October 24, 2014

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Slipknot "AOV"
I.N.C. "The Lies that Devour"
Nocturnall "Nocturnal Human Slide"
A Breach of Silence "Dead and Destroyed"
Gormathon "Hellbender"

Exodus "Food for the Worms"
Like Monroe "Black Lungs"
Wolfborne "Funky Town"

Resistance "Cross the River"
Amaranthe "Drop Dead Cynical"
Allen Lande "The Hymn to the Fallen"
Black Map "Melee"
CutThroat "Lost"

Death Penalty "Eyes of the Heretic"
Revocation "A Debt Owed to the Grave"
Rings of Saturn "Godless Times"
Godflesh "Imperator"
Astral Doors "Walker the Stalker"

Black Crown Initiate "The Human Lie Manifest"
Bog Oak "The Science of the Afterlife"
Orange Goblin "Mythical Knives"
Sick of It All "Act Your Rage"
Transport League "Barabbas Venomous"

Whore of Bethlehem "Nocturnal"
Apostle of Solitiude "This Mania"
Internal Bleeding "Placate the Ancients"
Cannibal Corpse "Bloodstained Cement"
Northern Crown "A Perfectly Realized Torment"

Order of the Dead "Sucking on the Marrow"
Ire Clad "Sinnerstone"
At the Gates "Eater of Gods"
Axehammer "Demon Killer"
Death Dealer "Hammer Down"

Hell in the Club "Beware of the Candyman"
Helldorados "Megalomaniac"
Mortician "Rock Power"
While Heaven Wept "Souls in Permafrost"
Sylosis "Mercy"

Panzer "Panzer"
Aversions Crown "Vectors"
Doombringer "Children to Moloch"
Riot "Return to the Outlaw"
Scar Symmetry "Neohuman"

Amulance "Feel the Pain"
Lordi "Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein"
Machine Head "Killers and Kings"
Obituary "Violence"
Sanctuary "Let the Serpent Follow Me"

White Empress "Erased and Rewritten"
Hellion "Betrayer"
Starkill "Virus of the Mind"

KMFDM "Blood vs Money"

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