May 1, 2015 - The Great Outdoors


So, due to the nice weather, The Metallic Onslaught broadcast from outside in Azkath's yard. The yard is a little creepy. There are birds, owls, deer, coyotes, raccoons, bats, and perhaps bigfoots. It was very Metal. Randy was missing, and stories as to exactly where he was were confused. He was apparently arrested, then bailed out, then taken back to jail, and eventually a new Jeffie went to free him. Turns out, RJ decapitated Jeffie the previous week, and threw the head through a neighbor's window. That brought the cops, unlike other Jeffie deaths. They arrested Randy, but Azkath pinned a note explaining it all to a new Jeffie and sent him to free Randy. This was the last they knew as of this broadcast. This should have been No Pants Day, but due to the change in studio, and with Randy and Jeffie missing, no celebrations occurred. All pants stayed on. No Pants Day was instead celebrated the next night on The Last Exit for the Lost



Raven - Fight
Satyricon - Die By My Hand
Sigh - The Casketburner

Drudkh - Embers
Kings Destroy - Smokey Robinson
Heathen Foray - Silence
Deathhammer - Rot In Shreds
Forgotten Horror - In Ravenous Darkness

Attalus - Sirens
Merda Mundi - In League
Korpiklaani - Pilli On Pajusta Tehty
Refused - Elektra
Prion - Chronic Disease

Six Feet Under - Stab
Shattered Sun - Waging War
War Of Ages - On Broken Wings
Slayer - When The Stillness Comes
Apocalyptica - Riot Lights

Accept - Breaker
Groovy Seeds - Strength In Numbers
Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge
Pestilence - Deify Thy Master
Piledriver - Witch Hunt

Clamfight - The Green Of Yag
Gruesome - Psychic Twin
Anaka - Burden Of Envy
Tau Cross - Fire In The Sky
While She Sleeps - New World Torture

Agnostic Front - Attack!
Continuum - The Awakened Creator
Red Moon Architect - Misanthrope
Stone Sour - Children Of The Grave
Sulphur Aeon - Seventy Steps

Hot Fog - Agamemnon's Gambit
Station - Everything
Sworn In - Oliolioxinfree
King Hitter - The End
Mammoth Mammoth - Lookin' Down The Barrel

Carnalation - Against The Burning Sky
Nekromanteion - Oath Of Black Fire
Demoncy - Warmarch Of The Black Hordes
Deez Nuts - The Message
Snowblind - Soldier Without A War

Church - Stargazer
Annisokay - Panic Attack
The Rods - Let Them Eat Metal
Sacral Rage - A Tyrannous Revolt
Inculter - Pastoral Slaughter

Impelliteri "Rock through the Night"
Ichor "While Giants Sleep"