October 27, 2012 - Halloween Show

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The Sword-Cloak of Feathers
Trouble-Memory's Garden
Badlands-Devil's Stomp
King Diamond-Halloween
Black Country Communion-The Giver
Kiss-Long Way Down
Alice in Chains-Godsmack
Witchcraft-Ghost House
Dream Theater-Dark Eternal Night
Between the Buried and me-Bloom / Melting City
Coheed and Cambria-Hollywood the Cracked
God Seed-From the Running of Blood
Cradle of Filth-The Abhorrent
Cradle of Filth-Hell Awaits
Advent Sorrow-Before the Dimming Light
Atrum Inritus-The Chains that Bind
Order of the Dead-Subversion
Burn Everything-Holy Diverticulitus
Hate Machine-Bring in the Butcher
Becoming the Archetype-I am
To the Deep-Medicate
King Diamond-Family Ghost
Savatage-Hall of the Moutain King
Kadavar-Creature of the Demon
Black Country Communion-Big Train
The Sword-Eyes of the Storm Witch
Misfits-Halloween 2
Kiss-Shout Mercy
Prong-Whose Fist is this Anyways

Until We Have Faces "You Bring the Pitchfork and I'll Bring a Prayer"
Mind Bomb "Barry White's Hell"

Max DeGroot "The Halloween Song"
Biters "Hallucination Generation"
Blood of the Sun "Can't Stop my Heart"
Deathbed "Half Past Years"
Heartist "Rhinestone"
Machine Head "Davidian - Live"

Devo Spice "PC Halloween"
Bloody Red Hearts "Good News"
Burning the Day "Buried Beneath"
Skrog "MK - Ultra"
Grand Supreme Blood Court "Behead the Defence"
Dino-Mike "Halloween Night"

Helloween "Halloween"

Dropkick Murphy's "Halloween"
Alice Cooper "Prince of Darkness"
Hallows Eve "Hallows Eve (Including Routine)"


Recap by The Metal Wulf

Rick was in control on this night, as Joe was in New Orleans.

Yes, it was official, he was actually there. No confusion for Jeffie, this time, as he once again made his way down south to find Joe. No clue as to whether or not he succeeded, but I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

Not sure how the early going of the show had played out, but with it being less than a week before Halloween, I'm sure there was an assortment of creepiness thrown in to get everybody in a festive mood!

Azkath and I had gotten there in time to hear Ken discussing that he wanted to hear some Barry White. Naturally I thought the guy was joking, considering the vast differnce in styles.

Still, I'd say it's far more likely to hear Barry White on our show than it would be to hear Barry Manilow...ugh...

To be perfectly honest, Ken DID get himself a small dose of Barry White, in the form of a song by a band called Mindbomb, which just so featured a cameo by the man himself.

So, there ya go, Ken. You can't say we've never done anything for you!

Josh's night was made as Azkath played "Halloween" by Helloween. For those who may be unaware, Helloween is one of his favorite bands, and to be completely honest, they're among my favorites as well. Too good of a song NOT to play, in celebration.

Honestly, that's as much as I remember. Tune in this Friday, as I'm sure there will be plenty for Joe to tell us of his experiences in New Orleans, and whether or not Jeffie actually found him down there. Should be interesting!