October 22, 2011 - Pre-Recorded Show

Tormented "Rotten Death"
Seplophile "Pale Horse"
Loudness "Survivor"
Immolation "Illumination"
To the Deep "Capsized"

Worm Quartet "The Laudromat of Sin"
Woods of Desolation "The Inevitable End"
Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord "Ante Bellum Overture / Blood of the Prophets"
Careless "Blackened Walls of Freedom"
Golden Ressurection "The End of the World"

Dark Angel "Darkness Descends"
Sabbat "The Best of Enemies"
Sacrifice "Re-Animation"
The Nefilim "Pazuzzu (Black Rain)"
Godflesh "Christbait Rising"

Immortal Souls "Last Day on Earth"
Only Flesh "Sexual Holocaust"
Arryan Path "Kiss of Kali"
Generation Kill "Feast for the Wolves"
Tony Goldmark "Burn"

Drophead "Fighting for Air"
Cryptic Reality "When the Towers Decay"
Chains of Honor "A Giant John Wilkes Booth"
Imperial Venegeance "The Voice of Thelema"
Maax "Do As Thou Wilt"

Lance King "Dance of Power"
The Lobster Quadrille "Descendit Ad Invferos - Live"
Van Canto "The Seller of Souls"
Hundreth "Humane"
Nuclear Torment "Sniper Zombie Rape Abortion"

Vicious Rumors "The Crest"
Warrior "Fighting for the Earth"
Indestroy "Dead Girls (Don't Say No)"
Keel "Speed Demon"
Saint Chaos "Come Back Strong"

Thousand Year War "No Gods, No Masters"
Cage "War of the Undead"
Confused Little Girl "Jeebus Ate My Matchbox"
Giant Squid "Mating Scars"
Cradle of Filth "Thank Your Lucky Scars"

Earthbound "Victim of a Madman"
The Agonist "The Lonely Solipsist"
Ana Kefr "The House of Distorted Mirrors"
Nekrogoblikon "Bears"
Revenant Dead "Opportunities"

Circus of Dead Squirrels "Overpopulation Annihilation"
Volumes "Limitless"
Animals as Leaders "Isolated Incidents"
Others "Josie"
Procession of Aeons "Particle Explosion"

DieMonsterDie "A Priest and a Zombie Rent a Fishing Boat as Friends"