July 31, 2015 - Randy Goes Through Another Table

AftermathStarted this show off by affirming that Jeffie was, indeed, still dead. It's good to start things on a positive note!

We'd mentioned that as this show was being broadcast, we were actually in attendance at the Gutted Alive CD release show at the Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY. We'd been invited up to emcee the show, and we had a blast! Like there was any doubt... Speaking of shows, we'll be hosting the End Of Summer Metal Meltdown in Clyde, NY, once agan to be held at Donselaar's! Free show, all ages, and ten bands. The lineup, as it stands, features Nazgul, Skinbound, Divinex, Ire Clad, Age Of Shadows, Never The Voiceless, Spit Nickels, Saints And Winos, Ruination, and Million Miles From Broadway. Hope to see a bunch of our local metal family in attendance!

Josh was wearing an Eagles t-shirt on this evening, although he was still trying to convince us he'd gone to see Deep Purple. I mean, the shirt even had wings on it! Had to have been The Eagles! Josh has actually sworn vengeance on Jeffie for this continuing debacle, as it was Jeffie who had mentioned that Josh had actually gone to see The Eagles. Of course, that's going to be a bit difficult until Azkath clones another Jeffie to unleash upon us. And, to be honest, I have my reservations about punishing a new Jeffie for the actions of a previous one. I mean, will it really be right to hold the new Jeffie accountable for what the old one did? I guess we'll find out!

On a less upbeat note, I was subjected to another beating for falling off of the tobacco wagon again. I guess even being an occasional social smoker is going to have it's consequences, and I was once again dropped through a table...with Azkath taking a running start and leaping from a chair, effectively putting us BOTH through... I'm happy to say that I came through with just some very minor scrapes, and absolutely no desire to light up any time soon!

-Metal Wulf


Death Angel - Left For Dead (Live)
Masters Of Metal - Tomb Of Ra
Stormhammer - Glory Halls of Valhalla

Windhand - Two Urns
Cain - Undead Apocalypse
Lamb Of God - Footprints
Amorphis - Death Of A King
Cemetery Lust - Throw The Switch

Clyde - 13lbs Of Hate
De Profundis - Kult Of The Orthodox
Kataklysm - Marching Through The Graveyards
VHS - When Sleeping Bag Meets Tree
Murder FM - We The Evil

Enforcer - Undying Evil
Kill Ritual - Land Of The Dead
Lynch Mob - Between The Truth And A Lie
Mutoid Man - The Manimals
Mutoid Man - Bridgeburner

Pray Of North - Bloodline
Xandria - Voyage Of The Fallen
Children Of Bodom - Morrigan
Enabler - Euphoric Revenge
Behold! The Monolith - Philosopher's Blade

Hope Drone - The World Inherited
Chant - Universal
Funeral Throne - Hypnotic Coils
Kadaver - Lord Of The Sky

Locrian - Dark Shales
Metal Allegiance - Can't Kill The Devil
Plaguewielder - Casket Of Dying Flesh
Wulfhook - Brutal Nightmare
Raise Hell - Six Feet Under

Sabbath Assembly - Confessing A Murder
The Porridgeface - Deaf Forever
Symphony-x - Swan Song
Throaat - In League With Satan
Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches

Wargasm - Dreadnaught Day
Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg
99 Cent Special - O.K.? Aren't Wee?
Sinister - Bastard Saints
Wehrmacht - You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)

Gutted Alive - Awakening The Beast
NilExistence - Pitch Black Perception
Speedtrap - Running Rampant
Yellowtooth - Before I Return To Dust
Year Of The Goat - Riders Of Vultures

Lindemann - Skills In Pills
Powerwolf - Christ & Combat
Raveneye - You Got It
Sonick Plague - Street Wars
Yuth Forever - Lonely Bastard


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