December 29, 2012 - Horseface, Disfigured Dead, and Lethal Lorelei

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Doro - Take No Prisoner
Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away
My Dying Bride - A Tapestry Scorned

Horseface - The Nile

Horseface - Speak
Jorn - Rock And Roll Children
T&N - Tooth And Nail

Horseface - Drown
Snakecharmer - Guilty As Charged
Mammoth Mammoth - Bury Me

Disfigured Dead - Punishing Atonement
Aeon - I Wish You Death
Daemonicus - Inhabited

Disfigured Dead - Deranged Concecration
Sons of Aeon - Enemy Of The Souls
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Piled Up For The Scavengers

Disfigured Dead - Baneful Barbarity
Flotsam And Jetsam - Gitty Up
Voivod - Warchaic
Overtorture - Slaves To The Atom

Disfigured Dead - Death Disguised Dreams Demise
Hellcannon - Resinous Infection
Hellcannon - Pull The Plug
Sonic Reign - Monument In Black

Celtachor - The Landing Of Amergin
Disfigured Dead - Reliquary Bone Enshrinement

The Project Hate - We Watch In Silence As The Earth Turns To Blood
Hate - Festival Of Slaves
Wintersfear - Painting Pictures Black
Cult Of Luna - I: The Weapon

Blue Oyster Cult - Cities On Flames
Corsair - Falconer
Trouble - Rain
Trouble - Tragedy Man
Mindfunk - Goddess
Alice In Chains - Hollow

Advent Sorrow - Withered By Her Curse
Jorn - The Mob Rules
Cindergarden - Black Hole Sun

g/z/r/- Seance Fiction
Kiss - C'mon And Love Me
Wolcott Falls - Meth Lab Explosion

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Not much to say about this particular edition. It was actually a refreshingly calm evening for once!
John Halstead of HorseFace joined us to share some newer demos that will be featured on their next full-length, and based on what we heard, we're very much looking forward to featuring that album on the Onslaught as soon as it's available!
Two members of Disfigured Dead were also on hand to discuss their band and where things are currently headed with them. Very tight, aggressive metal of the extreme variety. Brutal jams, to be sure, check 'em out! 
Roc City Roller Derby's Lethal Lorelei was on hand to promote her upcoming birthday bash at the Montage. We hadn't had a chance to talk to any of the Roc City ladies in quite some time, so it was cool to have the time to catch up with her a bit.For those interested, the line-up for her party consists of Setiva (reuniting just for her!), Hate Machine, Beneath Hell's Sky, and Silence Broken. Between some great music and the presence of many roller derby girls, I'm betting this is gonna be a party to remember!
Let's see...above and beyond that, there was a full moon, so I spent the evening pretty much coated in fur, and showing off a little bit of the newer dental work my lycanthropic form has acquired. So far no new photos are available, but give it time..
Definitely a plus that none of the band members seemed uncomfortable having a werewolf in their midst. Which is a good thing, as the full moon DOES occasionally coincide with our show...
All in all, it was just all in an evening's work, pretty much another day at the office for the rest of us!
I believe there was some brief mention about my cat and the fact that at numerous times he has seen me naked. Don't know what the big deal is, I'm pretty sure our pets don't really judge us by our looks, whether we're clothed or not.
However, I DID mention that Mittens likes to occasionally curl up under the covers, and I had to admit that I once...well...Dutch-ovened him...
Really, I completely forgot that he was there! I'd woke up in the middle of the night, turned over, farted, and there was suddenly this rampant scurrying under the sheets, as my cat suddenly felt the need to distance himself from the bed.
Can't say I blame him...
So, our next edition of the show will feature our Top 10 lists for 2012. In a nutshell, this means that absolutely NOTHING will suck, as far as music goes this week!
We may even let Tim give us a brief rundown of what he liked the most in the past year, although I got a little scared when he mentioned something about Rick Springfield...
Tune in and see what made us tick throughout the year, and maybe get a little perspective into what we're looking forward to most in 2013!

December 22, 2012 - End of the World!!

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12-21-12 MO End of the World from Aethyric Productions on Vimeo.


Gary Moore - End Of The World
Def Leppard - Answer To The Master
Kiss - Take Me
Kiss - Hard Times

Hemina - Otherworldly
Stone Magnum - Grave Of Cryptic Sorrows

Doro - Revenge
T&N - Kiss Of Death
Dead On - The Matador's Nightmare
Exodus - Blacklist
Ion Vein - Fools Parade

Within Temptation - Ice Queen
Dropkick Murphys - The Boys Are Back
Heaven's Cry - Gaia's Judgement
VoiVod - Kluskap O'Kom

The Project Hate - At The Entrance To Hell's Unholy Fire
Laconist - Chaos Of A Million Flames
Omnihility - Unsummoned
Manticore - Torn Apart By Hate
Killaton - Shattered
Fight - Christmas Ride

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Xanthochroid - Winter's End
Doomsday - Bring Down The Knife
Mors Principium Est. - Destroyer Of All
Swarm Of Arrows - Rustmaker

Aeon Zen - Eternal Snow
Death - Pull The Plug
Destruction - City Of Doom
CJSS - Need Of Dreams
Butcher Babies - Axe Wound

Grand Supreme Blood Court - Fed To The Boars
Daemonicus - From Alive To Dead Life
Aeon - I Wish You Death
My Dying Bride - The Poorest Waltz

Midas Touch - Accessory Before The Fact
Lawnmower Deth - Watch Out Grandma (Here Comes A Lawnmower)
Jesse Smith - Christmas With The Zombies
Devo Spice - The Christmas Season

Wintersfear - Daywalker
Hate - Solarflesh
Erupted - Dark Mistress
Overtorture - Slaves To The Atom

Sonic Reign - Daily Nightmare Injected

Recap by The Metal Wulf;
One of the crazier nights in recent memory, we were actually visited for a couple of hours by my long-lost brother Bill...or BILL!!!! as he is known on the show...
Oddly enough, I actually got thrown under the Brony bus by him, as he insisted that I have almost a fully collection of My Little Ponies! Couldn't believe that! I mean, here's the kid who grew up with a Care Bears record!
In all honesty, the only toys I currently collect are stuffed Opus penguins. Those who remember the Bloom County comic strip know what I'm speaking of. Can't help it, I'm a huge fan of that cominc, to this day. And, really, it's not much of a collection...
We also took advantage of Bill's presence to further discuss the Sound Lab, where we'd recently seen Job For A Cowboy, with the general consensus being that the place is pretty much a dive that you don't want to go to after eating Mexican food...
We also saw the return of Jeffie. Honestly, it was only a matter of time. 
He brought us up to speed, telling us of the ill-fated fishing trip in the swamp that Joe took him on. Seems that Joe had pushed Jeffie into the swamp, and took off back for civilization. Jeffie took his time in the swamp to supposedly raise an allgator and train it to attack Joe.
As a matter of fact, this alligator was supposedly lurking about the radio station on Friday night, but I'll be damned if I saw it. At one point I thought maybe I'd accidentally flushed it down the toilet, but Jeffie assured me it was a BIG gator...So, in addition to having an alligator companion, Jeffie is also supposedly a zombie again, courtesy of the voodoo priestess, Papa Shango...
Yeah, I know, none of it really makes any kind of sense. And to be honest, I can't really remember the point where things really disintegrated, causing Joe and I to team up on Jeffie by giving him multiple Pit Stops (remember the Nasty Boys? Yeah, ewwwww...)
So, sadly I have to confess that, thanks to the rumors of Armageddon on that day, I gave in and did the Pantless Santa Dance. I just couldn't resist the idea, it sounded pretty damned amusing, so I ran with it. Grinch shirt, Santa hat, silky red boxers with fuzzy white trim all done to the tune of "Skating" from the soundtrack to "A Charlie Brown Christmas"...
Yes, there will be video...
Things really got out of hand when we got Jeffie involved. Funny, really.  After all the times we've been subjected to lap dances from him, I thought for sure he'd have been cool to get a lap dance from one of us. Not so at all. As a matter of fact, by the time that Tim and I were through with him, we'd pretty much broken Jeffie. I honestly wouldn't have thought it possible...
Things really got out of hand, though, when our visit from Satan Claus went terribly wrong. I mean, here's Satan Claus, trying to convince naughty children that they'll be sorry if they can't keep it together on Christmas Day, and all of a sudden, Jeffie attacks us with a tiny little sauce pan. From there more Pit Stops were given, and then Fred took over! Yeah, Fred! As in that dirty old man persona that popped out of Jeffie earlier in the year.
Needless to say, that forced Satan Claus to cut his visit short. Honestly, after that...I think it might be a little difficult to convince him to return next year...


December 15, 2012 - The Calm Before the Storm

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My Dying Bride - Hail Odysseus
Doro - Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing)
T&N - It's Not Love
Fight - Christmas Ride

Venom - Black Xmas
Reckless - Voices In The Night
Black Country Communion - The Circle
Kiss - The Devil Is Me

Malice - Chain Gang Woman
Kamelot - Ashes To Ashes
Mammoth Mammoth - Bare Bones
Dead On - Beat A Dead Horse
Daemonicus - Embrace Her Remains

Midas Touch - Sinking Censorship
Paradox - Brutalized
Sabertung - Endless Winter
Creeper - War Machine
Nightwing - Evil Woman

Convulse - Inner Evil
Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond The Sun
Swarm Of Arrows - Chasing The Deathstar
Kenos - No Presents For Christmas
Solus Deus - Odium

Bob Rivers - I Am Santa Claus
Killing Yourself For Profit - Darkway
Cult Of Luna - I: The Weapon
Hatebreed - Put It To The Torch
Wintersfear - Blood Grip
Audrey Horne - This Ends Here

Destruction - Spiritual Genocide
CJSS - Tell Me
Corrosion Of Conformity - Strong Medicine Too Late
Butcher Babies - Axe Wound
Sons Of Aeon - Havoc & Catharsis

The Gardnerz - Don't Look Back
Death - Altering the Future
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Grand Justice, Grand Pain
Aeon - The Glowing Hate
Erupted - In The Grip Of Chaos
Bane - As Chaos Rises

Adler - The One That You Hated
Broken Bones - Programme Control
Ancient Cross - Teach The Child
Saxon - Power And Glory
Troubled Horse - Tainted Water
Reckless - Eye For An Eye
AC/DC - Mistress For Christmas

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas 

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Rick and Josh were not in attendance on this particular evening, as they had gone to Buffalo to see Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall at the Town Ballroom. That left Joe and myself to get the ball rolling, actually realizing that it had never actually been just the two of us on the show before. This seemed to make Joe a little nervous, and I asked him if it was about all that silly Brony business. He agreed that it was, and I had to reassure him that at no time in my life had I ever found My Little Pony's to even be remotely interesting, much less the subject of some twisted fetish.
I swear...never watched the program, never even personally looked at one of the toys until Lance dropped 'em into my lap!
Speaking of Lance, he almost made Joe and I crap ourselves simultaneously.
Joe had heard people lurking about in the parking lot, and I figured it must have just been some wandering college students, blowing off steam after finals and before going home for their winter break.
Lance then announced his presence at the window, very loudly, scaring the fucking bejesus out of both of us...
Can't be too mad at Lance, though, because if he hadn't, it might have been hours before we figured out why it was so damned cold in the studio. Seriously, what kind of moron leaves a window open in the middle of fucking December?
Anyhow, Lance brought us up to date on his experiences meeting George Lynch, Warren DeMartini, Rob Marcello, and Michael Angelo Battio at the House Of Guitars. Very cool experiences, I'm sure, and I severly wished I'd known about that clinic when I could have requested time off from work, as Lynch and Demartini are both among my favorite 80's guitarists.  I'll just have to keep a sharper eye on the House Of Guitars event calendar, I guess... 
Tim Binder is back in the area for the holidays, and beyond. At least for the foreseeable future. He'd dropped in after going to see Flo-Rida at some event called the Jingle Ball...most definitely NOT a metal event, from the sounds of it...what are we gonna do with this guy?
Of course, the same could be said for me... 
Anyhoo, we brought Tim up to date on a good deal of things, including that ridiculous Bouncy House Cake Battle between me and Dave, which I'm happy to say has had little to no recent attention beyond Friday's discussion.
Best to just forget the whole thing, not like we're actually ever going to pull it off...
And, with that being said, there's really nothing more to mention this week. Our next show may very well be our last, as it falls directly on December 21, which, thanks to all this Mayan Calendar silliness, we have officially dubbed our End Of The World Show.
Yup, tune in and celebrate the Apocalypse with the Metallic Onslaught! I mean, if we're all goin' to Hell in a handbasket, we may as well do it with some kick-ass music to accompany us!
And, if there ISN'T an Apocalypse...there WILL be a visit from Satan Claus again! That's right, hopefully everything works out for the better,  that way ol' Satan Claus can drop by after midnight to warn all the bad kiddies that he's coming for them on the 26th to confiscate all their presents!
Oh, I should stress that, no matter how things go down on Friday night, there will not, and I repeat WILL NOT, be a Pantsless Santa Dance, as Azkath erroneously claimed in a falsified document that been forged in my name.Utterly ridiculous!
Seriously, who would even believe I was capable of such a thing... 

December 8, 2012 - Roller Girls, Birthdays and Ponies!

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More Photos


Badlands - Winter's Call
Trouble - Tragedy Man
Troubled Horse - Another Mans Name
Orden Ogan - Angels War

CJSS - Ready
Doro - Raise Your Fist In The Air
Druid Lord - Awaken By The Dead
Earthship - Old Widow's Gloom
Mammoth Mammoth - (Up All Night) Demons To Fight

Cult Of Luna - I: The Weapon
Hatebreed - Put It To The Torch
Hanzel Und Gretyl - Ironstar Outlaws
Children Of Technology - Mayhemic Speed Anarchy

The Gates Of Slumber - Blessed Pathway To the Celestial Kingdom
Erupted - Path Of Perdition
Death - Spiritual Healing
Dimmu Borgir - The Maelstrom Mephisto
Unleashed - Odalheim

Hate - Solarflesh
The Gardnerz - Transilvanian Hunger
Daemonicus - Inhabited
Bane - Light The Black Flame
Bane - The Truth Unleashed
Type O Negative - Black No. 1

Saxon - Broken Heroes
Sacred Reich - Ignorance
Corrosion Of Conformity - Strong Medicine Too Late
Mortiferous Scorn - Bottom Feeder
Audrey Horne - There Goes A Lady
Galadriel - Still Not Dead Enough

Wednesday 13 - Halloween 13-13
Postmortem - Falling From Hell
Dr. Living Dead! - Mental Warzone
Hellbringer - Bell Of The Antichrist
Die Hard - Sanctify The Morbid
Wintersfear - Black Dolphin
Aeon - Still They Pray
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Piled Up For The Scavengers

King Diamond - At The Graves
Sepultura - Desperate Cry
Slayer - Criminally Insane
Devo Spice - In The 80's
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Harley Got Devoured By The Undead
Daemonicus - Nothing But Death
Abhor - Wings Of Chaos

Triumph - When The Lights Go Down


Recap by The Metal Wulf

For the most part, it was a fun evening, but things got a little frustrating for me by the time the night was over. More on that in a bit, though...

So, we were celebrating three separate birthdays, as Lance, Josh, and Rick all had them during the course of the week.

A friend of Rick's was kind enough to provide a thoroughly delicious marble cake, complete with black icing and a red Pentagram design on top. Our kind of cake, without a doubt!

We had roller derby girls on the show, this time representing the newly formed Finger Lakes Lunachicks. In fact, we were only expecting a handful of girls to visit, but what was supposed to have been three turned into expecting a few more, and by the time it was all said and done, we had fifteen ladies in the studio, all there to support their team. Pretty damned cool, I must say.

I'm personally very excited at the prospects of actually having a team to represent our region, now. I'm even happier to say that these ladies seem more than content to have me represent as the team mascot.

Can you say WarWulf?

So, the evening took a turn for the weird after the arrival of Azkath.

Yeah, the moment finally arrived when he read the stupid "earthshaking" confession that was supposely prepared by me. I had no idea what to expect, but when it was all said and done, the the crap that started spewing forth was just plain ridiculous, even for OUR show...

So, according to this prepared statement that I was supposedly "too afraid to read", I am what is called a "Bronie"...

Honestly? What the FUCK is a Bronie? ** READ THIS FOR MORE DETAILS **

Apparently, a Bronie is a guy who is a fan of the My Little Pony cartoon series as well as the line of toys.

Apparently, it even goes beyond guys just being "fans", as in some extreme cases it crosses the border into fetishism...

Now, I'm not one to judge folks based on what turns them on, within reason. Hell, I could even understand the whole cartoon character thing...a HUMAN cartoon character, that is...say, a Wilma Flintstone fetish...or a Jessica Rabbit fetish...

Get where I'm coming from?

So, with that being said, take it from me. I've NEVER known anybody who even OWNED a My Little Pony...I've NEVER seen a single episode of the series...and, I don't find the stupid toys even REMOTELY CUTE!!!

End of story, no Bronies here!


I, Randy Smith, have something to admit to all of you. This will be hard, but I do feel that it is an important part of my personality, and something that I wish you share with all of you. It means a lot to me, and it makes me who I am. In every possible way. It may be shocking, but in time, I feel that I can convert you all. So in conclusion, I Randy Smith, don't want you to look at me THAT differently because of all this. So, that's it I guess, oh, right, forgot to tell you. I am a Brony. That's right. I LOVE My Little Pony in the very best ways. The innocence. The love. The sexiness. So please, join me in my celebration of the greatness that is My Little Pony!

So, next week will probably be relatively calm, as Josh and Rick will be attending the Killswitch Engage/Shadows Fall show in Buffalo.

Joe and I, along with Lance, will still be on hand to entertain the masses! In fact, if I remember correctly, we should even see the return of Tim Binder, who will probably be back for a few weeks. Should be a good time, so tune on in!


December 1, 2012 - Abhor Visit

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Black Country Communion - Afterglow
Mammoth Mammoth - Bury Me
Skalmold - Narfi
Finsterforst - Ein Lichtschein

Black Sabbath - Psychophobia
T&N - Slave To The Empire
Kiss - Wall Of Sound
Unleashed - Gathering The Battalions
My Dying Bride - Kneel Till Doomsday

Abhor - BAMFasaurus
Destruction - City Of Doom
Corrosion Of Conformity - The Vulture
Sons Of Aeon - Havoc & Catharsis

Abhor - Murder King
Maps Of War - Wake The Sheperd
Druid Lord - Baron Blood
God Seed - From The Running Of Blood

Abhor - Pathogen
Earthship - Iron Chest
Cradle Of Filth - Siding With The Titans
The Sword - Seven Sisters
Metal Church - Badlands

Venom - Black Xmas
Opium Warlords - Satan Knew My Secret Heart
Affiance - Righteous Kill
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Bow Down Before The Bloodcourt
Aeon - Die By My Hands

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Mercyful Fate - Satan's Fall
U.D.O. - Up To The Limit
Baphomet - Broken Krypt
Incite - Retaliation

Bloodbound - Monstermind
CJSS - Too Hot
Death - Living Monstrosity
Troubled Horse - Don't Lie
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Ritual Knife
Vicious Rumors - Don't Wait For Me
Paragon - Tornado
Orden Ogan - Land Of The Dead
Machine Head - Davidian

Ire Clad - Little Middle Man
Meathook Seed - My Infinity
Saturian - Aphotic

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard

Rochester's Abhor joined us for a bit this week. Strongly recommend these guys, especially if you have a liking for progressive death metal. You can find them right here on Facebook, so check 'em out!

The Demon Azkath joined us once again, as Jeffie is supposedly still training his alligator to battle Joe. I'm guessing it's going to be awhile before he's ready to bring this critter to the show. As a matter of fact, I'm betting we will probably see him before he's ready to do so, since he's apparently raising this thing from a baby.

Makes you wonder how long it had been out of the egg when he found it.

Azkath DID have company this week, however, as Eric Rodriguez from Ire Clad accompanied him. Eric promptly challenged everybody on the show to arm wrestling matches, and of course we complied. Josh and I fell in quick succession, but Rick was able to hold his own for a fair chunk of time. Imagine Eric's surprise when Joe stepped up and, after some very touch and go moments, got the win! Eric is now awaiting his rematch, which may or may not ever happen.


I'd surprised Joe earlier in the evening by singing the chorus to an old Accept song after hearing only two or three notes of it, and this prompted Azkath to suggest we do something similar to Name That Tune, only using a selection of metal songs. I immediately jumped at the challenge. Honestly, I've just got an ear for that sort of thing, it's surprised people on a number of occasions over the years. So, bring it on, O Demon!

Further discussion about this whole Bouncy House Cake Battle thing degenerated further as somebody, (Eric I believe) suggested that Dave and I do a car wash instead. Yup, Dave and I, in our man-kini's, getting all wet and soapy.

As I recall, it was suggested that it be called "Chunkendales"...

Bunch of stuff going on next week, as we prepare to celebrate potentially up to four birthdays. Yep, Josh and Lance recently celebrated theirs, Rick's is on Saturday, and Eric's is coming up shortly as well. Apparently there will even be a pentagram cake, which is more than appropriate on a number of levels, considering it's also the holiday season!

On top of that, we'll have some girls from the recently formed Finger Lakes Lunachicks Roller Derby team, so I'm thinking that should be pretty darned cool, as well. Personally, I was glad to hear that we finally have a team to represent this particular region! Azkath also claims to have an "earthshaking announcement" to make on my behalf. Can't imagine what it's going to be, although, once again, I'm apparently supposed to know full well what it's all about.I assure you all, I am just as clueless about this as I was about the whole ridiculous "Pantsless Santa" dance thing that WON'T be happening on our End Of The World show in just over two weeks.


November 24, 2012 - Randy's Xmas Annoucement

Listen to the Show

Mammoth Mammoth - Bare Bones
Fozzy - God Pounds His Nails
Death - Low Life
Incubus - Beyond The Unknown

Kamelot - Ashes To Ashes
Overkill - Deny The Cross
Troubled Horse - As You Sow
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Curse In The Trees
Anthem - Ghost In The Frame

Triumph - When The Lights Go Down
Megadeth - Good Mourning/Black Friday
Paragon - Bulletstorm
Destruction - Princess Of The Night
Bloodbound - Bonebreaker
Agony Lords - The Tree Of The Hanged

Abhor - Beating A Dead Horse
Incite - Exposed
Aeon - Blessed By The Priest
Chthonic - Takao
This Divided World - Unconditional
Druid Lord - Witchfinder

Helloween - Burning Sun
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Behead The Defense
Soundgarden - Into The Void
Skalmold - Loki
Finsterforst - Stirbt Zuletzt

Maps Of War - Charon's Decree
Pig Destroyer - Deny Everything
Sacred Reich - War Pigs
Destruction - City Of Doom
Quiet Riot - Resurrection

Herder - Mundane Affairs
CJSS - Red Handed
Butcher Babies - Jesus Needs More Babies For His War Machine
Burnt Offering - Slaughterhouse Grizzle
Diamond Plate - At The Mountains Of Madness

T&N - It's Not Love
King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Kiss - Hell Or Hallelujah
Aerosmith - S.O.S. (Too Bad)
Black Country Communion - Confessor
Machine Head - Davidian

My Dying Bride - The Poorest Waltz
Graveyard - An Industry Of Murder
Warlock - Touch Of Evil
Mammoth Mammoth - Sitting Pretty
Corrosion Of Conformity - Strong Medicine Too Late
Earthship - Athena

Abhor - Murder King
Cryptopsy - Red-skinned Scapegoat

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;

All in all, just a couple of points of interest to touch on, really.

There was a great deal of ball-busting about the possibility of me going to see Green Jelly this Friday night at The Bug Jar in Rochester.

Now, the deal with this show is that there is only one actual remaining member of Green Jelly. Vocalist Bill Manspeaker has actually been recruiting from city to city to fill out the remaining band, relying on local talent everywhere he goes. Actually, to me, that sounds pretty damned cool!

Still, it IS Green Jelly we're talking about here, not necessarily a band that was really meant to be taken seriously. But, keeping that in mind, I honestly thought their first album was hilarious. Well, better than half of it, anyway...

Anyhoo, my attitude toward this show is that, while it MAY suck, it most definitely will NOT be boring and might honestly be worth a laugh or two by the end of the night. We'll see how it goes, should I decide to attend...

Definitely had some weirdness goin' on, as Azkath made an announcement based on something I supposedly told him. Claims that I made him write this particular proclamation, which I can assure you certainly did NOT happen...

So, the deal here is, according to this announcement, I'm supposedly so depressed about the upcoming END OF THE WORLD (based on this misconstrued Mayan silliness...) and the fact that it's going to ruin a yearly Christmas ritual of mine.

This ritual apparently involves me doing the Pantsless Sata Dance, whatever the hell that is supposed to be...

I, Randy Smith, being of mind and body, have come to the conclusion that there will not be a Christmas this year. The world will end on the 21st of December and thus I will not be able to celebrate my typical Christmas tradition. Thus, this year I shall be celebrating this tradition at the end of the world, here on The Metallic Onslaught. You see, every Christmas day, at the end of the day, when I am alone and full of food and merryment, I perform the majestic rite of The Pantless Santa. Normally a private ceremony, but this year, due to the world ending, I will celebrate, here, at the Metallic Onslaught. with all of you.
Yup, no clue as to what this is about, and I can strongly assure all of our listeners that, despite any of my actions over the past couple of years on No Pants Day, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO Pantsless Santa Dance.

Relax folks, nothin' to worry about here. We might have ourselves an End Of The World show on that particular night, but it won't involve me running around without my pants!

To cap things off, Josh pulled something that nobody else had ever managed to do on the show, at least to my knowledge...

He fell asleep on the air!

But, thanks to Azkath, not for long...

Amazing how that boy can scream like a twelve year old with skinned knees, isn't it?

November 17, 2012 - Jayne Dracula

Listen to the Show
T&N - Into The Fire
The Sword - Eyes Of The Stormwitch
My Dying Bride - Within The Presence Of Absence
CJSS - Ready For War

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Death - Genetic Reconstruction
Troubled Horse - Bring My Horses Home
Helloween - Heavy Metal (Is The Law)
Orden Ogan - Dying Paradise

Druid Lord - Witchfinder
Manowar - Black List
Morgion - Nomads Of The Dawn
Aeon - Dead Means Dead
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Circus Of Mass Torment

Sons Of Aeon - Enemy Of The Souls
Hanging Garden - Ash And Dust
Burnt Offering - Snow Death
Corrosion Of Conformity - Priest Brains
Galerna - Chemical Warfare

Dethklok - Killstardo Abominate
Pig Destroyer - The Diplomat
Incite - Feel The Flames
Axewound - Cold
All That Remains - Sing For Liberty
The Bronx - Ribcage

Doro - Rock Till Death
Neurosis - All Is Lost...In Time
The Sorrow - Dead Home
Black Country Communion - Common Man
Kiss - Long Way Down

T&N - It's Not Love
Michael Angelo Batio - Tribute To Randy
Like Moths To Flames - Some Nights
Machine Head - Halo
Tiamat - Winter Dawn

Jayne Dracula - Land Of Transilvania
Butcher Babies- Mr. Slowdeath
Herder - The Invisible Hand
A Perfect Day - Long Road To Ruin
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Withered Hand Of Evil

Jayne Dracula - Saturn Under Sunset
Maps Of War - Prescription 666
Death - Defensive Personalities
Revocation - Maniacally Unleashed
Sacred Reich - Ignorance
Aeon - The Glowing Hate

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

We were joined in the studio by Azriel Mordecai, former bass player for Zadoc...and The Nightmare!, now currently playing in Jayne Dracula. Hadn't hung with Az in awhile, and it was extremely cool to have him on hand to bring us up to speed.

As a matter of fact, if you were listening you got to hear Azriel come up with an idea that pretty much has made this cake battle with Dave a done deal. Yeah, I know, I've been denying for weeks that I would succumb to this silliness, but the truth of the matter is, Azriel came up with an idea of how to present this event that's just too damned amusing not to attempt.

So, let me submit this for consideration: David Gee (from The Last Exit For The Lost) and little ol' me, in a wrestling match featuring cake. This match is to take place in a Bouncy House (Azriel's idea), and with the right strings pulled, will be refereed by Crappy The Clown (of Stool and Punch Drunk Monkeys fame...or infamy...those who are familiar know where I'm comin' from...)

Seriously, I'm in, assuming we can get Crappy to referee.

Of course, it's easy for me to agree to this, because there's probably no chance in Hell we'll get this to come together anyway. So, unless some serious alignmenmt of the stars takes place, I still wouldn't hold your breath for this particular event.

Just picture the silliness in your head for now!

Let's see...

Not much else really note-worthy that I remember.

However, there was a particularly amusing discussion of the whole Hostess bankruptcy debacle that led to a further discussion of other sweet snack foods that we've liked or disliked over the years.

In a nutshell, the conversation focused on our favorite combinations of chocolate and other things...marshmallow, coconut, nuts in general...

Of course, once nuts came into the equation, the conversation proved to be an example of just how dirty our minds can get sometimes, not to mention how quicly things can just plummet into inappropriateness.

Funny...it didn't occur to me until just now that we never even brought cherries into the mix... that would have been oddly fitting, all things considered... 

November 10, 2012 - Wulfie's Red Rocket!

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Doro - Revenge
Black Country Communion - The Circle
Death - Living Monstrosity
Graveyard - The Suits, The Law & The Uniforms

My Dying Bride - A Tapestry Scorned
Kamelot - My Confession
Kingdom Come - Pushing Hard
Savatage - Power Of The Night
Mob Rules - Ice & Fire

Soundgarden - Blood On The Valley Floor
Pig Destroyer - Wolfs Blood
Aeon - I Wish You Death
August Burns Red - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Maps Of War - Nooses For Neckties

Revocation - Spurn The Outstretched Hand
Rhyme - Slayer To The System
All That Remains - We Are Only Human
Druid Lord - Castle Of Count Sadist
Cryptopsy - Two-Pound Torch

Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Sacred Reich - Death Squad
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Circus Of Mass Torment
Bison b.c. - Last And First Things
Opium Warlords - Satan Knew My Secret Heart

Mammoth Mammoth - Go
Nidingr - The Worm Is Crowned
Issues - Boyfriend
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Dreams Of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night)
We Came As Romans - Glad You Came
Kiss - Back To The Stone Age

Upon This Dawning - Call Me Maybe
Mayday Parade - somebody That I Used To Know
Neurosis - We All Rage In Gold
The Sword - Dying Earth

Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
Uncle Slam - Weirdo Man
Pantera - Five Minutes Alone
Aeon - Dead Means Dead
Mavth - Hymn To Azael

Lynch Mob - Slow Drag
Death - Altering The Future
Davey Suicide - Grab A Gun & Hide Your Morals
How To Destroy Angels - Parasite
Troubled Horse - Sleep In Your Head

Machine Head - The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears
God Seed - From The Running Of Blood
Parkway Drive - Dream Run


(Recap written by Randy Smith, aka MetalWulf, aka Wulfie's Red Rocket on Citizen's Band Radio...)

Played some Graveyard early in the show, great stuff, especially if you like stuff that hearkens back to that heavy 70's sound.

Somehow, though, this song led to a discussion of 70's fashion, something that I was a tragic victim of.

That's right, I'm talking tacky plaid pants and shirts, not to mention those god-awful leisure suits.

The rest of the crew, Joe in particular, found this to be particularly hilarious, and I'm now somewhat committed to putting up photos of myself from this era.

So,yeah, keep your eyes peeled for some amusing pics on our Facebook page, not to mention the official website, in the somewhat-near future...

Can't for the life of me remember how we got on this, but somehow we got on the topic of something that could only be found on the Buffet From Hell's dessert menu...

So with that being said, boy, doesn't a Blue Waffle Sundae w/ Chocolate Starfish Sauce sound great right now?

Mmmmmmmmm...betcha can't eat just one...

(Brief pause to allow vomiting...cue elevator music...)

So, now that everybody's heaved up their dinner or late-night snack, whatever the case may be, I'd like to take a moment to direct you to some new features on the Metallic Onslaught official website's page!

First up, we have officially installed a chat room for anybody who wants to come in during the live broadcast to say hello, or even to make song requests. Not all of us may be able to enter at the same time, but the option is certainly there now, so feel free to pop on in!

The other feature is also on The Last Exit For The Lost's website as well as ours, so you can now check out our new Video Of The Month option! Guaranteed to be something cool each and every month, I can assure you of that!

There was some discussion of an End Of The World show, 'cuz hey, those Mayans may be onto something, right?

Yeah, riiiiiiiiight...

However, Joe did seem a bit concerned about the prospects, because if the world DOES end next month, that's going to totally fuck up his vacation in January...not to mention everybody else's vacations...

Azkath seemed to be of the belief that stocking up on balloons for our End Of The World show may be necessary, because we may need things to float on when the it's all said and done.

This idea was so crazy that we all had to wonder whether it was actually Azkath in attendance, or if Jeffie had arrived and was pretending to be smarter than usual...

Speaking of Jeffie, it seems that Joe had actually left him to die in Louisiana, dumping him in a gator-filled swamp. But, as it turns out, Jeffie has survived and actually adopted a gator that tried to eat him, and is even now plotting to bring the gator onto the Onslaught to get revenge on Joe.

Yeah, I'll believe THAT when I see it...

I should have suspected this was coming, but I was still caught by surprise when Azkath arrived with a CB radio. Personally, I honestly didn't expect to get any responses as we attempted to use the thing during a couple of talk breaks. Truth is, there was absolutely nobody responding the first couple of times I went live, using the handle Wulfie's Red Rocket.

However, later in the evening, in between talk breaks, I'd had brief contact with a seemingly nice lady who called herself Wicked Wanda, but she was unresponsive when we tried to talk to her live. Sad, 'cuz she seemed kinda cool!

What wasn't cool were the weird, otherworldly voices that came through shortly after that...saying they were watching me...and coming for me...

Yeah, kinda freaky, but c'mon, I really doubt that there are some horrible, Lovecraftian horrors coming for me from "beyond"...

I mean, c'mon, give me a break...


November 3, 2012 - What Did Joe do to Jeffie?

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Kamelot - Torn
Kiss - Take Me Down Below
Sweet Cheater - Dancin' On My Grave
Mob Rules - Ice & Fire

Manowar - Manowarriors
Quiet Riot - Cold Day In Hell
The Sword - The Hidden Masters
Triumph - Allied Forces

My Dying Bride - Kneel Till Doomsday
Kingdom Come - Can't Deny
Druid Lord - Gorgon Witch
Earthship - Iron Chest
Kreator - Wolfchild

Machine Head - Davidian
Graveyard - Slow Motion Countdown
Orden Ogan - To The End
Parkway Drive - Dream Run
Stolen Babies - Splatter
Neurosis - Bleeding The Pigs

Anthem - Evil One
Doro - Coldhearted Lover
All That Remains - Down Through The Ages
Over The Falls - Han Solo
God Seed - From The Running Of Blood
Kadavar - Creature Of The Demon
Down - Witchtripper

Maiden United - Prowler
Mammoth Mammoth - Weapon Of Mass Self Destruction
Cradle Of Filth - Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
Bison b.c. - An Old Friend
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Piled Up For The Scavengers

Incantation - The Hellions Genesis
VoiVod - Mechanical Mind
Vindicator - Fatal Infection
Early Graves - Pure Hell
Evocation - Well Of Despair

Black Country Communion - Dandelion
Morbid Angel - Brainstorm
Incubus - Battle Of Armageddon
Fozzy - God Pounds His Nails
One-Eyed Doll - Committed
Pig Destroyer - The Underground Man
Pig Destroyer - Eve

The Infrared Radiation Orchestra - Bed of Nails
Kiss - Last Chance
Atrum Inritus - The Chains That Bind
Fear - I Don't Care About You
While She sleeps - Until The Death
Acaro - Becoming The Process

The Pestilence Choir - Neon Black
Recap by The Metal Wulf
An early discussion focused on the band, Manowar, and their latest disc, The Lords Of Steel.

Now, the album had been released as a download back in June, not to mention the special edition that was released with the June issue of Metal Hammer. Well, the tracks have been remixed, and the actual CD will see the light of day later this month.

With that in mind, Joe played the track "Manowarriors" once again, and aside from sounding better musically, the song really hasn't benefitted much from the remix.

Seriously, no disrespect meant to any members of the band. It's just that, well...Joey's lyrics, especially when writing about heavy metal music or fans of his band...can be a little TOO cheesy...

Instrumentally, the songs can be amazing, but, I'm sorry, Joey can be a little hit and miss as a lyricist. I've heard some great things from him, and I've heard some utterly cringe-worthy stuff as well.

Honestly, I DO love Manowar, though. Just gotta call it the way I see it as a fan...

In a semi-related discussion, something was mentioned about all of us ending up in Hell someday, clad in loincloths and wielding swords, singing "Hail And Kill" for eternity.

Except for Lance, who will probably be singing Giuffria's "Call To Your Heart" as soon as he hits them Pearly Gates...

Hilarity ensued when it was revealed that my family had CB radios when I was younger. As I remember, it was the latter part of the 70's, and I would have been in the 11-13 age range. Don't know why this should be such a source of amusement, we actually met a lot of different people in that time frame, most of them pretty cool as I remember.

Joe also seemed to find a great deal of humor in the fact that my handle was Red Raven. What can I say, it seemed cool at the time.I'd like to take this moment, though, to stress that was "RED RAVEN" and not "RED ROCKET", as presumed by certain others involved with the show.

People have got dirty minds, I tell ya...

No Jeffie this week, which prompted Azkath to interrogate Joe a little bit. Joe seemed to have no clue as to Jeffie's whereabouts, claiming that he'd never actually seen Jeffie in New Orleans at all. So, the question remains...

What did Joe do to Jeffie?

I'm sure this discussion is far from over, and there will be some interesting stories forthcoming over the next couple of weeks.

As for other stories shared by Joe, well, they weren't really fit for discussion on the radio, if ya know what I mean...


October 27, 2012 - Halloween Show

Listen to the Show

The Sword-Cloak of Feathers
Trouble-Memory's Garden
Badlands-Devil's Stomp
King Diamond-Halloween
Black Country Communion-The Giver
Kiss-Long Way Down
Alice in Chains-Godsmack
Witchcraft-Ghost House
Dream Theater-Dark Eternal Night
Between the Buried and me-Bloom / Melting City
Coheed and Cambria-Hollywood the Cracked
God Seed-From the Running of Blood
Cradle of Filth-The Abhorrent
Cradle of Filth-Hell Awaits
Advent Sorrow-Before the Dimming Light
Atrum Inritus-The Chains that Bind
Order of the Dead-Subversion
Burn Everything-Holy Diverticulitus
Hate Machine-Bring in the Butcher
Becoming the Archetype-I am
To the Deep-Medicate
King Diamond-Family Ghost
Savatage-Hall of the Moutain King
Kadavar-Creature of the Demon
Black Country Communion-Big Train
The Sword-Eyes of the Storm Witch
Misfits-Halloween 2
Kiss-Shout Mercy
Prong-Whose Fist is this Anyways

Until We Have Faces "You Bring the Pitchfork and I'll Bring a Prayer"
Mind Bomb "Barry White's Hell"

Max DeGroot "The Halloween Song"
Biters "Hallucination Generation"
Blood of the Sun "Can't Stop my Heart"
Deathbed "Half Past Years"
Heartist "Rhinestone"
Machine Head "Davidian - Live"

Devo Spice "PC Halloween"
Bloody Red Hearts "Good News"
Burning the Day "Buried Beneath"
Skrog "MK - Ultra"
Grand Supreme Blood Court "Behead the Defence"
Dino-Mike "Halloween Night"

Helloween "Halloween"

Dropkick Murphy's "Halloween"
Alice Cooper "Prince of Darkness"
Hallows Eve "Hallows Eve (Including Routine)"


Recap by The Metal Wulf

Rick was in control on this night, as Joe was in New Orleans.

Yes, it was official, he was actually there. No confusion for Jeffie, this time, as he once again made his way down south to find Joe. No clue as to whether or not he succeeded, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Not sure how the early going of the show had played out, but with it being less than a week before Halloween, I'm sure there was an assortment of creepiness thrown in to get everybody in a festive mood!

Azkath and I had gotten there in time to hear Ken discussing that he wanted to hear some Barry White. Naturally I thought the guy was joking, considering the vast differnce in styles.

Still, I'd say it's far more likely to hear Barry White on our show than it would be to hear Barry Manilow...ugh...

To be perfectly honest, Ken DID get himself a small dose of Barry White, in the form of a song by a band called Mindbomb, which just so featured a cameo by the man himself.

So, there ya go, Ken. You can't say we've never done anything for you!

Josh's night was made as Azkath played "Halloween" by Helloween. For those who may be unaware, Helloween is one of his favorite bands, and to be completely honest, they're among my favorites as well. Too good of a song NOT to play, in celebration.

Honestly, that's as much as I remember. Tune in this Friday, as I'm sure there will be plenty for Joe to tell us of his experiences in New Orleans, and whether or not Jeffie actually found him down there. Should be interesting!