May 25, 2013 - Jeffie wants to get Paid

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Alice In Chains - Breath On A window
U.D.O. - Never Cross My Way
Doctor Butcher - Season Of The Witch
Zed - Killing Machine

Megadeth - Kingmaker
Queensryche - Where Dreams Go To Die
Black Star Riders - Kingdom Of The Lost
Feed Her To The Sharks - Buried Alive

Spater - Here & Gone
Spirits Of The Dead - Red Death
Havok - Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me Death
Witch Cross - Axe To Grind
The Black Dahlia Murder - Raped In Hatred By Vines Of Thorn

Spater - Pummeled
Corrosion Of Conformity - Tell Me
Disfigured Dead - Cauterized
Kylesa - Long Gone
Thinning The Herd - Sludge
Horseface - Drown (The Siren Song)
Tormented - Funeral Fire

Alice In Chains - Stone
A Pale Horse Named Death - Devil Came With A Smile
Howl - Your Hell Begins
Dio - Like The Beat Of A Heart
Blinded By Faith - Shrivilled wings
Kings Destroy - A Time Of Hunting

HateFX - Play It By Fear
Lacrimas Profundere - Head Held High
Pamela Moore - Desperate By Design
Tristania - Cathedral
Anvil - Fire At Will
Lowkey - Devastation
Satan - Cenotaph
Morgengrau - The White Death

Ire Clad - God Of War
Queens Of The Stoneage - My God Is The Sun
Demon Lung - Hex Mark
The Isotopes - Odd Particle
Gama Bomb - Wrecking Ball
Meth Leppard - Rock N Roll Relapse

The Monolith Deathcult - s.A.D.M.
My Dying Bride - Only Tears To Remember
Black Cowgirl - Roadmaster
Orchid - Nomad
Kadaver - Doomsday Machine

The Organization - Bringer
Immolation - God Complex
Eviction - Struggle With Society
Svartcrown - Genesis Architect
Recap by the Metal Wulf
Anyhoo, we'd previously left off anticipating Finger Lakes MetalFest, which we once again got to emcee on May 18 at Donselaar's in Clyde.


I know, I've said this the past two years running, but it always bears repeating: It's an HONOR to be part of this every year, we can't possibly thank Dave and the rest of Spater enough for allowing us to intoduce the bands, and it's always a good time.

This year's line-up was one of the best in recent memory, not that any have been bad by any stretch. And I've also gotta say, overall, this year's turnout seemed to be better than other years as well, as more people are attempting to come out and hang for at least a couple of hours, if not for the whole event. That just makes me all the more excited for future editions of MetalFest, and I know I speak for the rest of the guys when I say that we can't wait to come back next year!
This night also saw the return of Jeffie, who was really pushing his luck when you think about it. I mean, only a week earlier I had sworn vengeance on both him and JustJoe for the beatdown I'd been given at the end of our No Pants Day show.
In fact, that idiot had the audacity to suggest that I actually owe him money for SAVING me! Yeah, no shit, I OWE HIM MONEY! HAH!!! Yup, good ol' Jeffie is claiming that he "saved" me from my Brony-ism, and that I now owe him money for his services. Which is a load of crap, because if anyone is owed restitution, it's me, and I plan on receiving it, in huge quantities of flowing crimson... 
Truth is, his little game of "My Crotch, Your Face" is gonna turn into a round of "My Fist, Your Face". I even told him that I'd be glad to pay them both back. JustJoe will get paid back in Jeffie's blood, and Jeffie will get paid back in JustJoe's blood.
Hey, sounds fair to me! I even suggested juicing them with a wine press, just to be sure I got every little drop...