May 11, 2013 - Don Weeks and Disfigured Dead

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Venom - Don't Burn The Witch
Altars - Sent To Destroy
Sodom - Invocating The Demons
Anciients - Raise The Sun
Kobra And The Lotus - No Rest For The Wicked

Gama Bomb - Legend Of Speed
M:Pire Of Evil - Carniverous
Masters Of Metal - Evolution Of Being
Zed - Rain
Howl - Your Hell Begins

Proselyte - Whiskey Catharsis
Anvil - Call Of Duty
Black Cowgirl - Dead Horse
Immolation - The Great Sleep
My Dying Bride - A Pale Shroud Of Longing

Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked
Negator - Atonement In Blood
Soulless - The Crippler
Meth Leppard - White Mountain Magic
Zip-Tie Handcuffs - Big Heads Small Hands
Ark Of The Covenant - Parasite

Pamela Moore - We Are Damaged
Avantasia - Invoke The Machine
Potential Threat - Destroy And Dominate
Vehement Serenade - Skeletal Remains
Amorphis - Into The Abyss
Ghost B.c. - Year Zero
Atrocity - When Empires Fall To Dust

Deep Purple - Vincent Price
Vicious Rumors - Strange Ways
Orchid - Wizard Of War
Death Dealer - Curse Of The Heretic
Black Water Rising - Show No Mercy
Kings Destroy - The Toe
Kadaver - Dust

The Monolith Deathcult - Human Wave Attack
Woe - Exhausted
Cathedral - Pallbearer
Wolcott Falls - Walking To The Edge
Pushmen - Child From Chaos
F.K.U. - Black Hole Hell
The Resistance - Warmonger
Recap by The Metal Wulf

This past Friday night brought Don Weeks to the studio. Don was the guy who originally hosted our show back in the eighties, and in fact I'm pretty sure is the person who gave our show it's name. He now travels the world as a lighting technician for an assortment of bands, most recently having gone out on tour with Yes.
The man's got a TON of road stories, some of them pretty damned hilarious, which he shared on and off the air. We're hoping to perhaps get him back for a visit, maybe a little later on during the summer.

And, as we continue to close the gap leading up to Finger Lakes Metal Fest (just four days away, as of this writing), Disfigured Dead's Kyle Kratzer (drummer/vocalist) joined us to bring us up to speed with happenings in his camp.
He's definitely pumped for playing Metal Fest, and they've also got a string of tour dates that will be taking them to Las Vegas in the coming months, so I'd say things are going pretty well at this juncture. Can't wait to see what they bring to the table on Saturday!