April 17, 2020 - Pandemic Show Series

MO.jpgYet another pandemic edition of The Metallic Onslaught.


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Lovebites - Thunder Vengeance
Irist - The Well
Kingsmen - Death Of The Sixth

Litterbox Massacre - Mittens The Killer Kitten
Abysmal Dawn - Hedonistic
Warbringer - Power Unsurpassed
Khemmis - Empty Throne
Like Rats - Land Of Gloom

Metal Church - Above The Madness
Cirith Ungol - Legions Arise
Conception - She Dragoon
Final Coil - You Waste My Time (Live Session)
Firewind - Devour

Old Corpse Road - Harbingers of Death (Voices in the Tempest)
Wolfheart - Hail Of Steel
Meth Leppard - Kangaroo Court
Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy - Overnight (Slamming Brutal Death Metal) Sensation
Imonolith - The Reign

Deadrider - Taste The Chain
Aspired Infliction - The Burning
Perspectives - Smile
Shallow Teeth - Wolf Blood
DredNeks - Shovel

Errant - The Amorphic Burden
Conflict - Art Of Resistance
Inno - Night Falls
Ardra - Dominion
Dawn Of Ouroboros - Lunar Cathexis

Diamond Plate - At The Mountains Of Madness
Chrome Division - Long Distance Call Girl
Dokken - Don't Close Your Eyes
Rob Zombie - Jesus Frankenstein
Pantera - Primal Concrete Sledge

August Burns Red - Empty Heaven
Ether Coven - Unravel
Gaylord - Borne From Inferno Winds
Oath Of Damnation - The Abortuary
Voices Of Ruin - Carved Out

Testament - Dream Deceiver
Dio - Double Monday
Torrefy - Torrn Apart By Machinery
Solicitor - Terminal Force
Sarcofago - Orgy Of Flies

Savatage - By The Grace Of The Witch
Artillery - Terror Squad
Terrorizer - Corporation Pull-In
Realm - Eleanor Rigby
Sacred Reich - Administrative Decisions

Tyrant - The Darkness Comes
High Priestess - Invocation

Allegaeon - Roundabout
Art Of Shock - Dark Angeles