August 24, 2013 - Randy comes to a Decision

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Paradise Lost - Forging Sympathy
Babayaga - Haggard
Lord Dying - Descend Into External
Newsted - Soldierhead

Annihilator - Deadlock
Annihilator - Alison Hell
Annihilator - Word Salad
David "Rock" Feinstein - Here Comes The Night
Trouble - Hunters Of Doom

Activator - Bedside Manor
Fates Warning - Firefly
Horseback - Broken Orb
Onslaught - Children Of The Sand
Gretchen Menn - Scrap Metal

The Winery Dogs - Six Feet Deeper
Vista Chino - Sweet Remain
Nekrogoblikon - Nothing But Crickets
Tyr - Hel Hath No Fury
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Warpledge
Scythe - Nights Of Terror

Leaders - Walkers
Argus - Four Candles Burning
Born Of Osiris - The Origin
DevilDriver - Back Down To The Grave
Death Hawks - Blind Daughter Of Death
Primitive Man - Black Smoke

Duskmachine - Bloodshed
Soundgarden - Into The Void
Chimaira - Spineless
Watain - The Wild Hunt
Temple Of Thieves - Mr. Hixx
Doyle - Headhunter
Spirits Of The Dead - Wheels Of The World

Metal - Fighting For Metal
End Of Green - Final Resistance
Terrifier - Metal Of Death
Pathology - Empire
O'Brother - Disillusion

Emblazoned - Bound By Eternal Penance
Counterparts - Ghost
Norma Jean - Sword In Mouth, Fire Eyes
Dream Death - Them
We Butter The Bread With Butter - Pyroman & Astronaut
Leaders - Nightmares

Stryper - No More Hell To Pay
Rubicon Cross - Bleed With Me
Fit For An Autopsy - Still We Destroy
Recap by The Metal Wulf
Don Weeks had once again joined us in the studio, fresh from his latest leg of the Yes tour. For those who may not remember, Don was a host of the show many years ago, before it was even the Metallic Onslaught, and is now a lighting technician. Always cool to have him on, as he's always got some fun stories to share.
We briefly discussed our trip to Ithaca to see The Rods perform at The Haunt. They hadn't played locally in quite some time, actually, so it was really cool to get down there and check them out once again. 
And to add to the fun, we even paid a visit to The Last Exit For The Lost later in the evening, since we were in the area anyway. Bear in mind, this is only the second time in almost two and a half years that ALL of us made it down there. 'Tis a rare occurrence, to be sure. Anyhow, for those who missed out listening to the show that night, there's some video clips accessible through The Last Exit's website. You'll get to see BILL!!! receiving a birthday lapdance from Porno Joe (with me caught amidst the chaos...), and you'll get to hear me and JustJoe singing Happy Bill weeps.
It's pretty damned funny, to be honest...
Jeffie joined us again, much to our dismay. He was commenting on how much he misses his llamas. Now, for those who have no blooming idea of where the llamas came from...let's just say, back in the days when I was still PRETENDING to be a werewolf (you know, before Jeffie cloned my dead body and threw some wolf DNA into the mix, making me a REAL werewolf...), Jeffie had some llamas roaming the studio during a special interview segment. And I ate them...
And it wasn't just me, Arydaea Insanity was all over those fuzzy critters as well. It was a fucking BLOOD BATH. I mean, we were literally plastered in plasma. Kinda gross in retrospect, especially when you consider that I wasn't really a werewolf at that time... 
But, yeah, he was missing his llamas, not that there was much we could do about it. Really didn't feel sorry for him...
The evening concluded with me dropping a huge bombshell. Truth is, this is quite likely going to have serious repercussions in the future, but I really feel I had no choice.
I mean, I thought long and hard about things over the past few months, and I've come to the conclusion that Jeffie is right. He saved me back on No Pants Day from being a Brony. My salvation came as a direct result of the beating and humiliation I suffered at the hands of Jeffie and JustJoe, and as a result, I have now accepted Jeffie as my personal Lord and Savior.
Yep, you read that right...


June 15, 2013 - Don Weeks Returns...

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Kiss - Hell Or Hallelujah
Metal Church - Battlions
Evile - Outsider
Children Of Bodom - Damaged Beyond Repair
Burning Rain - Out In The Cold Again

Sanctuary - Taste Revenge
Into The Flood - Faitheater
Spirits Of The Dead - Seaweed
Amon Amarth - Blood Eagle
Jorn - Carry The Black
Tony Martin - Raising Hell

Black Sabbath - Damaged Soul
Tank - Crawl Back Into Your Hole
Queens Of The Stone Age - Smooth Sailing
Ire Clad - God Of War

Duskmachine - Endless/Feel No Pain
Kalmah - Wolves On The Throne
Eklipse - Mumbai-Theme (Theme From "Bombay")
We Came As Romans - Tracing Back Roots
August Burns Red - Spirit Breaker

Satan - Cenotaph
Dio - Electra
A Pale Horse Named Death - Killer By Night
Megadeth - Kingmaker
The Quill - Death Valley
Anvil - The Fight Is Never Won

Zed - Skin And Bones
Liege Lord - Broken Wasteland
U.D.O. - Steelhhammer
Disfigured Dead - Cauterized
Deathpoint - Sinister
Better Left Unsaid - Exile The Rightous
Alice In Chains - Pretty Done

Demon Lung - A Decade Twice Over A Day
Pasadena Napalm Division - Spell It Out
Gama Bomb - Backwards Bible
Saxon - Crusader
Overkill - Long Time Dyin'
Monolith Deathcult - S.A.D.M.
Thinning The Herd - Sludge

Beyond - Fatal Power Of Death
Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals - Usurper's Bastard Rant
A Sound Of Thunder - My Disease
Recap by The Metal Wulf

So, Don Weeks had returned from South America, where he'd been touring with Yes. I may have mentioned that he does lighting for numerous bands and/or projects around the state/country/world. Oh, he was also the original host of what was to become the Metallic Onslaught, in case folks had forgotten that, as well!

In the early going of the show it was actually just Joe and I with Don, as Rick and Josh had taken in some local music in Rochester before heading out for our show.
Had a cool discussion regarding the new release from Black Sabbath. Lotta buzz about this disc, and not all of it is very good. Folks have highly mixed feelings, as some seem to love it, and others seem very disappointed.
Personally, I don't hate the disc. I certainly think there are some flaws, not the least of which is Tony Iommi's guitar just not sounding like what we've come to expect. And it's not just me who's noticed it, others have mentioned it as well. And Ozzy's vocals aren't his best work, either. Kinda lackluster, with a few moments here and there where it almost sounds like he's about to get a fire lit under his ass...and then the moment's gone...
I don't know, maybe it'll grow on me, but after two initial listenings, I highly doubt it's going to be in my Top 10 for this year.
I will say this, however. Just having a NEW Black Sabbath record in pretty damned cool from that perspective...probably shouldn't bitch too much...
So, a couple of weeks following our most recent visit from Steve Papagiorgio, I found those copies of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, and even recited/sang (sort of...) "The Hearse Song", which is what Steve and I had been singing when that whole topic came up. May have to bring them along when Halloween rolls along...
In the interest of tracking my weight loss progress, Azkath asked how much I was down. Of course, I really wasn't sure of what my weight was when we first mentioned the challenge. If anything, we did establish my initial weight to kick this off as being 356 pounds. Hopefully we're gonna see that number go down a LOT in the coming weeks! Because, let's face it, that cake battle will be far more entertaining between Dave and Jeffie...
And that pretty much wraps it up for this week. We'll be celebrating Joe's birthday on the next show, which is always a fun-filled evening. Don't be surprised if we get a JustJoe visitation, and of course Jeffie won't be able to stay away. 
And to think...I've got some unfinished business...with BOTH of them...


May 11, 2013 - Don Weeks and Disfigured Dead

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Venom - Don't Burn The Witch
Altars - Sent To Destroy
Sodom - Invocating The Demons
Anciients - Raise The Sun
Kobra And The Lotus - No Rest For The Wicked

Gama Bomb - Legend Of Speed
M:Pire Of Evil - Carniverous
Masters Of Metal - Evolution Of Being
Zed - Rain
Howl - Your Hell Begins

Proselyte - Whiskey Catharsis
Anvil - Call Of Duty
Black Cowgirl - Dead Horse
Immolation - The Great Sleep
My Dying Bride - A Pale Shroud Of Longing

Sister Sin - Dance Of The Wicked
Negator - Atonement In Blood
Soulless - The Crippler
Meth Leppard - White Mountain Magic
Zip-Tie Handcuffs - Big Heads Small Hands
Ark Of The Covenant - Parasite

Pamela Moore - We Are Damaged
Avantasia - Invoke The Machine
Potential Threat - Destroy And Dominate
Vehement Serenade - Skeletal Remains
Amorphis - Into The Abyss
Ghost B.c. - Year Zero
Atrocity - When Empires Fall To Dust

Deep Purple - Vincent Price
Vicious Rumors - Strange Ways
Orchid - Wizard Of War
Death Dealer - Curse Of The Heretic
Black Water Rising - Show No Mercy
Kings Destroy - The Toe
Kadaver - Dust

The Monolith Deathcult - Human Wave Attack
Woe - Exhausted
Cathedral - Pallbearer
Wolcott Falls - Walking To The Edge
Pushmen - Child From Chaos
F.K.U. - Black Hole Hell
The Resistance - Warmonger
Recap by The Metal Wulf

This past Friday night brought Don Weeks to the studio. Don was the guy who originally hosted our show back in the eighties, and in fact I'm pretty sure is the person who gave our show it's name. He now travels the world as a lighting technician for an assortment of bands, most recently having gone out on tour with Yes.
The man's got a TON of road stories, some of them pretty damned hilarious, which he shared on and off the air. We're hoping to perhaps get him back for a visit, maybe a little later on during the summer.

And, as we continue to close the gap leading up to Finger Lakes Metal Fest (just four days away, as of this writing), Disfigured Dead's Kyle Kratzer (drummer/vocalist) joined us to bring us up to speed with happenings in his camp.
He's definitely pumped for playing Metal Fest, and they've also got a string of tour dates that will be taking them to Las Vegas in the coming months, so I'd say things are going pretty well at this juncture. Can't wait to see what they bring to the table on Saturday!
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