December 3, 2011 - The Isotopes Live

Recap by Randy Smith, aka MetalWulf or Wulfie.
Disclaimer: Any suggestion that was made Friday night that the Demon Azkath may have wi-fi in his sack is purely speculative... at least, I sure hope so, 'cuz that would just be really, REEEEAAALLLY weird...  So, this week's installment of the Onslaught was pretty much dominated by a visit from Rochester instrumental rock act, The Isotopes. Now, I got to see these guys play during halftime at a roller derby bout, so I knew they were good. Old school guitar rock, very much in the style of 60's icon Dick Dale. At least, that's what they reminded me most of. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they could up the heaviness level appreciably when they played live in our studio. No bull, it was a good time. Hope they can drop in again sometime, and maybe bring their go-go dancers along for the visit. I highly recommend them, so check 'em out if you get the chance!
As for that video footage, you'll also get to see Azkath beating the crap out of me. Okay, I suppose I had it coming. Once the band was done performing, I'd mentioned that I wasn't sure if it was Jeffie or Azkath that was in the studio, and, well... somebody got really upset by that... and the beatdown commenced.
And culminated with a big stack of records falling on my head, leaving a nice selection of paper cuts for my trouble. Oh well, I've had worse things happen...
 Let's see...
About the only other pertinent topic that I seem to remember has to do with the efforts we're going to take to further pursue my weight loss. Already trying to improve my eating habits, but exercise is a slightly different matter. Fact is, my joints suck, and yeah, carrying the extra poundage isn't helping. Truth is, even when I was much lighter, it was hard to get around. Azkath recommended that a bike may be my best bet, which I'm in full agreement on. Only one problem: I have an upstairs apartment, and no bke rack within a reasonable distance. At least, not in a place where I can trust that it won't come to harm. I suppose I could bring it upstairs when it's not in use, wouldn't be that big of a deal. for thought... Of course, the whole topic just got completely out of control when it was mentioned that i could just get a large, adult-size tryicyle and ride that around. In my man-kini... at the playground... NOT MY IDEA, I SWEAR!!!! Believe me, I know full well where that would land me. I personally don't care for the idea of jail/prison time, I've managed to not have to go near one for pretty much my entire life, and I'd really like to keep it that way! But, were I to ride near, oh, let's say Kid's Territory right here in Seneca Falls, I'd end up behind bars faster than you could say Elizabeth Cady Stanton... 
The Isotopes play for a while in the first half of this show...



Riot - Sins Of The Father
Banshee - We Want You
Edge Of Paradise - Walk The Line
Iron Maiden - Tail Gunner
Arch/Matheos - Stained Glass Sky

Divine Ascension - Guided By Osiris
Anubis Gate - Telltale Eyes
Megadeth - Sudden Death

Supreme Pain - The Dark Army
Saving Grace - Man Of Sorrows (The Funeral Dirge)
A Hope For Home - Firewind

Thousand Year War - The Sea
Sulaco - Corridor

Isole - The Lake
A Plea For Purging - Music City

Die Hard Till Death - Die Hard Till Death
Charred Walls Of The Damned - Lead The Way
Mortal Sin - Burned Into Your Soul
Venom - Death Be Thy Name
Confused Little Girl - Hookers On Horseback
VoiVod - Hell Driver
Carnifex - Creation Defaced
Type O Negative - Wolf Moon

Abigail Williams - Ascension Sickness
Counterparts - Sinking
In The Midst Of Lions - Cry Of The Oppressed
Vallenfyre - Cathedral Of Dread
Ashes Of Your Enemy - Face Of The Flood
Black Tusk - Mass Devotion

Kiss - Black Diamond
Bob Rivers - I Am Santa Claus
Iced Earth - Boiling Point
Midnight Chaser - Out On Your Shield
Lonely Kamel - Roadtrip With Lucifer
Svolk - 12 Times The Pain
Myrath - Tales Of The Sands
Austrian Death Machine - I'm Not A Pervert

Vektor - Echoless Chamber
Trigger The Bloodshed - You, The Ominious Future
Vio-lence - Kill On Command
The Horde Of Torment - Viral Malignance
Overkill - Bring Me The Night
The Sacrificed - The Little Drummer Boy
Forced Entry - Anaconda

Trigger Made Solution - I Am Ghost
Austrian Death Machine - It's Time
Golden Dawn - Denial
Dungeon - Stormchaser

The Movie