May 13, 2016 - Choo Choo Blocking Josh

Joe and Randy

Recap by Randy: Once again, Joe’s week was made because he got to kick the show off by playing his favorite Alice Cooper song! It was, after all, Friday the 13th! Can’t believe he keeps denying how much he hates the song, he’s really not fooling any of us.
We saw the return of Rick this week, as he’d missed out on No Pants Day by going to see Soulfly in Rochester that night. There were eleven bands on that bill, so I’m pretty sure he’d been camping out since at least Sunday night...possibly Saturday...
We had to take a moment to discuss a sad occurrence in our local music scene, as it had been announced that the Eagle Hotel in Lodi was closing it’s doors, possibly for good. Kristin Jennings had really set herself apart by hosting metal shows in that tiny little town, and we all appreciate the efforts made by her and her staff. Everybody who attended a show there were treated like family. The venue will be sorely missed, and we wish them all our very best.
Poor KnownAsJosh seemed to be completely at a loss, as I’d taken possession of the train whistle early in the evening, effectively “Choo-choo blocking” him. In fact, at one memorable moment of the show, he seemed to be reaching for the whistle, only to find Joe’s soda bottle. Hilariously, it looked like he was attempting to...well...”stroke” the bottle...
He finally decided he’d had enough and promptly retrieved the whistle from me, which seemed to be fine with everybody else, as I couldn’t seem to achieve the volume levels that he’s able to. I chalk it up to too many years of inhaling tobacco smoke...
Joe had mentioned reading about Tab being linked to some deaths, so it appears that he’s officially sworn off it. He did, however, suggest that Jeffie should start drinking it by the vat.
Speaking of Jeffie, it appears that whoever loses our Three Stages Of Hell Death Match will have to be the man-servant for the winner, for a period of one month. So, now I not only get to look forward to killing him twice, I also get to plot all the fun things I’m gonna do to humiliate him for an entire month!
Hell yeah, life is GOOD!


Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
Hatebreed - A.D.
Gruesome - Raped By Darkness

Anal Blasphemy - Believe In The Devil
Whispered - Victory Grounds Nothing
Seas Of Wake - The Sorrow
Katalepsy - Ghoul Inquisitor
DevilDriver - Feeling Ungodly

Rotten Casket - Tangled In Gore
Rage - Spirits Of The Night
Jorn - I Know There's Something Going On
Beartooth - Always Dead
Wicked Maraya - Lifetime In Hell

Spit Nickels - Life Can Kill You
Saints And Winos - Dead
Murder In The Rue Morgue - Deaths Divide
Aggressive Betty - Regime
Ire clad - Do What I Say

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Big Fig Wasp
Fallujah - Amber Gaze
Elderblood - Invocation Of Baphomet
Gojira - Stranded
Wo Fat - Three Minutes To Midnight

Shed The Skin - Warband Under The Baphomet
Satyricon - Nemesis Divina
Dead By Wednesday - Donner's Pass
Death Angel - Cause For Alarm
Painted Wives - My Sisters

Schammasch - In Dialogue With Death
Aborted - Coven Of Ignorance
Media Solution - Punchline
Green Death - Lord Of The Dead
Nine Round - So Far Gone

Flotsam And Jetsam - Life Is A Mess
Ace Frehley - Fire And Water
Doogie White & La Paz - Daughter Of Time
Black Royal - Reclaim The Throne
Incite - Stagnant

Suidakra - On Roads To Ruin
All Hail The Yeti - Fall Of Core
Winterhorde - Through The Broken Mirror
White Miles - Crazy Horse
Metal Church - Soul Eating Machine

Fifth Angel - Cry Out The Fools
Fastway - All I Need Is Your Love
Powergod - Stars
Metallica - Ride The Lightning (Studio Demo)
Quiet Riot - Metal Health (Bang Your Head) 1999

Vimic - Simple Skeletons
Nihilistinen Baraarisuus - Virgin Essence
Grand Magus - Varangian