April 14, 2012 - Spater

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Spater are in Studio this night talking about the Finger Lakes Metal fest as well as their new CD! See below for more details.

Listen to the Show;

Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
C.I.A. - In The Red
Torche - Kicking
Prong - Revenge Best Served Cold

Black Spiders - KISS Tried To Kill Me
Band Of Skulls - Sweet Sour
Blue Snaggletooth - Swords Of Atlantis
Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix
Shok Paris - Those Eyes

Spater - Witch One
Pantera - Piss
Def-Con-One - 10 Bullets
Huntress - Eight Of Swords

Spater - Misery
Demon Hunter - We Don't Care
Blessed Curse - The Devil's Mark
Exumer - Devil Chaser
Accept - Shadow Soldiers

Spater - Hurricane
Brand New Sin - The Wizard
Primal Rock Rebellion - No Place Like Home
A Sound Of Thunder - Out Of The Darkness
Overkill - Drop The Hammer Down
HellYeah - War In Me

Spater - Brady Bunch
Dirge Within - There Will Be Blood
Tetrafusion - Impetus
Break Of Reality - My Curse
Bloodtyde - Anything But Hate
Desultor - Another World
Furyon - Don't Follow
Mpire Of Evil - Hell To The Holy

Dragonforce - Cry Thunder
God Forbid - My Rebirth
Soulfly - American Steel
Cannibal Corpse - Crucifer Avenged
Job For A Cowboy - Black Discharge
Municipal Waste - New Dead Masters
Impending Doom - For The Wicked
Bereft - Mentality Of The Inanimate

Allegaeon - From The Stars Death Came
Crazy Lixx - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Cancer Bats - Breathe Armageddon
Skinmask - Way Thru Hell
Blessed Curse - March Of The Wicked

Hemina - Haunting Me!
Fester - Metalized
3 Inches Of Blood - Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)
Emmure - She Gave Her Heart To Deadpool
Moonspell - Versus
High On Fire - Bloody Knuckles

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

So, those who tuned in at the beginning were treated to a Friday The 13th tradition as we played Alice Cooper's "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)". Truth is, Joe just LOOOOOOVES this song, and can't wait for these moments so he can play it. Now, he might tell you he really hates it, but don't believe that for one second. Our long-suffering host can't get enough of this classic, believe me!


David, Terry, and Kevin from Spater were on hand this week, not only to promote Finger Lakes Metal Fest (which they host every year), but also to discuss their 20 years as a band, and also to plug their next CD, which will be officially released on the day of Metal Fest! Always good to have these guys on. Sincerely, one of the loudest bands in the Finger Lakes, that is absolutely no bull. Check 'em out if you get a chance!

Speaking of Spater, those of us on The Metallic Onslaught have taken quite a liking to their song "Rat Salad", (not to be confused with the Black Sabbath tune...). This song actually inspired a discussion involving menu items should the Onslaught ever decide to try opening a fast food chain (McOnslaught's for lack of a better name..., I mean, Burgerslaught just sounds way too much like "BurgerSLUT", and that's just not appropriate...)So, yeah, just imagine how that Rat Salad would taste with an icy cold HamHock Shake...mmmmm...

Don't remember much else, as I've been neglecting my note-taking in recent weeks. I will say, this, though: It was only a matter of time until somebody connected a nickname to my chronic gassiness. So, as I close this week's recap, allow me to introduce myself...


(Yep, thanks a lot, guys, mmmm-hmmmm... :P )