September 7, 2013 - Eric vs Jeffie

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Trouble - The Greying Chill Of Autumn
Vista Chino - Carnation
Dr. Know - Slice Of Life
Doyle - Abominator
Tragedy - Dancing Queen
Zepparella - Dazed And Confused
Annihilator - One Falls, Two Rise
Primitive Man - Rags
Ministry - Punch In The Face
Gary Numan - Love Hurt Bleed
Red Fang - Blood Like Cream
Slutvomit - Morbid Priest (Of Hell)
Satyricon - Ageless Northern Spirit
Lord Dying - Dreams Of Mercy
Legion X - Black Metal
Fit For An Autopsy - Children Of The Corn Syrup
Conquest - Long Haired Country Boy
Kataklysm - Kill The Elite
The Mezmerist - Dead Ones Cry No More
Crossfaith - Hounds Of The Apocalypse
Gorguts - An Ocean Of Wisdom
DevilDriver - Gutted
Ashes of Ares - Punishment
Soulfly - Master Of Savagery
Leaders - Underdogs
Lilith Laying Down - Chosen Ones
Gemini Syndrome - Mourning Star
Kill The Precedent - Ghost Stories
Carcass - 316 L Grade Surgical Steel
A Band Of Orcs - Hall Of The Frozen Dead
Argus - Cast Out All Raging Spirits
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Warpledge
Recap by The Metal Wulf

Not much to speak of on this particular evening. The most interesting thing, outside of the usual kick-ass music, was a little contest that Jeffie and Eric Rodriguez (Ire Clad bassist and frequent co-host on The Last Exit For The Lost). 

Yep, throughout the evening Jeffie and Eric went head to head in assorted competitions such as arm wrestling, breath holding, and massage. I'm sure there were others as well, but I certainly can't remember them at the moment.
Now, to the untrained eye it may have seemed like Eric came out on top each time, but to be perfectly honest, Jeffie actually one each and every challenge. Eric may have pushed Jeffie's arm all the way to the table, but that wasn't the real goal of the challenge. In fact, the winner was the person who hit the floor the hardest.
Jeffie definitely got that win!
And although Eric may have held his breath longer, the real objective was to turn as deep a shade of purple as possible and pass out first. 
Once again, the round went to Jeffie!
Can't remember the objective of the massage challenge, but I'm pretty sure the win went to the one who creeped the rest of us out the most.
Winner: Jeffie!
Outside of that, I honestly can't remember much worth mentioning. In all honesty, my mind has probably blocked it out...or maybe Azkath's tampering with my brain did more damage than we originally thought...
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