June 1, 2013 - Phone and Powder for Randy

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Cathedral - Tombs Of The Blind Dead
We Butter The Bread with Butter - 1000 Volt
Megadeth - Cold Sweat
Dagoba - Kiss Me, Kraken
Evile - A Sinister Call

Kadavar - Black Snake
Kylesa - Low Tide
Tony Martin - Bitter Sweet
Satan - Personal Demons
Burning Rain - My Lust Your Fate

Timo Tolkki's Avalon - Avalanche Anthem
Demom Lung - Binding Of The Witch
Immolation - Echoes Of Despair
Doctor Butcher - The Chair
Deathening - The Living Burn

The Black Dahlia Murder - Goat Of Departure
Autopsy - Arch Cadaver
Draugul - One Rode To Asa Bay
Trials - With Only Sorrow Now

Dio - Rainbow In The Dark
Clock Strikes XII - Enter In
Philip H Anselmo And The Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only
New Keepers Of The Water Towers - Visions of Death

Svartcrown - The Therapy Of Flesh
Faith No More - Woodpecker From Mars
Colossus - Transgressor
Orchid - Wizard Of War
F.K.U. - They Feed In The Dark
Sodom - My Final Bullet

ASG - Castlestorm
Attacker - The Hammer
Church Of Misery - All Hallow's Eve
Feed Her To The Sharks - Death's Design
Anvil - Call Of Duty

Spirits Of The Dead - Red Death
A Pale Horse Named Death - Shallow Grave
Queens Of The Stone Age - I Appear Missing
white Wizzard - Strike The Iron

Alice In Chains - Phantom Limb
J.A.C.K. - Atomic Puppets
Diamond Tyr - Restless One
Liquid Me - Wrong

Satan - Incantations
Retox - Soviet Reunion
C.O.C. - Rabid Dogs
C.O.C. - LS 

Recap by The Metal Wulf
This week, we saw the return of Steve Papagiorgio, which was cool, since we hardly ever see him anymore. Always good for a few laughs!
Joe actually seemed a little surprised that Steve and I were getting along as well as we were. Probably because of that whole lawsuit thing a couple year's back. All water under the bridge, though, it's all good! No hard feelings at all!
(Your check's in the mail, you damnable, infernal, blood-sucking leech...hope you blow it all on hookers and get herpes...)
A request for Celine Dion prompted a short musical interlude on my behalf. The beatdowns ensued almost immediately...no big surprise, there...
Azkath had returned to visit us, seemingly a little miffed over the whole Brony thing. In fact, he'd told me that I had a call from that guy again, regarding that stupid My Little Pony convention. I don't remember much about that call, except that my head hurt afterward...a lot...not to mention the bruising...
And to make the evening even worse, Azkath had gotten wind that I'd snuck in a rare cigarette (it really is unusual for me to light up these days, just every so often if the mood strikes me...), and he decided to freshen me up by dumping athlete's foot powder all over me...
And that was where we left things off...