May 8, 2015 - What Happened with Randy...

MOSo, I should probably take a moment to bring things up to speed, as I was unable to join our merry little group on the previous installment of the Metallic Onslaught. I had previously been set up for the murder of Jeffie by RJ from Thirteen South. Seems the neighbors had called the police after RJ threw Jeffie's severed head through their window... and I ended up in jail... Joe and Rick were able to get me out for one night so we could take in The Rods, who were performing that Friday night at Suzy's Tavern in Auburn, NY. Great show, as always, and this one actually featured a bonus in guest vocalist, Veronica Freeman of Benedictum. Veronica helped close the set with a trio of classics that had been previously been immortalized by the late, great Ronnie James Dio. Instead of letting me just go home after the show, Joe and Rick simply returned me to jail... It was actually Jeffie (a fresh clone of Jeffie, that is) who got me released from jail by arriving and showing that he was not, in fact, dead at all. Which puts me in an awkward position, because although Jeffie claims that he's "saved" me many times in the past, this time he well and truly did save me... and I actually have to be grateful to him...
At least I'm back!
Azkath joined us in the early portion of the program to discuss the events of No Pants Day on The Last Exit For The Lost. Traditionally, this event would have taken place on our show, but with our current circumstances being what they are, we celebrated in Ithaca. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that we were also having a special We Love Satan show in conjunction with No Pants Day... Didn't sit well with me, to be honest. I mean, the last time I took part in a We Love Satan show, I was possessed and tickled, resulting in the explosion of my head...and another cloning on my part...and the eventual use of my prior remains for demon-infused jerky...
Once again I was possessed by Satan, and I completely lost track of time for a bit. The shock was pretty substantial when I came back to my old self and discovered I was wearing white thigh-high stockings and edible underwear.
Apparently Satan thought it would be amusing for me to become "Mandy" again... And to make matters worse, I was briefly reunited with my Brony side. Honestly, I came out of the experience not liking No Pants Day quite so much anymore. 
I ended up on the end of a moderate Azkath beating when it was revealed that I'd had a couple of moments where I'd fallen off the tobacco wagon. I haven't started smoking full bore again, but yes, there have been a handful of lapses, usually when I'm at a show. Always seem to get the urge when I'm in a social setting...maybe I need to become a hermit... 
We enjoyed another round of retro gaming as I was playing Burger Time on the Intellivision, while Joe took in some Frogger and Millipede on Azkath's computer. Always fun to revisit some of the classics!
Jeffie dropped in for a bit, but he got really put out with us when we played a couple of tracks from a band called Deez Nuts. We've actually been playing them quite extensively in recent weeks, and let's face it, it's a fun band name to say over and over!  DEEEEEEZ NUTSSSS!!!  So much fun! But, Jeffie doesn't seem to like it when we all chant it, over and over. Which is fine, because for once we've got some of our own annoying ammunition to toss back at him! Life is good!
-Randy Metalwulf

Razor - The Marshall Arts/Hypertension
Razor - Concussion
Razor - Road Gunner

Unleashed - The Bolt Thrower
Raven - Feeding The Monster
Acrassicauda - House Of Dust
Heathen Foray - Tir na nOg
Deathhammer - Total Metal

Inhumatus - Existence Denied
Order Of The Dead - Crimson Tide
Ire Clad - Feeds On Them
Gutted Alive - Cadaver Haver

Graveyard Shifters - Firestarter
Kings Destroy - Embers
Nekrogoblikon - Full Body Xplosion
Satyricon - Now Diabolical
Spectrus - Instinct

The Bloodline - Destroyer
Soto - End Of Days
Godsized - Out Of Fear
Viking - By The Brundlefly
War Of Ages - Doomsday

Shattered Sun - Victory Or Death
Gruesome - Savage Land
Skinless - Serpenticide
While She Sleeps - No Sides No Enemies
Satan's Wrath - Coffinlust

Clamfight - Age Of Reptiles
Anaka - Shotguns & Whiskey
Hot Fog - Dawn Of The Falconer
Freaks Like Me - All In A Lie
Blacklist Union - Alive N Well Smack In The Middle Of Hell

Stone Sour - Heading Out To The Highway
Butcher Babies - Pussy Whipped
Kamelot - Insomnia
Korpiklaani - Jouni Jouni
Annisokay - Carry Me Away

Continuum - The Awakened Creator
Red Moon Architect - Misanthrope
Sworn In - Sugar Lips
Station - Never Say Never
Deez Nuts - Word
Deez Nuts - Yesterday

Mammoth Mammoth - Life's A Bitch
Whitesnake - Stormbringer
King Hitter - The End
Putrid Offal - Repulsive Corpse
Drudkh - Cursed Sons II

House Of Lords - Go To Hell
Civil War - Braveheart
Sirenia - Concealed Disdain
Crystal Ball - Balls Of Steel
Earth Crisis - Time Of Strife

Coal Chamber - Another Nail In The Coffin
Witch Of The Waste - She Burst Into Snakes
Damnation Angels - This Is Who We Are

Cain - Necronomicon
Noisem - Burning

4Arm - Survivalist