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The Metallic Onslaught

The Metallic Onslaught is a long running Metal show that dates back to at least 1985 where it started on WEOS in Geneva, NY. It is currently in syndication and airs on numerous radio stations, both terrestrial and internet based every week. What you can find here is access to the archives of the show, with a few shows going way back to the early days. You can find some of our band interviews, collections of Best of materials, local concerts (only to upstate New York where the show is based), and much more. The archive still has a lot of holes, but we are working on filling it out. Enjoy what is here, on demand, and all for free. 

The Metallic Onslaught is devoted to playing you the best new Metal every week, usually with a set or two of Old School Metal as well. In between, we seek to entertain. It gets weird, silly, slapstickish, and just plain disturbing. And there is always more to come...

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