History of The Metallic Onslaught

The Metallic Onslaught is one of the longest running Metal shows currently on the air. 

Metallic OnslaughtThe Metallic Onslaught started back in 1984 on WEOS, the Hobart and Williamsmith College Radio station in Geneva, NY. At that time, there was at least one hour of Metal on WEOS every day. Then it evolved to a Metal show a night (except on Sunday), with various names. The Saturday show was called The Metallic Onslaught.

In the early stages there were The Count / The Master (Bob Essman) he had two shows with these two different names. Mark Vincent, Don weeks (Heavy Early) who had the Saturday Metallic Onslaught version and Ian Christe (who wrote "Sound Of The Beast" and was like 13 at the time he was on the air). Then the Metallic Onslaught went to just Saturdays with Don Weeks from 1985 and co-host The Q (Craig Quackenbush) who came on from January 1987 to January 1990. Around 1989 Joe Wyatt joined the mix, and by 1991 he was the sole host.

Seriah Azkath joined behind the scenes in 1992. Rick Horton joined the show in May of 1998. Around 2000-2001 Jeffie the Radio Guy showed up. Jeffie was a badly made clone of Azkath, who didn't have enough time to be at the show every week. Thus, when his clone turned out to be an idiot, he sent him to The Metallic Onslaught. It definitely mixed things up and had a big effect on the show. Less of a straight music show, a slapstick humor aspect was introduced. Many co-hosts have come and gone since then. The ones that still remain, besides Jeffie and Rick, are Randy Smith (aka Metalwulf) who started in November of 2008 and Josh Nolin, who started in late 2006. 

In July of 2014, WEOS moved locations. During this move, WXXI, who at some point over the years, bought WEOS, unceromoniously cancelled The Metallic Onslaught after 30 years. The Metallic Onslaught crew were not notified about it, initially, instead, the show just didn't air. Once they found out what was going on, and when they requested a meeting to talk about it, they were ignored. This led to an online petition being started after giving them ample time to respond. As a result of the petition, The Metallic Onslaught now has multiple homes.

WVBR  93.5FM, a commercial station in Ithaca, NY and home of their sister show, The Last Exit for the Lost, airs the show Saturday mornings from 1am to 6am.

WHWS  105.7FM, the low powered Hobart and Williamsmith station airs the show for the local audience, and is the sister station of WEOS. It covers some of the air range that WEOS did and can be heard online. The Metallic Onslaught airs from 10pm on Fridays till 3am Eastern.


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