July 20, 2013 - What's on Tim's iPod?

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Doyle - Abominator
Potential Threat - Rise Of The Apocalypse
Manegarm - Forged In Fire
Diamond Plate - Walking Backwards
Ares Kingdom - Without Warning
Ares Kingdom - Tooth And Nail

Black Tusk - In Days Of Woe
Karnivool - Aeons
Seven Witches - Stand Or Fall
Serianna - Snake Oil Salesman
Skiltron - The Swordmaker

DevilDriver - Ruthless
Born Of Osiris - Machine
We Came As Romans - I Am Free
Soul Embraced - Like A Corpse
Erimha - Bewildering Nightmare

Amon Amarth - Burning Anvil Of Steel
Lord Dying - Summoning The Faithless
Chthonic - Rage Of My Sword
All Hail The Yeti - After The Great Fire
Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol

Heretic - Whitechapel
Heretic - Enemy Within
Havok - Chasing The Edge
Battlecross - Flesh & Bone
Newsted - Nocturnus
Trouble - The Broken Have Spoken

Diamond Plate - Rainmaker
Mercenary - Through Our Darkest Days
True Widow - Numb Hand
Damien Deadson - All Hail The Great Destroyer
Butcher Babies - Dead Poet

Mercia - Olmek The Usurper
Nihilist - Terminus
The Burial - Itching Ears
Annihilator - Phantasmagoria
Sword - Stoned Again

Max Havoc - I'm The Show
Witch Cross - Bird Of Prey
Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals - Bedroom Destroyer
Screamer - Demon Rider

Deadlock - The Final Storm
volto! - Whopner
Spirits Of The Dead - Wheels Of The World
Jorn - Traveller

Ares Kingdom - The Captive
Recap by The Metal Wulf
Truth is, I don't really remember too much about what happened on the night of the 19th.
I mean, I do remember Rick and Josh discussing Mayhem Fest at Darien Lake, where they were able to not only interview a member of Battlecross, but they also got to talk to two members of Butcher Babies. Pretty cool if ya ask me! 
Above and beyond that...It's kinda blurry...

I remember Tim Binder returning that night, as he does during the summer months. And I remember Joe going through Tim's Ipod, discovering the horrors that lied within. Not to say that all of the music in Tim's Ipod sucks, but some of it...more than a few bands, quite frankly...
Did I mention that we really do like Tim?
Okay, far be it from me to knock another person's musical tastes. Let's face it, I've been told my tastes suck more than a few times over my four years on the show. Kinda used to it. I generally just like to leave it that we all liike what we like, even if it's not hard rock or metal.
(Hillary Duff? WTF?)
It's all good, really!
But, yeah, I do remember Tim's balls getting busted pretty harshly regarding the contents of that Ipod...
What I DON'T remember is saying that Jackyl was the greatest band ever, and all other bands fell short in comparison. But...apparently I made some statements that suggested just that...
Yup, seems that I stated that Jackyl were the only perfect band, making them awesome, and there was no other band in the world that even came close to that awesomeness.
And yet...I don't remember saying a word of it...weird...