October 31, 2014 - Halloween Show

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Alice Cooper "Keepin' Halloween Alive"
Cretin "It"
KMFDM "Brainwashed"
No Mercy "Waking the Dead"
Obituary "Minds of the World"

Iron Maiden "Wasted Years"
Slipknot "Skeptic"
Vesania "Disgrace"
Skelethal "Torn Apart"
Obduktion "Lordship of Superior"

Helloween "Halloween"
Crazy Lixx "Hell Raising Woman"
Cognition "Countdown"
Black Map "Stranger"
INC "Sainted Sinners"

Internal Bleeding "The Pageantry of Savagery"
Nocturnall "Fake Healers"
Panzer "Panzer"
Exodus "Honor Killings"
Malformed "Verminous Prison"

The Misfits "Halloween"
Resistance "The Gift of Inherit"
Amaranthe "Digital World"
A Breach of Silence "Lost at Sea"
Starkill "Be Dead or Die"

Riot "Unleash the Fire"
Allen Lande "Down from the Mountain"
Godflesh "Shut Me Down"
Astral Doors "Shadowchaser"
Devin Townsend Project "War Princess"

King Diamond "Halloween"
Sanctuary "Frozen"
Transport League "Snake Infested Swamp"
At the Gates "At War with Reality"
Apostle of Solitude "Die Vicar Die"
Order of the Dead "Sucking the Marrow"

Cannibal Corpse "Vector of Cruelty"
Ire Clad "God of War"
Northern Crown "Crystal Ball"
Cavalera Conspiracy "I, Barbarian"
Liv Kristine "Stronghold of Angels (featuring Doro Pesch)"

Megahertz "Zombieland"
Unearth "Birth of a Legion"
Blodhemn "Fandesvenn"
Convent Guilt "They Took Her Away"
Orange Goblin "Into the Arms of Morpheus"

Bog Oak "Planet Caravan"
As Blood Runs Black "Ground Zero"
Early Man "Black Rains are Falling"
Psychostick "Dogs Like Socks"
Rigor Mortis "Ancient Horror"

Hallows Eve "Hallows Eve (including Routine)"
Satan "Time to Die (live)"
Obituary "Back on Top"
Crumbsuckers "Super Tuesday - Live"
Bonecage "D.R.A.M."
Whore of Bethleham "Storm of Plague"
Beyond Creation "Theatrical Dilerium"

Alice Cooper "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)"