April 10, 2020 - Pandemic Show Series

Is it Randy?The Metallic Onslaught continues in it's Pandemic Shows, all together on Skype. Lots of Music, and we have to deal with that picture you see of Randy, which he claims is not him, but we all know it is... Besides that, plenty of awesome music...


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Allegaeon - Roundabout
August Burns Red - Empty Heaven
Fox 45 - The Nature Of Paper

Metal Church - Dead On The Vine
Vandenberg - Shadows Of The Night
Trivium - What The Dead Men Say
Mike Lepond's Silent Assassins - Dracul Son
Dio - Lord Of The Last Day

Ovid's Withering - Spectres On The Ebon River
Endless Forms Most Gruesome - Death Wish
Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy - 10,000 Slam Thots (In One)
Sodomisery - Sacrifice
Kingsmen - Oppressor

Breakdowns At Tiffany's - Eternal Lords
October Falls - The Flood Of Drought
Asenblut - 300
Testament - Curse Of Osiris
Tyrant - Pieces Of Mine

Dawn Of Ouroboros - Spiral Of Hypnotism
Automb - Serpent Of The Night
Akiavel - Huntington
Entheos - Remember You Are Dust
Lutharo - Blood Lightning

Omega Infinity - Neptune
Earth Rot - Unravelling Vapour Of Sanity
Angerot - Father, Mentor
Wake - Mouth Of Abolition
Aeternam - Ascension

Cradle Of Filth - Born In A Burial Gown
Heaven & Hell - Bible Black
Pagan's Mind - Walk Away In Silence
Scorpions - Hit Between The Eyes
Motorhead - Orgasmatron

Solicitor - Terminal Force
Brain Stem - The Unbroken Ire
Wolfheart - The Hammer
Power Theory - Path Of Glory
Heaven Shall Burn - Stateless

Ante-Inferno - Passing
Argesk - Drowned In Freezing Waters
Ether Coven - Flower Crown
Art Of Shock - Speed Master
Code Orange - You And You Alone

Zoetrope - NASA
Bathory - Holocaust
A.M.Q.A. - Faceplant
Agnostic Front - Public Assistance
Heathen - Pray For Death

Def Leppard - Answer To The Master
Meth Leppard - Thrash Sucks
Def Leppard - No No No
Meth Leppard - Dead Kardashians

Villagers of Ioannina City - Age of Aquarius