November 7, 2014 - Randy and Ames

On this night, we capitalized on Randy's obsession with Ames, the department store he worked at in the 90's. Azkath eventually hypnotized him to think he was STILL working at Ames. I'm sure that won't cause problems in the future. 

From Randy. "There's also been a bit of fascination with my time working at Ames. Josh is so obsessed with it that he was actually looking up old training videos on YouTube to help me relive some of my glory days. Okay, admittedly, working in the Ames electronics department is the best job I've ever had! Nothing beats New Release Day, I'm tellin' you! That sense of satisfaction when you open the box of new release music and movies, pretty much having first dibs on all of's a GREAT feeling!"


Carcass "Livestock Marketplace"
Kontrust "Bulldozer"
Soen "Tabula Rasa"

** Static X **
Push It
Bled for Days
Kill Your Idols
Shadow Zone
This is Not
I'm with Stupid
The Trance is the Motion

Thanatos "Queen of Gore"
Sister Sin "Chaos Royale"
Order of the Dead "Crimson Tide"
Kiss "Shock Me (Live in Largo, MD 1977)"
Job for a Cowboy "The Stone Cross"

Psycroptic "Echoes to Come"
Riot "Land of the Rising Sun"
Toothgrinder "Reality Juggernaut"
Blue Snaggletooth "Silver Goddess"
At the Gates "Eater of Gods"

Cavalera Conspiracy "Father of Hate"
Unearth "Birth of a Legion"
Psychostick "Quack Kills"
The Acacia Strain "Bridgepainter"
As Blood Runs Black "An Oath"

Beyond Creation "Earthborn Evolution"
Bloodbath "Unite in Pain"
Obituary "Inked in Blood"
Obduktion "King of Terrors"
No Mercy "Master of No Mercy"

Slipknot "Sarcastrophe"
Vesania "Scar"
Exodus "Collateral Damage"
KMFDM "Respekt"
A Breach of Silence "Dead and Destroyed"

Amaranthe "Drop Dead Cynical"
Resistance "Purgatory"
Allen Lande "Lady of Winter"
Godflesh "Curse Us All"
Black Crown Initate "The Human Lie Manifest"

Bog Oak "The Ressurection of Animals"
Sanctuary "I Am Low"
Transport League "Demon Apparatus"
Apostle of Solitude "Blackest of Times"
Whore of Bethlehem "Detest the Belief"

Primus "Oompa Augustus"
Early Man "Full Bloom"
Convent Guilt "Convict at Arms"
Rammstein "Blut Vaults"
Texas Hippie Coalition "Bottom of the Bottle"

Cannibal Corpse "Kill or Become"
Northern Crown "A Perfectly Realized Torment"

Barrowlands "On Bent Boughs"


The Movie