October 2, 2015 - Retard-O-Tron

Honestly, for the most part, this was a fairly uneventful week, and that doesn’t happen very often! Which is okay by me, because this also generally means that nobody’s at risk of getting demolished! We saw the return of Nathan, after he missed a week, which really seemed to tick Joe off. Joe seems to have taken a bit of a liking to Nathan... either that or he just enjoys having fresh blood to torment. But, who am I to say? You can be the judge of that! Nathan’s return coincided with another week where Azkath decided to subject us to yet another video full of wrongness, this one entitled “Retard-O-Tron”. Fitting, to be honest, considering the content. The worst thing about these videos is that we really can’t describe what we’re watching during talk breaks, and we end up needing an ample supply of eye bleach to cleanse ourselves after watching. Not fun. Then Nathan was actually kind enough to share some fun stories with us that, had they been filmed for posterity, may very well have been fit for inclusion on a “Retard-O-Tron” collection! But, then, who are we to judge, we’ve all done some fairly idiotic things on this show. Azkath had asked me if I’d been having any further Jeffie sightings, and as it turns out, I indeed had been. As a matter of fact, I shared one very specific example where I’d awoken during the night to find Jeffie staring down at me. This little episode startled me enough that I actually fell out of bed, bumping my head on the night stand. And when I finally got myself situated he was no longer there. This actually freaked me out quite a bit, because the locks on my door had recently been changed, and I’m the only one who currently has a key to my apartment. But, that didn’t freak me out nearly as much as getting a phone call from him during the show! Yeah, that was pretty bizarre, and nobody believed me when I said that it was Jeffie, and that he was coming to get me...

- Recap By Randy


Fierce Justice - Spineless
Kylesa - Crusher
Dommin - Damsel In Distress

Never To Arise - Boiled Alive In Battery Acid
Children Of Bodom - Hold Your Tongue
Deafheaven - Brought To The Water
For Today - Forced Into Fire
Fit For An Autopsy - Ghosts In The River

Clutch - Noble Savage
Caligula's Horse - Rust
My Dying Bride - I Celebrate Your Skin
Stryper - Big Screen Lies
Queensryche - Toxic Remedy

Jerry Gaskill - Far Away
Whiskey Ritual - Satanic Kommando
With The Dead - I Am Your Virus
Fates Warning - In Trance
A Sound Of Thunder - End Times

Atreyu - Cut Off The Head
Black Breath - Slaves Beyond Death
Hatchet - Tearing Into Hell
Exmortus - As Above, So Below
Parkway Drive - Dedicated

Grave - The Ominous "They"
Deceased - The Eliminator
Broken Hope - Felching Vampires
Huntress - Four Blood Moons
Saxon - Battering Ram

Haste The Day - Take
Operation: Mindcrime - Burn
Gama Bomb - Drinkers Inc.
Malevolent Creation - Carnivorous Misgivings
Slayer - Cast The First Stone

Artch - Another Return To Church Hill
Artch - Burn Down The Bridges
Wild Dogs - Reign Of Terror
Betsy - The Devil Made You Do It
Osiris - Mass Termination

Metal Allegiance - Destination: Nowhere
Christian Mistress - Lone Wild
Harlott - Civil Unrest
Iron Maiden - Tears Of A Clown
Windhand - Crypt Key

Revival - Find Your Release
Revival - They Want Us Gone
Trivium - Blind Leading The Blind
W.A.S.P. - Shotgun
Voices Of The Dead - Hanging The Hermit

Hate Eternal - Order Of The Arcane Scripture
The Black Dahlia Murder - Re-Faced
The Sword - Tears Like Diamonds

Motorhead - Fire Storm Hotel