next year!

No Azkath and crew this week, as he was tending to one of his Last Exit Prestents shows in Ithaca, making for a relatively quiet evening. Not lacking for some silly momemtns, though, as we had to make sure that Josh's intervention from the previous week didn't leave any lasting damage. All depends on where your focus was that night...some things were definitely less scarring than others...

Damn you, Kal...

There was also a return discussion of the origins of what some perceive to be my lame taste in music. Hey, I wasn't exposed to Black Sabbath at the age of five, like Joe was! I grew up in a pre-dominaantly country and old-time rock-and roll-loving family! I grew up more on Buddy Holly, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard...

And things DID change when my dad brought home Deep Purple's Machine Head! Not to mention discovering KISS within a year or so of that!

I swear, I don't remember EVER asking for those Abba albums for Christmas...



May 19, 2012 - Lowkey

More Pictures

Listen to the Show;

L.A. Guns - Hollywood Forever
Accept - Hellfire
Candlemass - The Sound Of Dying Demons
Fates Warning - Outside Looking In

Spiders & Snakes - Public Enemy #1
Tenacious D - Low Hangin' Fruit
Great White - Shotgun Willie's
Barnoness - Take My Bones Away
A Sound Of Thunder - Murderous Horde
Confessor - Condemned

The Agonist - Dead Ocean
Miss Lava - Ride
I, Omega - Butchers
Havok - Arise
Shadows Fall - Nothing Remains

Lowkey - Forward
Ritual Of Odds - Nightmare On Elm Street
Venom - Meglomania
Cattle Decapitation - Lifestalker

Lowkey - Backstabber
Overkill - Wish You Were Dead
Prong - Eternal Heat
3 Inches Of Blood - Look Out
Solstice - Cleansed Of Impurity
Spater - Rat Salad

Diatribe - This Hell
Burn Everything - Ghost Of The Waves
The Corey Smoot Experiment - Fortunate Sun
Firewind - Few Against Many
Kill Devil Hill - Gates Of Hell

Ihsahn - The Paranoid
The Feds - Barracuda
Six Feet Under - Vampire Apocalypse
Hellish Outcast - Face Forced Down
Obituary - Burned In

Lawnmower Deth - Watch Out Granma, Here Comes A Lawnmower
Pantera - Walk
Devildriver - Pale Horse Apocalypse
Overkill - Hammerhead
Sabaton - A Lifetime Of War
Alice In Chains - Dam That River
Napalm Death - Protection Racket

Metal Duck - March Of The Metal Duck To The Duck Ponds Of Hell
Eternal Helcaraxe - We Assist Death
Septekh - Shoot Them All
Watain - Four Thrones
Diseim - Son Of The Winter
Pyramada - Mind Abuse
Undivided - Words Of Wisdom

Persist - The Daze
Shadowside - Angel With Horn

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

So, about half-way through last week I realized that I hadn't written a recap for the previous show, and when I actually started to get down to writing it, I couldn't remember a damned thing of interest that had occurred that night. I will take a moment, though, to thank members of Stygian for coming out and hanging with us, as they talked about performing at Metal Fest and their need of a new vocalist. Any singers out there that need a band would do well to look them up, assuming they've got some range and versatility.

Moving right along, this past week was our final show before the big day. Metal Fest was upon us, and Lowkey dropped in to talk for a bit, supplying us with a brand spanking new track to be played that very evening, called "Forward". Very cool number, I must say, and those of you who came out for the event got to hear them play it live at Metal Fest! The guys were also cool enough to provide us with a brief interview, bringing us up to speed on the progress of their new album, and some upcoming live dates.

Some discussion centered on the postponing of Van Halen tour dates. Apparently there's some rumors going about that the band members aren't getting along, other sources saying that they just needed a break, and that the dates will be made up this fall. I should probably look around for some more recent updates...

There was also mention of the removal of Bill Ward from photos of Black Sabbath, which has pretty much infuriated fans worldwide, including myself. All due respect to the rest of the Sabs, but Ward deserves a lot more respect than he's been getting. He is, after all, a founding member of the band that pretty much laid the original foundations for metal as we have come to know it. As always there was a bit of craziness.

Once again I found myself in some awkward postiions, as it seemed that I was attempting to....ummm...do some bad things to Joe...Apparently I was walking around saying, "Screw the host...screw the host...", and actually attempted to do just that...And I guess I also went stark, raving mad at the mention of eight owls...in the trees...Sincerely, I'm pretty glad I don't remember these things when they happen!

The majority of the latter portion of the show centered on Josh, as it had been established that he needed an intervention. He spent a great deal of time reading on No Pants Day, which would be understandable if it was only a bunch of guys running around in their underwear, but there were scantly clad ladies running about as well. And still, Josh sat there with his nose in a book...So, it had been determined that Josh had some Catholic guilt that needed to be addressed. He needs to understand that, in this day and age, it's actually okay to admire the female form outside the boundaries of marriage. I mean, how is the guy ever going to settle down with the right lady, if he can't even pull his nose out of a book to admire her at the most crucial of moments?

Drastic steps needed to be taken, and they were!

So, just imagine Foul Mouth Girl and Raven in lots of black. Black undies, black skirts, black tights, leather AND pleather, fishnets, bondage gear, etc.

Although, I don't think one of the other methods used was really...quite necessary...

Imagine Kal from the Last Exit in his green spandex body suit, with a belt harness that contained a green dildo modeled after a massive horse penis...rough guess...about 18 to 20 inches of it...

Yeah, we didn't want to fucking see it, either, and we're all mentally scarred now because of it.

Proof positive that there ARE worse things than me in a man-kini...


May 12, 2012 - Stygian Visit

Listen to the Show

Dragonforce - Fallen World
Accept - The Galley
Iron Maiden - El Dorado

Great White - (I've Got) Something For You
Havok - Post Mortem/Raining Blood
Tenacious D - Deth Starr
Baroness - Take My Bones Away

Torche - Kiss Me Dudely
Lita Ford - Black Widow
Black Spiders - Easy Peasy
Candlemass - Waterwitch

Stygian - Prophet's Warning
Shadows Fall - Blind Faith
Six Feet Under - Missing Victims
Pantera - A New Level
Kreator - Betrayer

Stygian - Breaking Away
Spater - Brain Dead
Alice In Chains - Check My Brain
Solstice - cleansed Of Impurity
Diatribe - Control

Stygian - The Reaper
Sleep - Holy Mountain
Bloodfeast - Face Fate
Bloodfeast - Blood Lust

He Is Legend - Wounded
Blatant Disarray - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Canvas Solaris - Arc-Lite
Burn Everything - Ghost Of The Waves
Septekh - Eating The Maneater
Wretched - At the First Sign Of Rust
Emmure - Protoman

Overkill - Drop The Hammer Down
The Burial - Salt And Wrath
Prong - Path Of Least Resistance
Cattle Decapitation - Do Not Resuscitate
Legacy Of Disorder - Punish All
Bleed The Freaks - All Is Lost

Spater - Hot Rod Demon
Watain - Reaping Death
Royal Thunder - Drown
Hubris - Void Caller's Litany
Solitude Aeturnus - Pain

Hung - Infernal Redeemer
Mares Of Thrace - The Pragmatist

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
As has been the case for the last couple of months, another of the 20 bands who would be performing at the upcoming Finger Lakes Metal Fest was featured and showcased. Two members of the band Stygian were there. Their band rocks. The Fest would be the following week, and The Metallic Onslaught would be hosting it. The Demon Azkath was there. Last weeks No Pants Day was much discussed, all the craziness, stupidity, cool stuff, and highly disturbing stuff that it had rought. We also learned that Josh is getting a drivers license, and a car, which was unsettling to everyone, and that Randy used to get picked up by men in the '80's when he tried to look glam, he was mistaken for a woman, an ugly woman, but more desperate men picked him up. Randy denies this, but we know it's true... 



May 5, 2012 - No Pants Day!

More Pictures

This was our traditional No Pants Day show. The First Friday of May, every year. This one will not disappoint. You will see wonderful and horrible things, and leave very scared or scarred, or maybe happy, who knows...

Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
Dragonforce - Give Me The Night
Metal Church - Beyond The Black
Metal Church - Metal Church

Black Sabbath - Meglomania
Hellyeah - War In Me
Torche - Reverse Inverted
Beastie Boys - Heart Attack Man

Europe - Demon Head
Kyng - Bleed Easy
Prong - Eternal Heat
Hour Of Penance - Deprave To Redeem
Cattle Decapitation - Gristle Licker

Ihsahn - The Paranoid
Kill Devil Hill - Strange
Candlemass - The Sound Of Dying Demons
Killwhitneydead - Vote With A Bullet
Uncle Slam - Dazed & Confused

Huntress - Eight Of Swords
Confessor - Suffer
Cripple Bastards - Agony Of A Reformed Band
Ironchrist - World War Three (Crack Party Weekend)
Deathwish - Demon Preacher
Eternal Helcaraxe - As The Snow Gathers

Otherwise - Die For You
Hellish Outcast - Your God Will Bleed
Before The Dawn - Perfect Storm
Bonded By Blood - Restless Mind
Kataklysm - Iron Will

Septekh - Not Quite What I Had In Mind
Fear Factory - Recharger
Cradle Of Filth - Dusk And Her Embrace
Unleashed - Gathering Battalions
16 - Beyond Fixable

Running Wild - Sailing Fire
Mares Of Thrace - The Perpetrator
Black Spiders - Mans Ruin
Band Of Skulls - Sweet Sour

Cancer Bats - Old Blood
Jeff Loomis - Continuum Drift
Candlemass - Psalms For The Dead
Pantera - Piss

Overkill - Old Wounds, New Scars
Legacy Of Disorder - Impaler
A sound Of Thunder - Out Of The Darkness
Cattle Decapitation - Lifestalker

Vio-lence - Bodies On Bodies
Anvil - Old School
Burn Everything - Ghost Of The Waves
Allegaeon - Timeline Dissonance

Recap by The Metal Wulf

Well, things got underway just a little later than expected, and it was actually mentioned that there would only be a brief amount of time for actual No Pants Day celebration, since after midnight it would no longer be No Pants Day. But Jeffie assured us that it was now known as No Pants Weekend, so we were apparently in the clear to continue as planned.

So, taking something of a cue from Foul Mouth Girl, who two years ago cruelly deceived us all with her infamous "It's after midnight, so No Pants Day is over..." trick, Jeffie, JustJoe, and Raven were wearing layers of undergarments. Arm wrestling challenges throughout the night would determine who took off a layer. Just think of it as "Strip Arm Wrestling" instead of poker, you'll get the idea...

So, Jeffie and JustJoe both took turns trying to best Raven in arm wrestling matches. Now, those who've become familiar with her over the past few months know that Raven is pretty damned tough, and it was Jeffie and JustJoe who were found on the losing end most of the time, and we had to endure the sight of them peeling down one layer at a time. I'm almost postive at one point that Jeffie was wearing a pair of lacy women's undies. I'll give 'em credit, though, they tried really hard and actually were able to beat her a couple of times.

Jeffie had mentioned a "secret identity" early in the evening, and this was later revealed. Yes, he informed us that he was actually the Undie-Taker...stealing our undies right from under our noses. And, true to form, out of nowhere, some of us started losing underwear...Unfortunately for Jeffie, our long-suffering host, Joe Wyatt, was among those caught sans underwear, resulting in one of the most brutal beatdowns with large pieces of styrofoam that I've ever witnessed. Now, you may laugh, but styrofoam makes one HELL of a mess when you continually bash it into someone's head, and it's almost impossible to clean up, especially when the vacuum cleaner is MIA... Truly, it was a horrible, HORRIBLE sight...

Also of note, and actually very funny, was Foul Mouth Girl's dominance of Josh. We were all wearing shorts, so by that definition alone, we were well within the attire requirements for No Pants Day. But, of course, people started stripping to their underwear, and Josh deciided he didn't want to. Which, in all fairness, is FINE. But, whenever Josh got difficult, FMG would yell out "Take your pants off, Josh!"

And he did, without question, every time! Pretty damned hilarious, to be honest.

Just as amusing was the visit we ALMOST received from Steve Papagiorgio, who apparently doesn't stay up to date with our antics via Facebook, and who didn't see an entire week's worth of No Pants Day promotion, and who decided to visit us on that night! Until he was greeted by Jeffie in a pair of boxer shorts...We tried to get him to come in, we really did, but in the end I think he just couldn't bear the sight of me in a t-shirt and my Batman boxer briefs.

I'll bet he'd have stuck around if they were Darth Vader boxers, though!

Unfortunately, not quite so hilarious, was my...ummmm...episode...or something...that resulted in further trauma, adding to the damage i'd already inflicted last year when the Olaf personality took over for the first time. The only difference is that this time it wasn't a viking people saw, it was Wulfie...not fully covered in fur...or clothing for that matter...doing the Blue Meanie dance...

...and once again, I am so, SOOOOO sorry...

April 28, 2012 - Untold Lies Visit and Jeffie is Afraid of Robots

Listen to the Show;

Ace Frehley - Ozone
Kiss - Parasite
Patrick Hemer - Death On Two Legs
Kyng - I Don't Believe
Iron Maiden - The Trooper

Tetrafusion - Styrofoam Breath
A Sound Of Thunder - Fight Until The End
Sledge Leather - The Lost Forgiveness
Dragonforce - Fallen World
Accept - Stalingrad
Hellyeah - War In Me

Immaculate Mary - Give It All You Got
Mastodon - A Commotion
Mastodon - A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
Fear Factory - Recharger
Cattle Decapitation - Forced Gender Reassignment

Overkill - Electric Rattlesnake
Hung - Matter Of The Blood
Mares Of Thrace - Bathsheba's Reply To David
Prong - Carved Into Stone
Legacy Of Disorder - Hell Tonight

The Untold Lies - Undevoted
Spater - Attitude
High On Fire - Madness Of An Architect
Huntress - Spell Eater
God Forbid - Where We Come From

The Untold Lies - My Song To you
Job For A Cowboy - Toungueless And Bound
Desultor - Masters Of Hate
Hallows Eve - Nobody Lives Forever
Death - Leprosy
Soulfly - Gladiator

Order Of The Dead - What Humans Remain
The Untold Lies - In my Kingdom
Hellish Outcast - Ten Times Stronger
Eths - Praedator
Before The Dawn - Throne Of Ice
Cattle Decapitation - The Monolith

Unleashed - The Hour Of Defeat
Cradle of Filth - Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
Running Wild - Shadowmaker
9electric - Destroy As You Go
Angelus Apatrida - At The Gates Of Hell

Entombed - Wolverine Blues
Torche - Skin Moth
Bleed The Freaks - All Is Lost
Combat - The Mutant Inside
Exumer - Devil Chaser
3 Inches Of Blood - Leave It On The Ice
Blue Snaggletooth - Star Flight

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Finger Lakes Metal Fest is just three weeks away, believe it or not, and in our continuing coverage of bands that are appearing at this year's event, we had Drew DeJohn (drummer for The Untold Lies) in the studio. Now, I know for a fact that Drew had been chomping at the bit to come out and hang with us for quite some time, and it was very cool to have him join us.

As for the band, I've seen them a couple of times, and I like them quite a lot, truth be told. They've got a very strong sound that's more hard rock than metal, and an amazingly talented vocalist in Michelle Sestito. The band is also rounded out by B.J. Carter (former Forty Oz. Failure) and Larry Snyder (former Bloodreign) on guitars, and Anson Stiles on bass.

All told, I can't say enough good things about this band. I highly recommend coming out on May 19th to check them out for yourself, along with the rest of the great line-up we have this year!

Many things were discussed on this evening. Joe, Rick, Josh, and I had all gone to Syracuse last Sunday night to take in Overkill, with supporting artists God Forbid, SuidAkrA, and Diamond Plate. Great show that actually resulted in me thinking it's about time I invested in a pair of earplugs. Yep, I think I'm done taking my chances. For a long time it was a running joke that I may have had cast-iron eardrums, but nothing could be further from the truth, and Overkill is the first band that really left me pondering the future of my hearing.

Yeah, Overkill are really, REAALLLY fucking LOUD! And that's a good thing!

Gotta give a shout-out for Diamond Plate, from Chicago. These guys are very much an old-school thrash metal band in all but age, and they just get better and better each time I see them. Their "Generation Why?" CD comes highly recommended, and you should sincerely check them out if you haven't already!

Can't remember how the subject was breached, but Josh had us busting a gut on the way home from that concert as he started impersonating Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Josh does a GREAT Shaggy, by the way, and this topic was actually briefly discussed on the show this past Friday. If you were tuned in, you know what I'm talkin' about, and if you weren't...well, what the HELL is the matter with you? You should be checkin' this out!

We actually kicked the show off with a little birthday tribute to Ace Frehley as we played "Snowblind" from his KISS solo album, plus "Parasite" from "Alive!". What can I say? Joe and I freakin' LOVE KISS, and Ace is the freakin' man!

This somehow eventually led to the playing of a Cattle Decapitation (which had been hilariously mis-pronounced as Cannibal DeCATitation) track called (as I recall...) "Forced Gender Reassignment". We only briefly wondered at the meaning of the song title. All doubt was removed as we returned for a talk break and I discovered that my balls had been blown off...Yep, chances are if you're band is called Cattle Decapitation, you're music isn't going to sound like freakin' Lionel Richie...

Jeffie was on hand once again, this time going on about finding an entrance to Hollow Earth (or Earf in Onslaught speak...), where a massive robot invasion was about to commence. Yep, Jeffie was pretty much convinced that Earf was doomed. As a matter of fact, he wasn't entirely convinced that some of us weren't actually robots in the first place. Apparently the best way to tell was to tickle us. Obviously, if we were ticklish, we were NOT robots...

Gotta appreciate that Jeffie logic!

There was actually a moment of concern when Josh didn't appear to be ticklish at all. I mean, of all people to NOT be ticklish, he'd be the last! But, he seemed to be enduring it better than normal, and honestly had Jeffie thinking that maybe Josh had been replaced with some Unholy Bionic Beast From Below...

But, no, it was Josh displaying some improved endurance. Who would have thought?

Surprisingly, Josh had one of his rare moments of assertiveness. Every now and then Jeffie pushes his buttons just the wrong way, and Josh will actually stand up for himself! Yes, our Josh is fully capable of growing a set when necessary! But, then, as his assertiveness is displayed, he tends to talk a little like The Incredible Hulk...

Not sure how that particular correlation works, in all honesty...hmmmmm...this may warrant further investigation...

There was, of course, further discussion of No Pants Day, as the wait is almost over. Yep, tune in next week, because it's THAT time again! So many questions to be answered this year, I tell ya...Will I wear DOUBLE PANTS this year, just to make up for destroying everybody's sanity last year? Will Jeffie come "Power Un-Pantsed", as he puts it? (Gawd, I hope not...) Will our minds be the same afterward? (Well, probably not, but that's more or less the norm on even an average week...) Tune in and find out! The madness is coming!

April 21, 2012 - Order of the Dead Visit

More Pictures

Order of the Dead stop into the show, and Jeffie deals with numerous problems only he could have. More details in the recap below...

Listen to the Show;

Patrick Hemer - Thorn In My Flesh
Lance King - Manifest Destiny
Furyon - Wasted On You
Accept - Hellfire

Dragonforce - Give Me The Night
A Sound Of Thunder - The Nightwitch
Kyng - I Don't Believe
Tetrafusion - Cloudless
Blue Snaggletooth - Swords Of Atlantis
Break Of Reality - B.Y.O.B.

Order Of The Dead - What Humans Remain?
Unleashed - Odalheim
Cradle Of Filth - Dusk And Her Embrace
Angelus Apatrida - Blood On The Snow

Order Of The Dead - Subversion
Cannibal Corpse - Demented Aggression
War Of Ages - Unite
Blessed Curse - Something Evil
Sledge Leather - Her Father's Daughter

Order Of The Dead - Bullets
Pantera - Piss
Bleed The Freaks - Dumptruck
Torche - Sky Trials
Prong - List Of Grievances
Lawnmower Deth - Watch Out Granma, Here Comes A Lawnmower
Undivided - The Line's Been Crossed

Order Of The Dead - Stab
Overkill - Come And Get It
Overkill - Bring Me The Night
Hellyeah - War In Me
Desultor - Another World
Mpire Of Evil - Reptile
Job For A Cowboy - Fearmonger

Paradise Lost - Crucify
16 - The Sad Clown
Mares Of Thrace - The Gallwasp
Band Of Skulls - The Devil Takes Care Of His Own
Cancer Bats - Rally The Wicked

Empires Of Eden - This Time
Kissin' Dynamite - I Will Be King
Allegaeon - From The Stars Death Came
7 Horns 7 Eyes - Cycle Of Self
Huntress - Snow Witch
Black Spiders - Blood Of The Kings

Anvil - Pro Wrestling
Anvil - Doctor Kevorkian
Primal Rock Rebellion - Tortured Tone
Meshuggah - I Am Colossus
Jim Gillette - Proud To Be Loud
High On Fire - Bloody Knuckles

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

As we continue to count down the weeks leading up to the 2012 editon of the Finger Lakes Metal Fest, we were happy to once again have Order Of The Dead in the studio. Much to our surprise, the entire band was able to make it this time, and if you take a little meander over to the metalwulff YouTube page, you can watch a brand spankin' new video interview with the guys!Order Of The Dead is another of those bands that we strongly suspect are going to cause structural damage to Donselaar's before the evening is out. They are an extremely tight, brutal metal monstrosity, and if you don't believe me, by all means come on out to Clyde on May 19th. And bring a bucket, you'll need something to carry your face home in...

An early discussion centered on something that I'm at least somewhat excited over. Kinda funny, because just a couple of weeks ago I remember being surprised to see that Blink 182 were playing at the Blue Cross Arena. My first thought at the time was, "Since when do we get anything resembling a heavy rock show in Rochester these days?"

Well, things seem to be looking up in that regard. Just when you thought the Blue Cross Arena had some kind of bug up it's ass regarding hard rock and metal shows, Van Halen actually has a show scheduled there on July 17th! Of course, my excitement was quickly replaced by confusion (more like dumb-foundedness...) when I saw the opener, and outright, insulted rage when I saw the ticket prices...Don't get me wrong, Van Halen is easily among my Top 10 favorite bands, ever. I love 'em to death, I really do. But I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to pay even the nose-bleed price for this show (approximately $60.00, with top-end tickets running to $140.00...) to watch these guys with Ky-Mani Marley as a support act!

Okay, no disrespect to Mr. Marley or his musical heritage (his dad was Reggae legend, Bob Marley), but you know something? I fucking HATE reggae...I DESPISE it...and I can't even imagine why the guys in Van Halen would consider this a reasonable opening act. I mean, they had Kool And The Gang open for them in Buffalo, and now this? Is this some kind of statement on their opinions concerning current rock acts, because I don't honestly think they're listening to the right bands...But, that's just me. Hope everyone who goes has a good time, I sure as hell won't be there.

The rest of the evening are pretty much a blur to me, as chaos was running absolutely rampant. The guys from Order Of The Dead got to experience first hand just how crazy things get. It all began with a visit from Jeffie, which really should come as absolutely no surprise. Jeffie had been absent last week, and I was unable to pass along the late Easter gift I'd picked up for him on impulse. I thought for sure he'd like it, being the simple, child-like being he is. I mean, who can honestly look at any kind of stuffed animal and have the reaction he had? So, I showed him the utterly cute stuffed frog I'd gotten him...and he went completely out of his mind. Literally, he ran away in sheer terror!

Okay, I have to at least plead a touch of ignorance. I had NO CLUE that Jeffie was afraid of frogs. I mean, had I known this, I might have picked up a little rabbit or lamb or duckie or some shit like that, anything but a damned frog!I did my best to ease the situation, showing Jeffie the frog up close and trying to get him to see how cute and soft and cuddly it was, but he just started laughing maniacally. Then, he started breathing heavily, and was saying, "HUSK!" over and over...

For those not familiar with Jeffie behavior, "HUSK!" is a very, VERY bad sign, and I did the only logical thing I could think of at the time.

I tossed that fucking frog off to the side and ran for my life!

I didn't get far, and the resulting beatdown I received from The Ultimate Jeffie was...unpleasant...but, I've received worse, and I'll recover from that just fine.Things got worse when Jeffie just started going through personality changes like they were nothing. He was so deeply damaged by that frog that we ended up getting visits from both Pepe AND Thor, resulting in me getting Gorilla Pressed and dropped like a sack of potatoes. Hell, even Raven, tough as she is, seemed to be having a hard time dealing with each of his aspects!

Of course, what made things worse was that Jeffie would forget about each incident, and he'd keep coming back, demanding that I give him his Easter gift, and I'd tell him, over and over, that he'd already received it, and that he kept beating me up when I'd hand it to him.

Ultimately, the evening concluded with a completely new Jeffie personality manifesting, quite possibly one of the most disturbing ones yet. Honestly, I need a big ol' roll of Mental Floss to wipe my brain clean of the horrors we endured at the hands of Fred...Fred seems to be the ultimate "Dirty Old Man", and he doesn't exactly discriminate when it comes to forcing his attentions...guy...girl...it doesn't seem to matter.And with No Pants Day just two short weeks away, I'm thinking we really don't want this guy lurking about too much...

April 14, 2012 - Spater

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Spater are in Studio this night talking about the Finger Lakes Metal fest as well as their new CD! See below for more details.

Listen to the Show;

Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
C.I.A. - In The Red
Torche - Kicking
Prong - Revenge Best Served Cold

Black Spiders - KISS Tried To Kill Me
Band Of Skulls - Sweet Sour
Blue Snaggletooth - Swords Of Atlantis
Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix
Shok Paris - Those Eyes

Spater - Witch One
Pantera - Piss
Def-Con-One - 10 Bullets
Huntress - Eight Of Swords

Spater - Misery
Demon Hunter - We Don't Care
Blessed Curse - The Devil's Mark
Exumer - Devil Chaser
Accept - Shadow Soldiers

Spater - Hurricane
Brand New Sin - The Wizard
Primal Rock Rebellion - No Place Like Home
A Sound Of Thunder - Out Of The Darkness
Overkill - Drop The Hammer Down
HellYeah - War In Me

Spater - Brady Bunch
Dirge Within - There Will Be Blood
Tetrafusion - Impetus
Break Of Reality - My Curse
Bloodtyde - Anything But Hate
Desultor - Another World
Furyon - Don't Follow
Mpire Of Evil - Hell To The Holy

Dragonforce - Cry Thunder
God Forbid - My Rebirth
Soulfly - American Steel
Cannibal Corpse - Crucifer Avenged
Job For A Cowboy - Black Discharge
Municipal Waste - New Dead Masters
Impending Doom - For The Wicked
Bereft - Mentality Of The Inanimate

Allegaeon - From The Stars Death Came
Crazy Lixx - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Cancer Bats - Breathe Armageddon
Skinmask - Way Thru Hell
Blessed Curse - March Of The Wicked

Hemina - Haunting Me!
Fester - Metalized
3 Inches Of Blood - Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)
Emmure - She Gave Her Heart To Deadpool
Moonspell - Versus
High On Fire - Bloody Knuckles

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

So, those who tuned in at the beginning were treated to a Friday The 13th tradition as we played Alice Cooper's "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)". Truth is, Joe just LOOOOOOVES this song, and can't wait for these moments so he can play it. Now, he might tell you he really hates it, but don't believe that for one second. Our long-suffering host can't get enough of this classic, believe me!


David, Terry, and Kevin from Spater were on hand this week, not only to promote Finger Lakes Metal Fest (which they host every year), but also to discuss their 20 years as a band, and also to plug their next CD, which will be officially released on the day of Metal Fest! Always good to have these guys on. Sincerely, one of the loudest bands in the Finger Lakes, that is absolutely no bull. Check 'em out if you get a chance!

Speaking of Spater, those of us on The Metallic Onslaught have taken quite a liking to their song "Rat Salad", (not to be confused with the Black Sabbath tune...). This song actually inspired a discussion involving menu items should the Onslaught ever decide to try opening a fast food chain (McOnslaught's for lack of a better name..., I mean, Burgerslaught just sounds way too much like "BurgerSLUT", and that's just not appropriate...)So, yeah, just imagine how that Rat Salad would taste with an icy cold HamHock Shake...mmmmm...

Don't remember much else, as I've been neglecting my note-taking in recent weeks. I will say, this, though: It was only a matter of time until somebody connected a nickname to my chronic gassiness. So, as I close this week's recap, allow me to introduce myself...


(Yep, thanks a lot, guys, mmmm-hmmmm... :P )

April 7, 2012 - Horseface and Burn Everything Visit

Listen to the Show;

Alice in Chains "Angry Chair / Head Creeps"
Mad Season "Long Gone Day"

Horseface "Speak"
Sepultura "Symptom of the Universe"
Drain S.T.H. "Ace of Spades"
Nightwish "Turn Loose the Mermaids"
Lacuna Coil "End of Time"

Horseface "Muddy Boots"
Krokus "Night Wolf"
Deep Purple "Pictures of Home"
High on Fire "Bloody Knuckles"
Asphyx "Minefield"

Horseface "F.E.A.R."
Cannibal Corpse "The Strangulation Chair"
Goatwhore "When Steel and Bone Meet"
Hour of Penance "Deprave to Redeem"

Burn Everything "Hollow Victory"
Frank Zappa "Muffin Man"
Triptykon "Myopic Empire"
Naglfar "The Monolith"
Napalm Death "The Wolf I Feed"

Burn Everything "Holy Diverticulitus"
Barren Earth "As it is Written"
Behold the Monolith "Witch Hunt Supreme"
Aborted "Grime"
Impending Doom "Murderer"

Burn Everything "Maintain Radio Silence"
Hammer Horde "Oathkeeper"
Meshuggah "The Demon's Name is Surveillance"
High on Fire "King of Days"
Hellcannon "Leviathan"

Burn Everything "Venegance and the Night Sky"

Jonestown "Bloodless"
Another Vendetta "Our Own Apocalypse"
Neotheist "The Truth Unseen"

Circus Grenade "Sacred Geometry"
Jeff Loomis "The Ultimatum"
Svyatogor "The Manifesto"
Gregorian "Frozen"
Bon Jovi "You Give Love a Bad Name"

Overkill "Come and Get It"
Dokken "When Heaven Comes Down"
Cancer Bats "Dead Set on Living"
3 Inches of Blood "Leather Lord"
Cyclophonia "Screams in the Night"

Meanstreak "Giant Speaks"
Onslaught "Atomic Punk"
Holocross "Battle Stations"
D.A.M. "Left to Rot"

D.R.I. "I'd Rather be Sleeping"
The Boneless Ones "Give It To You"

Wicked Maraya "Another Day"

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Damn, I totally forgot to mention that we're a MERE MONTH away from No Pants Day as of last night! I just KNOW you all love these little reminders of the insanity that is to come! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!In an interesting departure from the norm, Rick was taking over for Joe (he, along with Josh and Lance, had gone to see Onslaught and M-pire Of Evil at the Montage), while I parked it in Rick's usual spot for the first couple hours of the evening.

Anyhow, had a couple of bands in the studio last night, both are performing at Finger Lakes Metal Fest, and neither are strangers to the Onslaught.

First up was HorseFace, who also played at last year's event, and are, by my standards, a must-see! They've got a great sound and some very strong material, to be honest. They were kind enough to bring us up to date on some recent band news, most notably an opening slot they've picked up on the upcoming Sepultura/Death Angel bill that's coming to Rochester's Water Street Music Hall in just a couple of short weeks. Have I mentioned that's going to be an insane day for local metal fans? Here's the deal: Not only is that show occurring in Rochester, but if you go to Syracuse that night, you can take in Overkill, along with God Forbid, Diamond Plate, and I believe Suidakra, not to mention some locals. So, yeah, it doesn't matter where you live in the Finger Lakes that day, metal is going to be alive and well in both Rochester AND Syracuse!

Burn Everything were up next, with vocalist Matt Dalberth and bassist Mike Gifaldi bringing us up to speed on developments in their particular camp. Personally, I'm pretty interested in seeing what these guys are going to sound like live, as they're one of the acts that we highly suspect are likely to level the venue. Gonna be a great time!

There were a few confusing moments when, for some bizarre reason, Bon Jovi started playing. Now, Azkath insists that it was me who played it, that I snuck into the control room while he and Rick stepped away for a bit. Now, I honestly don't remember doing that, especially considering it was Bon Jovi, and my hatred of that band (contrary to anything they may say on the show...) is pretty legendary. But, at the same time, with all of the strange things that have been going on in recent weeks, who's to say I didn't do it? Hell, I even sang a snippet of chorus just for shits and giggles...prompting Azkath to come out and beat the snot out of me.

Speaking of odd events, once again some strange things occurred with the coming of the full moon.

For those who aren't up to speed, and are confused as to why Wulfie is still lurking about occasionally, it all goes back to last summer...you know, Jeffie and Bill killed me on the air for deleting Bill's YouTube account, cloning me in the meantime, snd, subsequently, discovering that Jeffie had gotten wolf DNA mixed in with mine (and, we suspect, some of his own DNA, but that really hasn't figured in anywhere, yet...or has it?)So, since then, for some really weird reason, I'm getting furry once a month. Now, for the longest time I swore it was impossible for me to really be a werewolf. I mean, I was a hoax all along! That had been well established! And, now...I'm not so sure...maybe it's for real now...hmmmm...just not sure...Pretty much in the same way that I'm not sure if Rick or Kal are my dad...or if Raven could be my mom...or if Rick's friend Ken may sometimes be....ewwwwww, I'm gonna stop right there...So, yes, there was a moment last night where I confessed to being highly confused and conflicted. Let's face it, I'm quite possibly losing my mind...not that there was much sanity there to begin with...

I will admit, however, that this whole "wolf" thing seems to have some fine benefits. I took a few moments toward the end of the evening to use my long pink tongue to bathe myself in front of not only Dave from Spater, but also Joe, who had dropped in following the concert. They seemed a little uncomfortable watching me bathe things that they can only dream of reaching with their own tongues...Yep, there could be some definite perks to this!


March 31 , 2012 - Armed with Valor Live

More Pictures

Armed with Valor come to play in studio. Jeffie thinks he is a Zombie. Full Recap below the playlist...

Listen to the Show;

Dream Theater - Outcry
Furyon - Souvenirs

Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix
Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight
Savatage - Beyond The Doors Of The Dark
In Solitude - Demons
Angel Witch - Dead Sea Scrolls
Megadeth - Polaris

Accept - Hung, Drawn And Quartered
Dirge Within - For My Enemies
Halloween - Her Ghost Comes Out To Play
7 Horns 7 Eyes - The Falsehood Of Affliction
Lonewolf - Hellbent For Metal

Overkill - Drop The Hammer Down
Municipal Waste - Repossession
Municipal Waste - New Dead Masters
Lord Mantis - Ritual Killer
Blue Snaggletooth - Star Flight
God Forbid - Conquer

Dragonforce - Die By the Sword
3 Inches Of Blood - 4000 Torches
Black Breath - Endless Corpse
Desultor - Black Monday

Hour Of Penance - Fall Of The Servants
Fester - March Of Death
Wretched - Karma Accomplished
Meshuggah - Do Not Look Down
Combat - The Mutant Inside
Cannibal Corpse - As Deep As The Knife Will Go
Soulfly - Gladiator

Impending Doom - My Light Unseen
Faith Or Fear - Afterglow
Legacy Of Disorder - Break
Spater - Rat Salad
Behold! The Monolith - We Are The Uform
Every Time I Die - I Suck (Blood)
Aura Noir - The Grin From The Gallows
Burn Everything - Hollow Victory
Exumer - Crushing Point

Overkill - Good Night
Municipal Waste - Crushing Chest Wound
Leaders - Instance
The Burial - Shackles And Embers
Terrorizer - Flesh To Dust
Wykked Wytch - Serpents Among Us
Neotheist - Scars Of Melancholy
Asphyx - Minefield

Powergod - Tor With The Hammer
Powergod - Mind Over Metal
Powergod - Bleed For The Godz


Recap written by Randy Smith (AKA The Wulf That Should Not Be...)

Hard to believe that we've alread devoured a quarter of 2012 already! Let's see, as it stands, the next show will mark only one month away from No Pants Day (you KNOW you wanted to be reminded of that...mwahahahaha...), and after that it's only a short couple of weeks until Finger Lakes Metal Fest.

Holy shit, time is just flyin'!

We'll have plenty of stuff to fill those weeks in, too, especially if we keep getting to feature bands that are appearing on Metal Fest 2012. Prime example: This week we had Armed With Valor in the studio. No strangers to our show at all, this time they were kind enough to set up in our studio and play a few tunes for us. Always awesome when stuff like that happens, I'm just waiting for the day when we have a band that starts causing structural damage, making cracks appear in the wall...maybe dumping us all in the basement when the floor caves in! Good times!

For those interested, there's a new interview with the band up on my YouTube page, as they discuss their Metal Fest slot and some other appearances they've got lined up, not to mention recent video projects and their long-awaited full length album! Check it out!

Wasn't a lot of time for insanity, buy you know us. It's always lurking about somewhere...

Case in point, I've been suffering some serious repercussions from a visit to The Last Exit For The Lost that Rick and I took last week. Honestly, I really enjoy hanging out with them, but...bad things tend to happen to people on that show...and I usually leave questioning my already dubious mental state. I mean, as it stands, I don't even know who my family is anymore! All of a sudden, both Kal AND Rick are claiming to be my father? Raven is apparently my mother? And just when I thought I was giving a back rub to a beautiful woman, I was actually giving one to Rick's friend Ken...who is definitely NOT a beautuful young lady...ewwwwwwww...

So, of course, by Friday night I was a mental wreck. Add to that the fact that Jeffie had been convinced that he was a zombie, only to be turned into a mummy by Adam (a friend of The Last Exit who periodically drops by when he's in the area), and before you know it, it was just one case of identity crisis after another... Can't even imagine what things are going to be like this coming week, as Joe and Josh will be in Rochester to see Onslaught and Empire Of Evil. That leaves Rick and I to maintain some semblance of sanity as we also feature Burn Everything and Horseface in the studio. And there's also going to be a full moon, not that there should be anything to worry about in that regards...

Still, I've got a bad feeling about this...