January 26, 2013 - Tim's Last Visit

Emperor-The Warriors of Modern Death
Corrosion of Conformity-Seven Days
Rush-The Twilight Zone
The Project Hate-We Watch in Silence as the Earth turns to Blood
Mercyful Fate-At the Sound of the Demon Bell
Down-New Orleans is a Dying Whore
Sepultura-Chaos B.C.
Swarm of Arrows-Damage Generator
Between the Buried and Me-Silent Flight Parliament
Hatebreed-Bitter Truth
"        "-Boundless(Time to Murder it)
The Acacia Strain-Doomblade
Daemonicus-We feast on your Flesh
Mothership-Cosmic Rain
Alpha Tiger-We Came from the Gutter
Illnath-Captain of the Seven Seas
Devourment-Fifty Ton War Machine
The Resistance-Rise from Treason
Cradle of Filth-Hell Awaits
Helloween-World of War
Holy Grail-Take it to the Grave
Xanthochroid-Blessed He with Boils
Nidingr-O Thou Empty God
Spiritus Mortis
Overtorture-The Coming Doom
Lightning Swords of Death-Cloven Sheilds
Gloria Morti-Our God is War
Zombified-Reign of Terror
Trust-Bosser Huit Hueres
Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats-I'm Here to Kill You
Upon Wings-Afterlife
G/Z/R-Seance Fiction
Dropkick Murphys-Rose Tattoo
Crashdiet-Snakes in Paradise
Flotsam and Jetsam-Rage
4arm-The Opressed
Mortillery-Feed the Fire
Trouble-Memory's Garden
Dio-Naked in the Rain
Diamond Head-The Prince
Ozzy-Over the Mountain
Down-Beautifully Depressed
Destruction-Legacy of the Past
Hellcannon-Resinous Infection
Disfigured Dead-God Forgives,I Don't
Wolcott Falls-Sculpture of Light
Recap by The Metal Wulf
Another quiet night on the show. Literally, it was just me, Rick, and Josh for a good portion of the show, as we eased ourselves into our new 10:00 p.m. time slot.  
Tim Binder joined us for a bit. In fact, this was actually his last visit with us for the foreseeable future, as he'll be making his way back to L.A. sometime in the coming week. We tried to talk him into staying at least long enough to go see Doro Pesch with us on the 8th of February, but no dice.Of course, it's not like he'll never return. I mean, really, it's only going to be a few flips of the calendar before he comes back to us, probably not more than half a dozen flips, to be precise.
As I'd said, it was a quiet night, with just the few of us, but that was fine, as it gave us a chance to focus more on the music as opposed to the silliness. Not that there was none of that, mind you. I mean, quite frankly, it was pretty damned cold that night. As a matter of fact, I'd have probably spent half the night shivering if it hadn't been the beginning of the full moon phase. Yep, a quick shift to Wulfie, and I was good as gold. Fur makes all the difference, I'm tellin' ya...
Not that there aren't disadvantages. Having a canine form kinda sucks when you need to use the facilities. In fact, I had to take a moment to head outdoors at one point, so I'll now take a moment to extend my apologies to whoever encountered my handiwork at the edge of the parking lot.
I really did try to cover it up the best I could...
For further silliness I shared a story about being Dutch-ovened by my cat.
True story, I'm sorry to say...
Mittens (my cat) had decided he wanted to come under the covers with me on Thursday night. He occasionally does this on the extremely cold nights, and there was a time when he'd stay underneath with me, usually curled up inside the bend of my knees, for the entire evening.Well, this time he only stayed under the covers for about five minutes, and then decided he wanted to get back out. Imagine my surprise when I lifter the sheet and blankets, only to get a direct nose-full of cat fart...
Yeah, thanks Mittens. I'm sure that was intentional, and considered payback for all the times when I let loose on you.Besides, I heard you as you jumped off the bed. It was clear as a bell, a distinct "meow", followed by kittie laughter...
So, not much else to share this week, really. I will say this, however. Next week is going to be a show you're not going to want to miss, as we'll have David Henninger from Spater on hand to announce the line-up for the 2013 edition of Finger Lakes MetalFest.
For those unfamiliar, Finger Lakes MetalFest is a long-running event that takes place at Donselaar's in Clyde, NY. This year the event falls on May 18, and will feature approximately 20 local and regional hard rock and metal acts, and The Metallic Onslaught have been emcees for the past few years.
It's always a great time, so we can't wait to hear from Dave and find out who will be performing this year!