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January 2, 2010 - Lance Returns

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Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Tim, from Century Media Records, was there, as was Lance, who hasn't been there in so long, we were certain he was dead. Apparently he is not, because, YAY, LANCE, LANCE, YAY LANCE(!), was indeed there! *clap, clap, clap, clap* Tim has a podcast, you can listen to. Jeffie said that his Internet license had been taken away by the Internet police, so he couldn't use computers. He didn't want to say why his license had been taken away, just insisted he hadn't done anything illegal, insisted a bit too much there, so you know it was something illegal. He told Rick that it hadn't been his idea to have him kill Josh in the death match 3 weeks ago. Rick didn't believe him, no matter how many times he insisted, and neither did anyone else. This year, New Year's Day fell on Friday, so the 1st 3 hours of this program were on New Year's Day...