April 21, 2012 - Order of the Dead Visit

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Order of the Dead stop into the show, and Jeffie deals with numerous problems only he could have. More details in the recap below...

Listen to the Show;

Patrick Hemer - Thorn In My Flesh
Lance King - Manifest Destiny
Furyon - Wasted On You
Accept - Hellfire

Dragonforce - Give Me The Night
A Sound Of Thunder - The Nightwitch
Kyng - I Don't Believe
Tetrafusion - Cloudless
Blue Snaggletooth - Swords Of Atlantis
Break Of Reality - B.Y.O.B.

Order Of The Dead - What Humans Remain?
Unleashed - Odalheim
Cradle Of Filth - Dusk And Her Embrace
Angelus Apatrida - Blood On The Snow

Order Of The Dead - Subversion
Cannibal Corpse - Demented Aggression
War Of Ages - Unite
Blessed Curse - Something Evil
Sledge Leather - Her Father's Daughter

Order Of The Dead - Bullets
Pantera - Piss
Bleed The Freaks - Dumptruck
Torche - Sky Trials
Prong - List Of Grievances
Lawnmower Deth - Watch Out Granma, Here Comes A Lawnmower
Undivided - The Line's Been Crossed

Order Of The Dead - Stab
Overkill - Come And Get It
Overkill - Bring Me The Night
Hellyeah - War In Me
Desultor - Another World
Mpire Of Evil - Reptile
Job For A Cowboy - Fearmonger

Paradise Lost - Crucify
16 - The Sad Clown
Mares Of Thrace - The Gallwasp
Band Of Skulls - The Devil Takes Care Of His Own
Cancer Bats - Rally The Wicked

Empires Of Eden - This Time
Kissin' Dynamite - I Will Be King
Allegaeon - From The Stars Death Came
7 Horns 7 Eyes - Cycle Of Self
Huntress - Snow Witch
Black Spiders - Blood Of The Kings

Anvil - Pro Wrestling
Anvil - Doctor Kevorkian
Primal Rock Rebellion - Tortured Tone
Meshuggah - I Am Colossus
Jim Gillette - Proud To Be Loud
High On Fire - Bloody Knuckles

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

As we continue to count down the weeks leading up to the 2012 editon of the Finger Lakes Metal Fest, we were happy to once again have Order Of The Dead in the studio. Much to our surprise, the entire band was able to make it this time, and if you take a little meander over to the metalwulff YouTube page, you can watch a brand spankin' new video interview with the guys!Order Of The Dead is another of those bands that we strongly suspect are going to cause structural damage to Donselaar's before the evening is out. They are an extremely tight, brutal metal monstrosity, and if you don't believe me, by all means come on out to Clyde on May 19th. And bring a bucket, you'll need something to carry your face home in...

An early discussion centered on something that I'm at least somewhat excited over. Kinda funny, because just a couple of weeks ago I remember being surprised to see that Blink 182 were playing at the Blue Cross Arena. My first thought at the time was, "Since when do we get anything resembling a heavy rock show in Rochester these days?"

Well, things seem to be looking up in that regard. Just when you thought the Blue Cross Arena had some kind of bug up it's ass regarding hard rock and metal shows, Van Halen actually has a show scheduled there on July 17th! Of course, my excitement was quickly replaced by confusion (more like dumb-foundedness...) when I saw the opener, and outright, insulted rage when I saw the ticket prices...Don't get me wrong, Van Halen is easily among my Top 10 favorite bands, ever. I love 'em to death, I really do. But I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to pay even the nose-bleed price for this show (approximately $60.00, with top-end tickets running to $140.00...) to watch these guys with Ky-Mani Marley as a support act!

Okay, no disrespect to Mr. Marley or his musical heritage (his dad was Reggae legend, Bob Marley), but you know something? I fucking HATE reggae...I DESPISE it...and I can't even imagine why the guys in Van Halen would consider this a reasonable opening act. I mean, they had Kool And The Gang open for them in Buffalo, and now this? Is this some kind of statement on their opinions concerning current rock acts, because I don't honestly think they're listening to the right bands...But, that's just me. Hope everyone who goes has a good time, I sure as hell won't be there.

The rest of the evening are pretty much a blur to me, as chaos was running absolutely rampant. The guys from Order Of The Dead got to experience first hand just how crazy things get. It all began with a visit from Jeffie, which really should come as absolutely no surprise. Jeffie had been absent last week, and I was unable to pass along the late Easter gift I'd picked up for him on impulse. I thought for sure he'd like it, being the simple, child-like being he is. I mean, who can honestly look at any kind of stuffed animal and have the reaction he had? So, I showed him the utterly cute stuffed frog I'd gotten him...and he went completely out of his mind. Literally, he ran away in sheer terror!

Okay, I have to at least plead a touch of ignorance. I had NO CLUE that Jeffie was afraid of frogs. I mean, had I known this, I might have picked up a little rabbit or lamb or duckie or some shit like that, anything but a damned frog!I did my best to ease the situation, showing Jeffie the frog up close and trying to get him to see how cute and soft and cuddly it was, but he just started laughing maniacally. Then, he started breathing heavily, and was saying, "HUSK!" over and over...

For those not familiar with Jeffie behavior, "HUSK!" is a very, VERY bad sign, and I did the only logical thing I could think of at the time.

I tossed that fucking frog off to the side and ran for my life!

I didn't get far, and the resulting beatdown I received from The Ultimate Jeffie was...unpleasant...but, I've received worse, and I'll recover from that just fine.Things got worse when Jeffie just started going through personality changes like they were nothing. He was so deeply damaged by that frog that we ended up getting visits from both Pepe AND Thor, resulting in me getting Gorilla Pressed and dropped like a sack of potatoes. Hell, even Raven, tough as she is, seemed to be having a hard time dealing with each of his aspects!

Of course, what made things worse was that Jeffie would forget about each incident, and he'd keep coming back, demanding that I give him his Easter gift, and I'd tell him, over and over, that he'd already received it, and that he kept beating me up when I'd hand it to him.

Ultimately, the evening concluded with a completely new Jeffie personality manifesting, quite possibly one of the most disturbing ones yet. Honestly, I need a big ol' roll of Mental Floss to wipe my brain clean of the horrors we endured at the hands of Fred...Fred seems to be the ultimate "Dirty Old Man", and he doesn't exactly discriminate when it comes to forcing his attentions...guy...girl...it doesn't seem to matter.And with No Pants Day just two short weeks away, I'm thinking we really don't want this guy lurking about too much...