May 18, 2013 - Lowkey

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Dio - The Last In Line/Children Of The Sea/Holy Diver
Doctor Butcher - I Hate, You Hate, We All Hate!!
Howl - With A Blade
Nine Round - Solitary
Altars - Sent To Destroy

Lowkey - What Am I
White Wizzard - Torpedo Of Truth
Battle Beast - Fight, Kill, Die
Evile - Head Of The Demon

Lowkey - Get Burned
U.D.O. - Death Ride
Zed - Killing Machine
Demon Lung - Heathen Child
A Pale Horse Named Death - In The Sleeping Death

Lowkey - The Anthem
Stone Soul Foundation - Taking Back The U.S.
Horseface - Ten Crowns
Spater - Agony
Stygian - Unholy

Ire Clad - Sinnerstone
The Isotopes - A Major Rocker
Queens Of The Stoneage - If I Had A Tail
Dark Tranquillity - Endtime Hearts

Kings Destroy - Blood Of Recompense
M:Pire Of Evil - Kissing The Beast
M:Pire Of Evil - Blackened Are The Priests
Riot - Swords And Tequila
Blinded By Faith - Chernobyl Survivor
The Monolith Deathcult - Gods Amongst Insects

Helix - Rock You
Anvil - Hard Wired
Gama Bomb - Terrorscope
The Resistance - Eye For An Eye
Meth Leppard - Trial By Stone
Sodom - Cannibal
Amorphis - Mission
Venom - Die Hard

Pamela Moore - Desperate By Design
Sacred Mother Tongue - Demons
Evile - Tomb
Demon Lung - Binding Of The Witch

Enders Game - The Powers That Bleed
Second Empire - Paradox Nightmare

Sacred Steel - When The Siren Calls
Recap by The Metal Wulf

Mercia were originally scheduled to join us for a bit, but they're currently in the studio recording their next album, so we'll just have to catch up with them another time.
Matt and Sean from Lowkey, however, were on hand, and brought us up to speed with some things in their camp. Pretty much what you'd expect from them this time of year, hittin' up a lot of the local outdoor shindigs, with TrishStock coming up next. They've got a new disc to support, so you can expect to hear plenty of new tracks played live if you make it to a show. Something I highly recommend, by the way, always a good time!
Azkath joined us once again, and seemed highly miffed at my behavior on No Pants Day. 
Which is kinda weird, to be honest, because if somebody should be pissed, it's me...something I made decidedly clear in a little rant I made regarding the beating I took at the hands of Jeffie and JustJoe.
Yep, it's pretty sad when a person tries to come out of his shell, only to be reviled and treated with intolerance and violence. Josh even knew where I was going, as I accused Jeffie and JustJoe of enacting a hate crime on me.
I also swore vengeance on them both...
Above and beyond that, it was pretty much an evening of pumping ourselves up for Finger Lakes MetalFest, which was amazing, as always. The bands kicked ass and we seemed to have a really good turn-out, which gives some hope for next year being even bigger and better. 
Enough 'bout that for now, though, I'm pretty sure we'll have plenty to share on the next show!