May 26, 2012 - Metal Fest Recap

Listen to the Show;

Jorn - Ride Like The Wind
Ancient Cross - Gates Of Hell
Grand Magus - Valhalla Rising
Circus Maximus - Namaste

Awaken - As The Dark So The Light
Unisonic - Star Rider
Anvil - Plenty Of Power
L.A. Guns - Dirty Black Night

Amulance - 7th Son
Fear Factory - God Eater
Kreator - Death To The World
For Today - Stand Defiant
Children Of Bodom - Jessie's Girl

Altars - Red Brick
Army Altars - Scum
Spater - Witch One
Marduk - Souls For Belial
Miss Lava - Ride Havok - Arise

Cassidy Has Cholera - Walkers
Obituary - Killing Victims Found
Six Feet Under - 18 Days
Mellow Bravo - Love Hammer
Candlemass - The King Of The Sun
I, Omega - Heretics

Burn Everything - Holy Diverticulitis
Royal Thunder - No Good
Pantera - No Good (Attack The Radical)
Kill Devil Hill - Old Man
Ritual Of Odds - Haunt
Hate Machine - Hasben?
Overkill - Drop The Hammer Down

Lawnmower Deth - Watch Out Granma Here Comes A Lawnmower
Spider Rockets - Scream
Circus Grenade - Exit
Shadows Fall - Walk The Edge
Diatribe - Crime Legacy
Prong - Revenge Best Served Cold
Eternal Helcaraxe - As The Snow Gathers

Kreator - Your Heaven My Hell
Fear Factory - Virus Of Faith
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Of Kali Ma Calibre
Jorn - Ride To The Guns
Gypsyhawk - Hedgeking
Rush - Headlong Flight

Megadeth - Hook In Mouth
Black Sabbath - Children Of The Grave
Ancient Cross - The Hourglass
Circus Maximus - Used
The Agonist - Anxious Darwinians

Shadowside - Ace Of Spades

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

So, Finger Lakes Metal Fest is over and done for yet another year. Personally, I kinda compare it to Christmas. There's weeks of building excitement, to the point that you can't sleep the night before the event, and then when the day gets here, it seems to go way too fast.

And yet, at the end of the day, no matter how much fun it was, you're still kinda glad it only comes once a year!

Note to self: Next year, plan on taking the day AFTER Metal Fest off...

Bearing all that in mind , we were more than happy to once again have Spater's David Henninger in the studio to help us share some fun Metal Fest memories. Oddly, with all the great bands that were set to perform, attendance seemed to be down a bit from previous years. But, those who DID attend were a bit louder than attendees from last year, so maybe quantity was less important than enthusiasm...Hmmmm...

In all honesty, we all had a blast, and it's always an honor when David asks us to host, which we WILL be doing again, when it all rolls around next year!

No Azkath and crew this week, as he was tending to one of his Last Exit Prestents shows in Ithaca, making for a relatively quiet evening. Not lacking for some silly momemtns, though, as we had to make sure that Josh's intervention from the previous week didn't leave any lasting damage. All depends on where your focus was that night...some things were definitely less scarring than others...

Damn you, Kal...

There was also a return discussion of the origins of what some perceive to be my lame taste in music. Hey, I wasn't exposed to Black Sabbath at the age of five, like Joe was! I grew up in a pre-dominaantly country and old-time rock-and roll-loving family! I grew up more on Buddy Holly, Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Merle Haggard...

And things DID change when my dad brought home Deep Purple's Machine Head! Not to mention discovering KISS within a year or so of that!

I swear, I don't remember EVER asking for those Abba albums for Christmas...