November 24, 2012 - Randy's Xmas Annoucement

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Mammoth Mammoth - Bare Bones
Fozzy - God Pounds His Nails
Death - Low Life
Incubus - Beyond The Unknown

Kamelot - Ashes To Ashes
Overkill - Deny The Cross
Troubled Horse - As You Sow
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Curse In The Trees
Anthem - Ghost In The Frame

Triumph - When The Lights Go Down
Megadeth - Good Mourning/Black Friday
Paragon - Bulletstorm
Destruction - Princess Of The Night
Bloodbound - Bonebreaker
Agony Lords - The Tree Of The Hanged

Abhor - Beating A Dead Horse
Incite - Exposed
Aeon - Blessed By The Priest
Chthonic - Takao
This Divided World - Unconditional
Druid Lord - Witchfinder

Helloween - Burning Sun
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Behead The Defense
Soundgarden - Into The Void
Skalmold - Loki
Finsterforst - Stirbt Zuletzt

Maps Of War - Charon's Decree
Pig Destroyer - Deny Everything
Sacred Reich - War Pigs
Destruction - City Of Doom
Quiet Riot - Resurrection

Herder - Mundane Affairs
CJSS - Red Handed
Butcher Babies - Jesus Needs More Babies For His War Machine
Burnt Offering - Slaughterhouse Grizzle
Diamond Plate - At The Mountains Of Madness

T&N - It's Not Love
King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Kiss - Hell Or Hallelujah
Aerosmith - S.O.S. (Too Bad)
Black Country Communion - Confessor
Machine Head - Davidian

My Dying Bride - The Poorest Waltz
Graveyard - An Industry Of Murder
Warlock - Touch Of Evil
Mammoth Mammoth - Sitting Pretty
Corrosion Of Conformity - Strong Medicine Too Late
Earthship - Athena

Abhor - Murder King
Cryptopsy - Red-skinned Scapegoat

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard;

All in all, just a couple of points of interest to touch on, really.

There was a great deal of ball-busting about the possibility of me going to see Green Jelly this Friday night at The Bug Jar in Rochester.

Now, the deal with this show is that there is only one actual remaining member of Green Jelly. Vocalist Bill Manspeaker has actually been recruiting from city to city to fill out the remaining band, relying on local talent everywhere he goes. Actually, to me, that sounds pretty damned cool!

Still, it IS Green Jelly we're talking about here, not necessarily a band that was really meant to be taken seriously. But, keeping that in mind, I honestly thought their first album was hilarious. Well, better than half of it, anyway...

Anyhoo, my attitude toward this show is that, while it MAY suck, it most definitely will NOT be boring and might honestly be worth a laugh or two by the end of the night. We'll see how it goes, should I decide to attend...

Definitely had some weirdness goin' on, as Azkath made an announcement based on something I supposedly told him. Claims that I made him write this particular proclamation, which I can assure you certainly did NOT happen...

So, the deal here is, according to this announcement, I'm supposedly so depressed about the upcoming END OF THE WORLD (based on this misconstrued Mayan silliness...) and the fact that it's going to ruin a yearly Christmas ritual of mine.

This ritual apparently involves me doing the Pantsless Sata Dance, whatever the hell that is supposed to be...

I, Randy Smith, being of mind and body, have come to the conclusion that there will not be a Christmas this year. The world will end on the 21st of December and thus I will not be able to celebrate my typical Christmas tradition. Thus, this year I shall be celebrating this tradition at the end of the world, here on The Metallic Onslaught. You see, every Christmas day, at the end of the day, when I am alone and full of food and merryment, I perform the majestic rite of The Pantless Santa. Normally a private ceremony, but this year, due to the world ending, I will celebrate, here, at the Metallic Onslaught. with all of you.
Yup, no clue as to what this is about, and I can strongly assure all of our listeners that, despite any of my actions over the past couple of years on No Pants Day, there will be ABSOLUTELY NO Pantsless Santa Dance.

Relax folks, nothin' to worry about here. We might have ourselves an End Of The World show on that particular night, but it won't involve me running around without my pants!

To cap things off, Josh pulled something that nobody else had ever managed to do on the show, at least to my knowledge...

He fell asleep on the air!

But, thanks to Azkath, not for long...

Amazing how that boy can scream like a twelve year old with skinned knees, isn't it?