April 7, 2012 - Horseface and Burn Everything Visit

Listen to the Show;

Alice in Chains "Angry Chair / Head Creeps"
Mad Season "Long Gone Day"

Horseface "Speak"
Sepultura "Symptom of the Universe"
Drain S.T.H. "Ace of Spades"
Nightwish "Turn Loose the Mermaids"
Lacuna Coil "End of Time"

Horseface "Muddy Boots"
Krokus "Night Wolf"
Deep Purple "Pictures of Home"
High on Fire "Bloody Knuckles"
Asphyx "Minefield"

Horseface "F.E.A.R."
Cannibal Corpse "The Strangulation Chair"
Goatwhore "When Steel and Bone Meet"
Hour of Penance "Deprave to Redeem"

Burn Everything "Hollow Victory"
Frank Zappa "Muffin Man"
Triptykon "Myopic Empire"
Naglfar "The Monolith"
Napalm Death "The Wolf I Feed"

Burn Everything "Holy Diverticulitus"
Barren Earth "As it is Written"
Behold the Monolith "Witch Hunt Supreme"
Aborted "Grime"
Impending Doom "Murderer"

Burn Everything "Maintain Radio Silence"
Hammer Horde "Oathkeeper"
Meshuggah "The Demon's Name is Surveillance"
High on Fire "King of Days"
Hellcannon "Leviathan"

Burn Everything "Venegance and the Night Sky"

Jonestown "Bloodless"
Another Vendetta "Our Own Apocalypse"
Neotheist "The Truth Unseen"

Circus Grenade "Sacred Geometry"
Jeff Loomis "The Ultimatum"
Svyatogor "The Manifesto"
Gregorian "Frozen"
Bon Jovi "You Give Love a Bad Name"

Overkill "Come and Get It"
Dokken "When Heaven Comes Down"
Cancer Bats "Dead Set on Living"
3 Inches of Blood "Leather Lord"
Cyclophonia "Screams in the Night"

Meanstreak "Giant Speaks"
Onslaught "Atomic Punk"
Holocross "Battle Stations"
D.A.M. "Left to Rot"

D.R.I. "I'd Rather be Sleeping"
The Boneless Ones "Give It To You"

Wicked Maraya "Another Day"

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Damn, I totally forgot to mention that we're a MERE MONTH away from No Pants Day as of last night! I just KNOW you all love these little reminders of the insanity that is to come! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!In an interesting departure from the norm, Rick was taking over for Joe (he, along with Josh and Lance, had gone to see Onslaught and M-pire Of Evil at the Montage), while I parked it in Rick's usual spot for the first couple hours of the evening.

Anyhow, had a couple of bands in the studio last night, both are performing at Finger Lakes Metal Fest, and neither are strangers to the Onslaught.

First up was HorseFace, who also played at last year's event, and are, by my standards, a must-see! They've got a great sound and some very strong material, to be honest. They were kind enough to bring us up to date on some recent band news, most notably an opening slot they've picked up on the upcoming Sepultura/Death Angel bill that's coming to Rochester's Water Street Music Hall in just a couple of short weeks. Have I mentioned that's going to be an insane day for local metal fans? Here's the deal: Not only is that show occurring in Rochester, but if you go to Syracuse that night, you can take in Overkill, along with God Forbid, Diamond Plate, and I believe Suidakra, not to mention some locals. So, yeah, it doesn't matter where you live in the Finger Lakes that day, metal is going to be alive and well in both Rochester AND Syracuse!

Burn Everything were up next, with vocalist Matt Dalberth and bassist Mike Gifaldi bringing us up to speed on developments in their particular camp. Personally, I'm pretty interested in seeing what these guys are going to sound like live, as they're one of the acts that we highly suspect are likely to level the venue. Gonna be a great time!

There were a few confusing moments when, for some bizarre reason, Bon Jovi started playing. Now, Azkath insists that it was me who played it, that I snuck into the control room while he and Rick stepped away for a bit. Now, I honestly don't remember doing that, especially considering it was Bon Jovi, and my hatred of that band (contrary to anything they may say on the show...) is pretty legendary. But, at the same time, with all of the strange things that have been going on in recent weeks, who's to say I didn't do it? Hell, I even sang a snippet of chorus just for shits and giggles...prompting Azkath to come out and beat the snot out of me.

Speaking of odd events, once again some strange things occurred with the coming of the full moon.

For those who aren't up to speed, and are confused as to why Wulfie is still lurking about occasionally, it all goes back to last summer...you know, Jeffie and Bill killed me on the air for deleting Bill's YouTube account, cloning me in the meantime, snd, subsequently, discovering that Jeffie had gotten wolf DNA mixed in with mine (and, we suspect, some of his own DNA, but that really hasn't figured in anywhere, yet...or has it?)So, since then, for some really weird reason, I'm getting furry once a month. Now, for the longest time I swore it was impossible for me to really be a werewolf. I mean, I was a hoax all along! That had been well established! And, now...I'm not so sure...maybe it's for real now...hmmmm...just not sure...Pretty much in the same way that I'm not sure if Rick or Kal are my dad...or if Raven could be my mom...or if Rick's friend Ken may sometimes be....ewwwwww, I'm gonna stop right there...So, yes, there was a moment last night where I confessed to being highly confused and conflicted. Let's face it, I'm quite possibly losing my mind...not that there was much sanity there to begin with...

I will admit, however, that this whole "wolf" thing seems to have some fine benefits. I took a few moments toward the end of the evening to use my long pink tongue to bathe myself in front of not only Dave from Spater, but also Joe, who had dropped in following the concert. They seemed a little uncomfortable watching me bathe things that they can only dream of reaching with their own tongues...Yep, there could be some definite perks to this!