October 29, 2011 - Halloween and Sulaco

Recap by The Metal Wulf

So, we returned Friday night after pre-recording the previous week. I believe Azkath and/or Jeffie took care of that show. Haven't listened to it yet...almost afraid to, to be perfectly honest. Anyhoo... So, on to the actual show recap! So, in celebration of Halloween, I'd dressed as former ECW and WWE wrestler, The Blue Meanie. This came about from a discussion toward the end of summer when we were joking around about going as members of the Blue World Order (bWo). Joe suggested he could be Raven, and at the time we figured Josh could make a good Stevie Richards. Thing is, Bill could have pulled Stevie off as well, so either would have been great! I, of course, chose the Meanie, because with the right hair cut and the face paint (not to mention that I have his dance down pretty well...) I figured I'd pretty much own the costume. And I did! We had Chris and Brian from Sulaco in the studio, and they brought us up to date as we played some tracks from their newest release, Build And Burn. They were also kind enough to do a video interview with Rick and I. Speaking of these interviews, you can see them on YouTube under the metalwulff page. You can also find a direct linik to that page at the main website. There you'll find all the aforementioned interviews, live videos from shows we've attended, not to mention some other crazy shit I've put up.

Jeffie, of course, was on hand. He was dressed as Azkath for Halloween, but you could still tell it was him. I mean, really, you just know... He seemed a little confused by Bill, who was covered from head to toe in Cookie Monster attire. This meant that Bill was going as Jeffie for Halloween, by the way. Or maybe Bill had been afflicted with the dreaded Jeffie virus. Hard tellin'... As for content, Jeffie just couldn't seem to shut up about this news feed he'd read about a fecal transplant. Kinda put the rest of us off, to be honest. I mean, I'm perfectly happy with my own poop in my own body. Don't want anybody else's poop inside me... EVER!!! Ewwwwwww... He also mentioned something about having a spectacular speculum, whatever that means. Probably best not to speculate... Hmmmm... No Speculation About Jeffie's Spectacular Speculum... Beyond that, I really don't remember much else about the evening, which is probably for the best!

Redemption - Jane
Dream Theater - Bridges In The Sky
Rival Sons - Burn Down Los Angeles
Midnight Chaser - Awesome Party

King Diamond - Halloween
Anvil - Mad Dog
Opeth - The Devil's Orchard
Megadeth - Never Dead
Visions Of Atlantis - Change Of Tides
Iced Earth - Days Of Rage
The Elves - Four Day Creep

Sulaco - Corridor
Carnifex - A Grave To Blame
Holy Blood - Wind Of Death
As I Lay Dying - War Ensemble
Whitechapel - Strength Beyond Strength

Sulaco - It's Over Johnny
Ghoul - Blood Feast
Wizard - Hearth Eater
Riot - Whiskey Man
Cynic - Box Up My Bones

Sulaco - The Approach
BML - Thanks Jim, Thanks
Thousand Year War - Open Casket
Sincera - A Grievers Soul
Mortal Sin - Blood Of My Enemies
Warbringer - Living Weapon

Sulaco - Build And Burn
Confused Little Girl - We Got A Great Big Convoy
The Gardnerz - Lady In The Grave
The Horde Of Torment - Viral Malignance
Executioner - Victims Of Evil
Dead Horse - Reach Around

Misfits - Scream
Misfits - Cold In Hell
Entrench - Blind Illusion
Charred Walls Of The Damned - Avoid The Light
Ashes Of Your Enemy - Face Of The Flood
Diamond Plate - Pull The Trigger

Mercia - The BoomStick Shakedown
Ghost Thrower - Chemistry Sells
Skinny Puppy - Brownstone
Giant Squid - Snakehead
Kvelertak - Ordsmedar Av Rang

Charetta - Distraction
The Isotopes - Antiseptic Tank
Judas Priest - Desert Plains
Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
Kyng - Between The Blame
Generation Kill - Feast For The Wolves

Dub Trio - Ends Justify The Means