November 3, 2012 - What Did Joe do to Jeffie?

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Kamelot - Torn
Kiss - Take Me Down Below
Sweet Cheater - Dancin' On My Grave
Mob Rules - Ice & Fire

Manowar - Manowarriors
Quiet Riot - Cold Day In Hell
The Sword - The Hidden Masters
Triumph - Allied Forces

My Dying Bride - Kneel Till Doomsday
Kingdom Come - Can't Deny
Druid Lord - Gorgon Witch
Earthship - Iron Chest
Kreator - Wolfchild

Machine Head - Davidian
Graveyard - Slow Motion Countdown
Orden Ogan - To The End
Parkway Drive - Dream Run
Stolen Babies - Splatter
Neurosis - Bleeding The Pigs

Anthem - Evil One
Doro - Coldhearted Lover
All That Remains - Down Through The Ages
Over The Falls - Han Solo
God Seed - From The Running Of Blood
Kadavar - Creature Of The Demon
Down - Witchtripper

Maiden United - Prowler
Mammoth Mammoth - Weapon Of Mass Self Destruction
Cradle Of Filth - Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
Bison b.c. - An Old Friend
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Piled Up For The Scavengers

Incantation - The Hellions Genesis
VoiVod - Mechanical Mind
Vindicator - Fatal Infection
Early Graves - Pure Hell
Evocation - Well Of Despair

Black Country Communion - Dandelion
Morbid Angel - Brainstorm
Incubus - Battle Of Armageddon
Fozzy - God Pounds His Nails
One-Eyed Doll - Committed
Pig Destroyer - The Underground Man
Pig Destroyer - Eve

The Infrared Radiation Orchestra - Bed of Nails
Kiss - Last Chance
Atrum Inritus - The Chains That Bind
Fear - I Don't Care About You
While She sleeps - Until The Death
Acaro - Becoming The Process

The Pestilence Choir - Neon Black
Recap by The Metal Wulf
An early discussion focused on the band, Manowar, and their latest disc, The Lords Of Steel.

Now, the album had been released as a download back in June, not to mention the special edition that was released with the June issue of Metal Hammer. Well, the tracks have been remixed, and the actual CD will see the light of day later this month.

With that in mind, Joe played the track "Manowarriors" once again, and aside from sounding better musically, the song really hasn't benefitted much from the remix.

Seriously, no disrespect meant to any members of the band. It's just that, well...Joey's lyrics, especially when writing about heavy metal music or fans of his band...can be a little TOO cheesy...

Instrumentally, the songs can be amazing, but, I'm sorry, Joey can be a little hit and miss as a lyricist. I've heard some great things from him, and I've heard some utterly cringe-worthy stuff as well.

Honestly, I DO love Manowar, though. Just gotta call it the way I see it as a fan...

In a semi-related discussion, something was mentioned about all of us ending up in Hell someday, clad in loincloths and wielding swords, singing "Hail And Kill" for eternity.

Except for Lance, who will probably be singing Giuffria's "Call To Your Heart" as soon as he hits them Pearly Gates...

Hilarity ensued when it was revealed that my family had CB radios when I was younger. As I remember, it was the latter part of the 70's, and I would have been in the 11-13 age range. Don't know why this should be such a source of amusement, we actually met a lot of different people in that time frame, most of them pretty cool as I remember.

Joe also seemed to find a great deal of humor in the fact that my handle was Red Raven. What can I say, it seemed cool at the time.I'd like to take this moment, though, to stress that was "RED RAVEN" and not "RED ROCKET", as presumed by certain others involved with the show.

People have got dirty minds, I tell ya...

No Jeffie this week, which prompted Azkath to interrogate Joe a little bit. Joe seemed to have no clue as to Jeffie's whereabouts, claiming that he'd never actually seen Jeffie in New Orleans at all. So, the question remains...

What did Joe do to Jeffie?

I'm sure this discussion is far from over, and there will be some interesting stories forthcoming over the next couple of weeks.

As for other stories shared by Joe, well, they weren't really fit for discussion on the radio, if ya know what I mean...