November 5, 2011 - Fleshburn and Azkath Returns...

Recap by The Metal Wulf

This evening saw the return of Fleshburn, who brought us up to speed on recent happenings within their particular camp. They've been working on some new music, and have got some pretty high profile shows coming up. There were some further rants against LuLu (the recently-released collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed, which is utterly, unspeakably, and unforgivably horrendous...) Joe still seems to think I love this pile of dog shit disguised as an album. Thankfully no further tracks were played this week, sparing us further auditory punishment. Azkath was on hand this week, instead of Jeffie, who apparently had gone fishing. Without me! Dammit, I'm supposed to be his best friend, and I'm not even worthy of an invite for fishing trips! I LOVE fishing! Man, I'm gonna have a talk with him when I see him next time... A brief discussion of what he was fishing for seemed to be a bit mired in confusion. The idea of shark fishing soon became SHART fishing, and shart fishtishing...and eventually interpreted as SHARK FISTING. Honestly, the outdoorsman in me sincerely does not see the entertainment value in fisting any animal, much less a shark. I'm imagining there's only one way a shark would respond to that type of action, and it would involve many, many rows upon rows of sharp teeth sinking into the "fister", so to speak... Not my kinda scene, man... Anyhoo, Bill and I had to depart just a tad early, so I wasn't there to defend myself when it was suggested that I went home to listen to Warrant and Stryper. I also couldn't take part in the discussion involving what track to play in honor of GWAR's guitarist, Flattus Maximus, who had very recently passed away. I'm sure the guys gave him a good send-off, although Joe claimed that GWAR sucked, which I found to be very puzzling. I mean, what self-respecting headbanger doesn't love GWAR? Geeeez...

Rush - Anthem
Rush - BU2B
Anvil - Metal On Metal
Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers

The Parlor Mob - The Beginning
Megadeth - Guns Drugs & Money
Myrath - Wide Shut
Divine Ascension - Another Battlefield
Anubis Gate - Facing Dawn
Midnight Chaser - Swords For Hire

Fleshburn - Amongst The Dead
Black Tusk - Crossroads And Thunder
Carnifex - Never Forgive Me
Ashes Of Your Enemy - Embodiment Of Rage

Fleshburn - Victim
Thousand Year War - Open Casket
Evile - Centurion
Svolk - Dead:30
Wizard - Heart Eater

Fleshburn - From The Inside
Krisiun - The sword Of Orion
A Plea For Purging - Room For The Dead
Griffar - Monastery
Sick Of It All - Clobberin' Time
Sick Of It All - GI Joe Headstomp
Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface

Mortal Sin - Down In The Pit
Ana Kefr - In The House Of Distorted Mirrors
Gloominous Doom - Cosmic Super Ghoul
Warbringer - Living Weapon
Megadeth - Deadly Nightshade

Banshee - Locked Inside
Rough Angel - Defiance
Riot - Sins Of The Father
Lance King - Sacred Systems
J.B.O. - Raining Blood
Dixie Witch - Let It Roll

Sulaco - On The Fence
Brainstorm - Temple Of Stone
StormWarrior - The Ride Of Asgard
Confused Little Girl - Have Another Popover, Froggy
Kyng - Bleed Easy

GWAR - Ham On The Bone
GWAR - Sick Of You
GWAR - Gorgor
Sincera - Cursed
Orchid - Masters Of It All
Iron Man - Run From The Light

Redemption - Hold The Line
Fuck The Facts - Die Miserable
Misfits - Land Of The Dead