May 12, 2012 - Stygian Visit

Listen to the Show

Dragonforce - Fallen World
Accept - The Galley
Iron Maiden - El Dorado

Great White - (I've Got) Something For You
Havok - Post Mortem/Raining Blood
Tenacious D - Deth Starr
Baroness - Take My Bones Away

Torche - Kiss Me Dudely
Lita Ford - Black Widow
Black Spiders - Easy Peasy
Candlemass - Waterwitch

Stygian - Prophet's Warning
Shadows Fall - Blind Faith
Six Feet Under - Missing Victims
Pantera - A New Level
Kreator - Betrayer

Stygian - Breaking Away
Spater - Brain Dead
Alice In Chains - Check My Brain
Solstice - cleansed Of Impurity
Diatribe - Control

Stygian - The Reaper
Sleep - Holy Mountain
Bloodfeast - Face Fate
Bloodfeast - Blood Lust

He Is Legend - Wounded
Blatant Disarray - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Canvas Solaris - Arc-Lite
Burn Everything - Ghost Of The Waves
Septekh - Eating The Maneater
Wretched - At the First Sign Of Rust
Emmure - Protoman

Overkill - Drop The Hammer Down
The Burial - Salt And Wrath
Prong - Path Of Least Resistance
Cattle Decapitation - Do Not Resuscitate
Legacy Of Disorder - Punish All
Bleed The Freaks - All Is Lost

Spater - Hot Rod Demon
Watain - Reaping Death
Royal Thunder - Drown
Hubris - Void Caller's Litany
Solitude Aeturnus - Pain

Hung - Infernal Redeemer
Mares Of Thrace - The Pragmatist

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;
As has been the case for the last couple of months, another of the 20 bands who would be performing at the upcoming Finger Lakes Metal Fest was featured and showcased. Two members of the band Stygian were there. Their band rocks. The Fest would be the following week, and The Metallic Onslaught would be hosting it. The Demon Azkath was there. Last weeks No Pants Day was much discussed, all the craziness, stupidity, cool stuff, and highly disturbing stuff that it had rought. We also learned that Josh is getting a drivers license, and a car, which was unsettling to everyone, and that Randy used to get picked up by men in the '80's when he tried to look glam, he was mistaken for a woman, an ugly woman, but more desperate men picked him up. Randy denies this, but we know it's true...