July 13, 2013 - What Jeffie Swallowed...

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KISS - Young And Wasted 
KISS - Carr Jam 1981 
Manegarm - Hordes Of Hel 
Alice In Chains - Lab Monkey 
Judas Priestess - Hellion/Electric Eye 
Jorn - Cancer Demon 
Trouble - Sucker 
Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals - Music Media Is My Whore 
Witch Cross - Axe To Grind 
Church Of Void - Son Of A Witch 
Havok - It Is True 
Moon Curse - Medicinecoma 
A Sound Of Thunder - Hello Nurse 
Sirenia - Cold Caress 
Lord Dying - Descend Into External 
Tank - Conflict Primeval 
They Might Be Zombies - Headshot 
Speedtrap - Battle Cry 
UnSaid Fate - Our Addiction 
Powerwolf - Nightcrawler 
Mercia - Misery Dispenser 
Goatess - Tentacles Of Zen 
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers 
Tear Out The Heart - Only Posers Die 
Terror - Live By The Code 
Spirts Of The Dead - Song Of Many Reefs 
Butcher Babies - In Denial 
Queensryche - Vindication 
Max Pie - Earth's Rules 
Judas Priestess - You Got Another Thing Coming 
As They Burn - When Everything Falls Apart 
The Burial - Wretched Reckless Forms 
Scorpion Child - Antioch 
Brutus - Mystery Machine 
Colossus - Superficial Savior 
Venom - Leave Me In Hell 
Huntress - Spectra Spectral 
Orphaned Land - The Simple Man 
Into The Flood - Sacrificing The Worm 
Venomous Maximus - The River 
Kalmah - windlake Tale 
Trouble - When The Sky Comes Down 
Gorguts - Oceans Of Wisdom 
Witch Cross - Demon In The Mirror 
Stone Magnum - Lonely God 
Psychopath - A Myth For The Ages 
Ramming Speed - Under The Monolith 
Pasadena Napalm Division - All Of A Sudden Dead 
Satan - Time To Die
Recap by The Metal Wulf
It was just Joe and I in the early going of the show, as Rick and Josh had gone to check out the Mercia CD release party at Water Street Music Hall, meaning they'd be joining us later in the evening.
An early discussion centered on the return of Judas Priestess to Seneca Falls, where they were to perform for their second year straight at the Women's Right To Rock Festival. Naturally, we were all pretty pumped up for the return of these ladies, especially considering that they were bringing along a new guitar player.
We were also intrigued by the fact that Judas Priestess would be followed up by a burlesque act to close out the evening.
Joe seemed a little worried that perhaps I wouldn't be able to restrain myself during the burlesque portion of the evening, and he didn't seem at all convinced when I told him I had better self control than that.
As a matter of fact, he had this image in his head of me running up to the stage in my mankini, and ultimately ending the evening by getting arrested.
Then he went on to mention how cool it would be for that to happen, and that I'd be able to give them an interview from my jail cell. He also mentioned something about me becoming a human Oreo, but I honestly don't want to think about that...
Anyhoo, I'm happy to say that none of that happened. We had a good time, got our second interview with the ladies, and hung out chatting with them for a bit afterward.
It was also very cool to have Dream Theater's John Petrucci in Seneca Falls, as well, as he was on hand to support his wife, Rena, who just so happens go be the previously mentioned new guitar player in Judas Priestess. 
Azkath dropped in briefly. Very briefly, in fact. 
To be perfectly honest, he seemed to have dropped in just long enough to interrogate some of us as to our whereabouts on the night of July 6. Seems that some goof in a mask (calling himself Darksyde), broke into The Last Exit For The Lost that night and wreaked some form of havok, possibly abducting Justjoe...I can't remember, really...
Anyhoo, whatever form of mischief it was, Azkath proceeded to beat the crap out of me, to make sure that I wasn't Darksyde. I assured him (over and over again...) that I had gone to Gigantour that night, and that it wasn't me behind the raid. Fact is, Rick, Josh, Bill, and myself were all at Gigantour, so it couldn't have been any of us.
Whoever it was, I sure wouldn't want to be him...
Jeffie had dropped by once again, looking for revenge for the beatdown he'd gotten with all that styrofoam he'd brought with him the week before. 
This time he brought along an implement of violence that most of us dread. Not because it's overly brutal or intimidating...it's just...very...very...
So, it was with Dickbat (literally, a Whiffle bat with a plastic penis duct-taped to it...) that Jeffie attempted to deliver retribution. Thankfully I was able to get it away from him (because it's just weird having that thing flying at any part of your body...), and proceeded to pummel him back. During the scuffle, Jeffie proceed to wrench the dick from the bat, which really didn't make the situation any less awkward, because now Jeffie was running around with a small plasic cock in his hand...
So, if that weren't bad enough, Jeffie also mentioned that he was charging me for services rendered on No Pants Day.
Yeah, he's CHARGING me for the beatdown he and JustJoe gave me, if you can believe that. He wants $50.00 for enacting that hate crime upon my person, all because he claims to have been SAVING me from my Brony-ism.
I guess I just have to wait and see what happens when I don't pay...