May 20, 2016 - Fetishes...

Josh and RickRecap by Randy Metalwulf: We started things off by running down the details of Finger Lakes Metal fest 2016 one more time. As of this writing, the event has come and gone, but we’ll get to that at a later time, as I’m sure there will be plenty of discussion on the next show.
Jeffie read an article regarding something called Cowbell Hero, made by the creators of Guitar Hero for people who can’t seem to master the complex gameplay of the latter. We were all a bit suspicious of this as Jeffie started reading off the songs to be included on the game. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets” did not have a single cowbell anywhere to be found. Same with any song by Slayer, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, or Led Zeppelin.
Okay, I stand corrected on Sabbath. “Megalomania” did feature cowbell...can’t say for sure regarding Zeppelin or AC/DC, my memory doesn’t quite serve me well enough. The point being, of course, that we were pretty sure this was a complete gag article, but Jeffie will pretty much believe anything he reads on the internet.
Jeffie keeps trying to pull off episodes of Racist Randy...
I’m a banana
Dammit...why does that keep happening?
Anyhow, I keep telling him that I’m not even remotely racist...
I’m a banana
Okay, this is weird. Anytime I even think the word racist...
I’m a banana
Can’t remember how we got on the subject, but Joe had mentioned that Jeffie had hurt his feelings. I decided to bust his balls a bit and told him to stop being so butthurt. Rick then called me out because I’d been offended the week before when he literally aimed his ass at my face before leaving, and farted in my direction. Now, contrary to what Rick suggested, I did not go home and eat Panda Paws ice cream while douching (basically his way of calling me a pussy...), but it did strike me as a bit rude. And, while my ass may occasionally be a sewage hole, as Jeffie has claimed, at no point have I ever intentionally aimed my ass at anybody on this show. Of course, it has also been said that it isn’t necessary for me to aim my ass in any direction.
Anyhow, the concept of my ass being a sewage hole brought up an entirely different discussion as Joe started making references to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This went and triggered a further discussion about a recent porn parody I’d seen called Ten-Inch Mutant Ninja Turtles, much to the dismay of the other guys. Not that I went into graphic detail, mind you, but let’s face it, that flick probably ruined some childhoods...
Things got worse somehow when Jeffie asked me what other kind of porn I’m into, and to be honest, I don’t watch a great deal of it. Don’t have anything against it, mind you, just not the be-all end-all of my existence. I was honest about this. And I was also honest when Jeffie asked me what my fetishes were. Not like we’ve never discussed this on the show before, and I’ve really got nothing to hide. There is no shame in being a leg man. Some guys like boobs, I like legs and tush. And if those legs happen to be covered in nylon, be it in the form of pantyhose or stockings, so much the better. No shame, actually a pretty common thing, like it or not, so I’ve got nothing to apologize for.
Somehow things progressed to Jeffie asking what Josh’s fetishes were. Quite frankly, I’d be more worried about Josh, because it seem that he is really into tanks. And people say my fetish is weird. Jeffie even speculated as to whether or not Josh actually “went off” like a tank, and NOBODY wanted to think about that.
Joe’s fetish, it seems, is Jeffie death, which probably makes him some lower grade of necrophiliac, but who am I to judge?


Spit Nickels - I Like Rock and Roll
Avatar - House Of Eternal Hunt
Death Angel - It Can't Be This

Fox 45 - Narcissister
Hatebreed - Seven Enemies
Kvelertak - 1985
Vimic - Simple Skeletons
High Fighter - The Gatekeeper

Gutted Alive - Awakening The Beast
Weekend Nachos - N.A.R.C.
Devildriver - Bad Deeds
Dark Funeral - As One We Shall Conquer
Thus Defiled - Fire Serpent Dawn

Age Of Shadows - Maiden Voyage
Six Feet Under - Prowler
Jim Breuer and The Loud & Rowdy - Thrash
Helhorse - The Blood Boiler
C.B. Murdoc - Rage Enabler

Threatpoint - Devil You Know
Castrator - Brood
Ghoulgotha - Damp Breeze Of Sleeping Veins
Vektor - Pillars Of Sand
Toseland - Cradle The Rage

Seas Of Wake - Loners
Rotten Casket - Leeches Of The Cross
Insane Vesper - Scorned Ascension
Gruesome - Amputation
Die Choking - Greed War

Ashcloud - S.C.U.M.
Elderblood - Satana
Fallujah - Face Of Death
Shed The Skin - Warband Under The Baphomet
Satyricon - Forhekset

Wo Fat - Riffborn
Wicked Maraya - Crash & Burn (Idiot's Delight)
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Invisible Face
Dead By Wednesday - Live Again
Arise In Chaos - Drivin

Painted Wives - Kubrick's Tongue
Flotsam And Jetsam - Smoking Gun
Ace Frehley - Emerald
Green Death - Manufacturing Evil
Metal Church - Needle & Suture

Wasted Youth - Good Day For A Hanging
Entombed - Dusk
Attila - Turn Up The Power
Venom - Woman Leather And Hell
Thin Lizzy - Cold Sweat

The Misfits - Friday The 13th
Red Tide Rising - New Breed
Diamond Rexx - Rise The Dead
Lacuna Coil - Blood, Tears, Dust
Netherlands - L.M.M.

Polar - King Of Kings
Withered - Husk
Mechanism - This Machine
Tyfon's Doom - Yeth Hound
Nucleus - Starflyer