May 18, 2013 - Lowkey

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Dio - The Last In Line/Children Of The Sea/Holy Diver
Doctor Butcher - I Hate, You Hate, We All Hate!!
Howl - With A Blade
Nine Round - Solitary
Altars - Sent To Destroy

Lowkey - What Am I
White Wizzard - Torpedo Of Truth
Battle Beast - Fight, Kill, Die
Evile - Head Of The Demon

Lowkey - Get Burned
U.D.O. - Death Ride
Zed - Killing Machine
Demon Lung - Heathen Child
A Pale Horse Named Death - In The Sleeping Death

Lowkey - The Anthem
Stone Soul Foundation - Taking Back The U.S.
Horseface - Ten Crowns
Spater - Agony
Stygian - Unholy

Ire Clad - Sinnerstone
The Isotopes - A Major Rocker
Queens Of The Stoneage - If I Had A Tail
Dark Tranquillity - Endtime Hearts

Kings Destroy - Blood Of Recompense
M:Pire Of Evil - Kissing The Beast
M:Pire Of Evil - Blackened Are The Priests
Riot - Swords And Tequila
Blinded By Faith - Chernobyl Survivor
The Monolith Deathcult - Gods Amongst Insects

Helix - Rock You
Anvil - Hard Wired
Gama Bomb - Terrorscope
The Resistance - Eye For An Eye
Meth Leppard - Trial By Stone
Sodom - Cannibal
Amorphis - Mission
Venom - Die Hard

Pamela Moore - Desperate By Design
Sacred Mother Tongue - Demons
Evile - Tomb
Demon Lung - Binding Of The Witch

Enders Game - The Powers That Bleed
Second Empire - Paradox Nightmare

Sacred Steel - When The Siren Calls
Recap by The Metal Wulf

Mercia were originally scheduled to join us for a bit, but they're currently in the studio recording their next album, so we'll just have to catch up with them another time.
Matt and Sean from Lowkey, however, were on hand, and brought us up to speed with some things in their camp. Pretty much what you'd expect from them this time of year, hittin' up a lot of the local outdoor shindigs, with TrishStock coming up next. They've got a new disc to support, so you can expect to hear plenty of new tracks played live if you make it to a show. Something I highly recommend, by the way, always a good time!
Azkath joined us once again, and seemed highly miffed at my behavior on No Pants Day. 
Which is kinda weird, to be honest, because if somebody should be pissed, it's me...something I made decidedly clear in a little rant I made regarding the beating I took at the hands of Jeffie and JustJoe.
Yep, it's pretty sad when a person tries to come out of his shell, only to be reviled and treated with intolerance and violence. Josh even knew where I was going, as I accused Jeffie and JustJoe of enacting a hate crime on me.
I also swore vengeance on them both...
Above and beyond that, it was pretty much an evening of pumping ourselves up for Finger Lakes MetalFest, which was amazing, as always. The bands kicked ass and we seemed to have a really good turn-out, which gives some hope for next year being even bigger and better. 
Enough 'bout that for now, though, I'm pretty sure we'll have plenty to share on the next show!


May 11, 2013 - Don Weeks and Disfigured Dead

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Venom - Don't Burn The Witch
Altars - Sent To Destroy
Sodom - Invocating The Demons
Anciients - Raise The Sun
Kobra And The Lotus - No Rest For The Wicked

Gama Bomb - Legend Of Speed
M:Pire Of Evil - Carniverous
Masters Of Metal - Evolution Of Being
Zed - Rain
Howl - Your Hell Begins

Proselyte - Whiskey Catharsis
Anvil - Call Of Duty
Black Cowgirl - Dead Horse
Immolation - The Great Sleep
My Dying Bride - A Pale Shroud Of Longing

Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked
Negator - Atonement In Blood
Soulless - The Crippler
Meth Leppard - White Mountain Magic
Zip-Tie Handcuffs - Big Heads Small Hands
Ark Of The Covenant - Parasite

Pamela Moore - We Are Damaged
Avantasia - Invoke The Machine
Potential Threat - Destroy And Dominate
Vehement Serenade - Skeletal Remains
Amorphis - Into The Abyss
Ghost B.c. - Year Zero
Atrocity - When Empires Fall To Dust

Deep Purple - Vincent Price
Vicious Rumors - Strange Ways
Orchid - Wizard Of War
Death Dealer - Curse Of The Heretic
Black Water Rising - Show No Mercy
Kings Destroy - The Toe
Kadaver - Dust

The Monolith Deathcult - Human Wave Attack
Woe - Exhausted
Cathedral - Pallbearer
Wolcott Falls - Walking To The Edge
Pushmen - Child From Chaos
F.K.U. - Black Hole Hell
The Resistance - Warmonger
Recap by The Metal Wulf

This past Friday night brought Don Weeks to the studio. Don was the guy who originally hosted our show back in the eighties, and in fact I'm pretty sure is the person who gave our show it's name. He now travels the world as a lighting technician for an assortment of bands, most recently having gone out on tour with Yes.
The man's got a TON of road stories, some of them pretty damned hilarious, which he shared on and off the air. We're hoping to perhaps get him back for a visit, maybe a little later on during the summer.

And, as we continue to close the gap leading up to Finger Lakes Metal Fest (just four days away, as of this writing), Disfigured Dead's Kyle Kratzer (drummer/vocalist) joined us to bring us up to speed with happenings in his camp.
He's definitely pumped for playing Metal Fest, and they've also got a string of tour dates that will be taking them to Las Vegas in the coming months, so I'd say things are going pretty well at this juncture. Can't wait to see what they bring to the table on Saturday!

April 27, 2013 - Horseface and Stygian Visit

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Amorphis - Hopeless Days 

Avantasia - Black Orchid 
Cathedral - Infestation Of Grey Death 
Howl - Down So Low 
Deep Purple - Blood From A Stone 
Ghost B.c. - Monstrance Clock 
Ark Of The Covenant - Parasite 
Vision Of Disorder - Colorblind 
Potential Threat - Written In Blood 
Killswitch Engage - No End In Sight 
Starkill - Immortal Hunt 
Arsis - Handbook For The Recently Deceased 
Stygian - Unholy 
Horseface - Ten Crowns 
Dust - From A Dry Camel 
Ugly Kid Joe - Devil's Paradise 
Skid Row - Let's Go 
Scanner - Across The Universe 
Stygian - Bloodlines 
Spater - Hot Rod Demon 
Horseface - Passion 
Queensryche - I Don't Believe In Love 
Russkaja - Barada 
Dead Horse Trauma - The Head Of The Snake 
Stygian - Sovereign 
Spater - Agony 
Horseface - Drown (The Siren Song) 
Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods 
Megadeth - Super Collider 
Mindless Self Indulgence - It Gets Worse 
Terror - Live By The Code 
Anciients - Built To Die 
Woe - Ceaseless Jaws 
Sodom - Into The skies Of War 
War & Peace - Snake Eyes 
Anvil - 666 
Anvil - Eat Your Words 
M:Pire Of Evil - Kissing The Beast 
Kadaver - Black Snake 
Gama Bomb - Metal Idiot 
Pushmen - Born Again Too Late 
While She Sleeps - Until The Death 
Dead Awaken - Venom OfThe Population 
Sacred Mother Tongue - Bird In Hand 
Spiritual Beggars - Kingmaker 
Kvelertak - Trepan 
Avenger Of Blood - Centuries Of Hell 
Suicidal Tendencies - smash It! 
Owl - Taking Over 
Recap by The Metal Wulf

Fairly uneventful evening all told. David Henninger from Spater dropped by for more promotion of Finger Lakes Metal Fest. Yeah, time is flying, as of this writing the event is just a hair over two weeks away. Doesn't seem possible, but there ya have it!
Also on the Metal Fest end of things, we had Jesse Halstead, who will be singing for two bands at MetalFest this year. He'll be fronting his long-time band HorseFace, who will also be officially releasing their new CD ("Army Of Swine") that very day. He'll also be fronting Stygian, coming full circle from a year ago when that band asked him to be their vocalist following THAT Metal Fest.
Crazy how things happen, huh? Oh, and Stygian will have new music available, as well, to my understanding.

Azkath was also on hand, and proceeded to pummel me senseless when I'd admitted to liking The London Quireboys. Seems one of their songs had come up as a bullet on one of his Russian Roulette shows on The Last Exit For The Lost, and he had to rub it in my face....not to mention beat the snot out of me when I refused to denounce them...
Sorry, love that first album ("A Bit Of What You Fancy"), even 23 years after it's release. I've even done an edition of Randy's Rants talking about this whole debacle, so keep your eyes open on the ol' YouTube channel. I hope to have the latest clip up very soon.


Outside of that, the only really notable events occurred later in the evening. We've had a television in the Stupid Room for awhile, and Josh had been watching some basketball in between talk breaks. After it was all said and done, Eric from Ire Clad turned it to the Disney Channel...and subject us to an hour and a half of some of the lamest programming I've ever seen.
No beef against Disney, mind you. I mean, truth be told, if I had a choice, I'll always go with Warner Bros. and Looney Tunes over anything Walt ever concocted, but hey, it's still fun on occasion to take in some Disney animation.
But their other shows suck. Case in point, this thing that Eric was watching called "Good Luck Charlie"...god-awful...freakin' terrible...
Eric went on to describe to us his dream of recording an album of Demi Lovato covers, only giving it the extreme metal know, blast beats and such...and if that doesn't scare you, I'm pretty sure he mentioned an interest in doing something similar with the Lady GaGa catalog...
Utterly terrifying...

So, with all that being said, our next show will be No Pants Day. I think that pretty much says it all. Bunch of goofs running around in their boxers, maybe some ladies in their undies as well, you never know.
One thing that won't be making an appearance this year, though, is anything resembling a damned Bronie! Ain't happenin', not on my watch!

April 20, 2013 - Spater, Ire Clad, and Stone Soul Foundation

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Dust - Chasing Ladies 

Skid Row - Kings Of Demolition 
Jungle Rot - Blind Devotion 
MPire Of Evil - Temples Of Ice 
Gama Bomb - Beverly Hill Robocop 
Potential Threat SF - In For The Kill 
Kadavar - Doomsday Machine 
Memory Garden - Country Girl 
Silent Knight - Prophets Of War 
Sodom - Invokating The Demons 
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Poison Apple 
Stone Soul Foundation - Taking Back The U.S. 
Spater - Pummeled 
The Black Dahlia Murder - Into The Everblack 
Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks - Curse Of The Poltergeists 
Kobra And The Lotus - Forever One 
Horseface - The Nile 
Arsis - Sunglasses At Night 
Hellbound - Blood Preacher 
Queensryche - Empire 
Beatallica - I Saw Her Standing There 
Black Sabbath - God Is Dead? 
Anvil - Eat Your Words 
Black Pyramid - Bleed Out 
Anciients - Flood And Fire 
Ire Clad - Force It Down 
Septekh - Cursing The Skies 
Dead Awaken - Kingdom Of Damnation 
Sacred Mother Tongue - Pawn 
Pushmen - Blaze Some More Hate 
Nebulous - Aggregating Powers 
Y&T - Barroom Boogie 
Ghost B.C. - Ghuleh/Zombie Queen 
ADE - Duelling The shadow Of Spartacus 
Spiritual Beggars - Wise As A Serpent 
Kvelertak - Nekrokosmos 
Birth A.D. - Parasites Die 
Whitechapel - Alone In The Morgue 
Starkill - Immortal Hunt 
Suicidal Tendencies - Slam City 
Blind Illusion - Blood Shower 
Pestilence - Deify Thy Master 
Skyclad - Halo Of Flies 
Panic - Black Feather Shake 
Morgoth - Female Infanticide 
Dark Angel - Leave Scars 
Scanner - Grapes Of Fear 
Killswitch Engage - Beyond The Flames 
Killswitch Engage - The New Awakening 

Recap by The Metal Wulf
We had representation from three of the bands who will be playing at this year's edition of Finger Lakes Metal Fest. 
So not only did we have Dave and Terry from Spater on board, but we had all of the guys from Stone Soul Foundation on hand, as well. This was the first time we've seen them since late last summer, and they were kind enough to let us play a new track, which they will be making a video for, called "Taking Back The U.S." Looking forward to seeing it once it's ready to go! 
And, for the record, this will be their first ever appearance at Metal Fest, so if you've never seen them, get your asses to Donselaar's on May 18 and check them out. Well worth it!
Eric Rodriguez from Ire Clad was also on hand. Ire Clad is also appearing at Metal Fest for the first time, and they're another band that I personally can't recommend strongly enough. 
Eric was actually attempting to give away tickets to another show that they're playing, in this playing along with Polka Dot Cadaver and some other greats in Watkins Glen this Saturday night.
Needless to say, Eric demonstrated some...interesting...methods of motivating people to call. He actually suggested he'd have sex at the show with whoever called in for the tickets. 
Honestly, I probably shouldn't share some of the things that he was suggesting off the air...
I should also probably mention that Josh has learned to run away when people attempt to tickle him. This is a great step forward for him, to be honest, so I'm thinking in the future we may not be seeing quite as much of the "fainting goat" effect.
Time will tell!
Anyhoo, next show will feature members of both HorseFace and Stygian, and I'm pretty sure both sides are pretty pumped for this year's event! Tune in and check it out!


February 2, 2013 - Randy's Withdrawal...

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    Circle II Circle - Never Gonna Stop
Angel - Long Time
Hatriot - Heroes Of Origin
Death Wolf - Snake Mountain

Ghost - Secular Haze
The Beards - Beard Related Song #38
Killswitch Engage - In Due Time
Mothership - Comic Rain
Local H - 2112 Overture/Temples Of Syrinx

Spater - Brady Bunch
Alice In Chains - Hollow
Newsted - Soldierhead
Clutch - Earth Rocker

Spater - Agony
Butthole Surfers - The Hurdy Gurdy Man
Sons Of Aeon - Cold Waves
Maelstrom - Predestined
Soothsayer - Back To Evil
Psychothermia - The Fight
Hatebreed - Honor Never Dies

Joe Carpenter - Country Girl
Grand Prix - Shout
Powermad - Nice Dreams
Ancient VVisdom - Deathlike
Heaven's Basement - Executioner's Day

Slammer - Hunt You Down
Cold Steel - Ashes To Ashes
Seplophile - Quarantine
Satanic Threat - Small God Big Cross
Evil Army - Ashes Of The Nuclear Fire
Spiritus Mortis - The Mighty One
The Modern Age Of Slavery - Arise

Bornholm - Valhalla
Hexen - Private Hell
Shai Hulud - Monumental Graves
Dreamshade - Consumed Future
Mutiny Within - Falls To Pieces

Hate - Hatchhammer
Flame - Rain
Riotor - Nuclear Solution
Reanimator - The Desolator
vatican - Hope
Dynasty - Death Solution
Those Who Fear - Daggermouth
Point Blank Rage - Paranoid Fist

Mustach - Never Too Late
Cry Wolf - Road To Ruin
Deathrow - The Deathwish
The Bronx - Youth Wasted
Spinal Tap - Break Like The Wind

The Beards - Got Me A Beard   
Recap by The Metal Wulf
So, the main order of business on this evening was the announcement of the confirmed bands for this year's edition of Finger Lakes MetalFest. Spater's Dave Henninger was on hand, as always, to make the announcement, and here is the standing list of confirmed bands for the show:
Spater, Stone Soul Foundation, Lowkey, Steel Kingdom, Mercia, Poetry In Black, Abhor, Stygian, Cassidy Has Cholera, Dawn Of The Apocalypse, Concrete Slacks, Ire Clad, Disfigured Dead, HorseFace, Tonight We Feed, and Ripped Apart.

Two more bands are still to be announced, for a total of 18 bands as opposed to 20, but we're still looking at hours of awesome music on two stages, and it will be emceed by the Metallic Onslaught. Still going to be a blast, I guarantee it!
Moving along...
MetalFest isn't the only big event slowly approaching as we get closer to May. We're actually just a hair under three months away from No Pants Day. A brief discussion regarding that pretty much cemented the conclusion that this year it's going to be known as MORE Pants Day, at least as far as I'm concerned. 
Okay, I understand the concern. I pretty much have traumatized them for two years running. Don't believe me, I'll be happy to provide some YouTube links for ya. 
Still, it's not that big of a deal. I'm pretty sure I can sit this year out, I'll wear jeans if I have to, or just a pair of shorts. No boxers or man-kini's for me this year, I promise! 
Joe had returned to us from his vacation in Florida. I'm sure he was just thrilled to come back from a week of watching dolphins frolicking to temperatures in the single digits...
No Jeffie, though, which brought up the question of what did Joe do to him this time? I mean, Joe insists that there was no Jeffie on this trip, but then he said the same thing about New Orleans, before he admitted to pushing Jeffie into a gator-filled swamp.
Personally, I don't see where this is a problem. I'm actually picturing a fishing boat with a large chum bucket filled with Jeffie pieces, being used to bait sharks...
I LIKE that image!
Confusion ensued when Seriah Azkath suddenly went on about his tongue burning. Turns out he'd popped a breath strip into his mouth, and it ended up on the tip of the tongue instead of the middle.
Of course, the tip is always more sensitive...
(Yeah, we had a HUGE laugh over that while we were off the air...)
Well, next thing you know, we were all trying breath strips, and oddly enough Azkath, Josh, and myself were experiencing some crazy, trippy side effects. Yeah, things got nuts, to say the least...
Then there was the crash. Yup, we came down pretty hard, headaches all around, craving more strips.
As a matter of fact, Azkath insisted that he didn't have any more, and had actually taken the very last three.
But during the final talk break, he ended up consuming four more!
Needless to say, I'd gone insane from withdrawal, and proceeded to pursue him throughout the studio, more or less out for blood if I couldn't get breath strips... 
And that was pretty much how the evening concluded!
So, the next installment looks like it's going to be just Rick and Joe, along with guests Sanjuro Fields. Hell of a band and a very cool bunch of guys, by the way. Be sure to tune in!
As for Azkath, Arydaea, Josh, and myself, we'll be in Rochester that night to see Doro Pesch at the Montage! I've waited a loooong damned time to see this lady play live, and I'm not missing it for the world! 
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