April 9, 2011 - Scott Columbus Tribute

Recap by Randy, aka The Hoax Formerly Known As MetalWulf

This edition of the Onslaught saw us paying our respects to yet another too-soon-departed Brother Of Metal, this time Scott Columbus. Scott was the drummer for Manowar for many, many years, playing on all but two of their studio albums. This guy was a heavy hitter if there ever was one, and he complemented Manowar's musical style better than anybody else that sat behind the kit for them. To describe his sound as "thunderous" would be an understatement. In tribute, we dedicated a full hour of time to some of his finest work with Manowar, and you'll be able to see our selections once the playlist for this week is posted. I'd say we did Scott justice, all in all. He's gonna be sorely missed...

Really not a whole lot left to mention. Outside of our tribute to Scott, it was a relatively uneventful evening. There was some awkwardness in the early going, as Rick took over the board in Joe's absence. Seems our long-suffering host had gotten himself a dose of the 24-Hour Plague. All told, though, Rick came through with a minimum of difficulty. Wasn't his first time behind the wheel, and probably won't be the last! Josh was in the control room, sitting in Rick's usual spot, which became referred to as the "Rick-hole". You don't really need an overly dirty mind to guess where that line of thought went... Azkath arrived, and surprisingly didn't beat the snot out of me for my continued smoking habit. Although, there was the confession that I'd spent a lot of time during the week calling Joe and trying to sing Bon Jovi songs for him. I say "trying" because eventually Joe just stopped answering his phone. Wouldn't even go to his answering system after the first couple of days... Oddly enough, the whole urge to sing Bon Jovi when I smoked went away after the Demon arrived. Instead, I felt this uncontrollable need to hug somebody every time I wanted a cigarette. Strange... Even weirder is the urge I now have to go to Joe's and give him a hug whenever I have a craving for tobacco. Unfortunately, I now have no idea of how to find Joe. He's been in hiding since the first couple attempts at hugging him at home. Oh well, I've still got a few days before the next Onslaught, and if he's feeling better, he'll probably be there to receive a WHOLE WEEK'S worth of hugs!

Black Sabbath "After All (The Dead)"
Jag Panzer "Overlord"
David 'Roch' Fienstein "Kill the Demon"

Whitesnake "Whipping Boy Blues"
Them Crooked Vultures "New Fang"
Becoming the Archetype "Reflect / Retract"
Solace "King Alchohol"
Amon Amarth "Wrath of Norsemen"
Stone Soul Foundation "Electric Valley / Ain't No Mystery"

Manowar Tribute
- Outlaw
- All Men Play on 10
- Kill with Power
- Revelation (Death Angel)
- Defender
- Return of the Warlord
- Black Wind, Fire, and Steel
- Hail and Kill
- Blow Your Speakers
- Heart of Steel
- Gates of Valhalla

Moonsorrow "Huuto"
Spater "Agony"

Bane "Plague Upon Yourself"
Cavalera Conspiracy "Torture"
Kveltertak "Sultans of Satan"
Obscura "Celestial Spheres"
Amon Amarth "Balls to the Wall"
Crowbar "Liquid Sky & Cold Black Earth"

Between the Buried and Me "Augment of Rebirth"
Satan's Host "Fallen Angel"
Circus Grenade "Lost Ostrich Tragedy"
Suidakra "The Dark Mound"
Liquid Me "She Said"
Red Fang "Hank is Dead"

Manowar "Fighting the World - Live"
Of Wrath and Ruin "Lust and Love"
Sorrowseed "Golden Plague"
Evil Survives "Lords of Harmony"
Ana Kefr "Paedophilanthrope"
One-Eyed Doll "Battle On"
Wolf "Skull Crusher"
Crimfall "Storm Before the Calm"

The One Through Tens "Dying Blues"
Scorpions "Speedy's Coming - Live"
Armored Saint "Glory Hunter - Live"
B.R.A.S.H. "Man of Stone"
Amon Amarth "Aeriels"