July 10, 2015 - Taken by Bigfeets....

Taken This week's show ended with me (MetalWulf) starting to give birth to the monstrosity that had been growing inside of me since "Mandy" had her way with Nathan Bobbett during the No Pants Day broadcast on The Last Exit for the Lost. Things went way downhill when I suddenly had a large horn poking out of my abdominal region. Naturally, I panicked. Jeffie, on the other hand, seemed to think that everything would be fine. He even went so far as to contact the Bigfeets via text and escorted me out to the back lawn. Yes, you read that right...he TEXTED them... Bear in mind that up to this point I had thought the whole Bigfeets thing to be a load of bullshit, so imagine my surprise when I turned around to confront them in all their hairy, foul-smelling glory. I'm pretty sure my screams of terror could be heard for miles, disrupting the sleep of both humans and farm animals alike.


The HornGutted Alive - Consumed
Cradle Of Filth - Hammer Of The Witches
Crown - Serpents

Soulfly - We Sold Our Souls To Metal
NilExistence - Primordial Transgression
Creeping - Death Knell Offering
Black Tongue - Prince Of Ash
Killing Gandhi - Illusion Of Death

Majestic Downfall - The Rain Of The Dead
King Heavy - Life A.D.
DH Project - Trapped In My Nightmares

Lamb Of God - Overlord
Robots And Monsters - I Had It Coming
Lindemann - Golden-Shower
Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames (Live)
Deathhammer - Satan Is Back

Antonello Giliberto - Endless Labyrinth
Adversarial - Lone Wresting Hymns To The Warmoon Of Chaos
Cianide - Metal Never Bends
Meka-Nism - Mekamorphosis
Falling From Grace - Shadows Of The Past

Mystifier - The Sign Of The Unholy Cross
Volcano - Death Metal
Saritap - Serpent's Stones Mysteries
Yuth Forever - Ugly
Refused - Dawkins Christ

RavenEye - You Got It
Rob Carlyle & The Compulsions - House Of Rock
Glowsun - Shadow Of Dreams
Sun & Sail Club - Krokodil Dental Plan
Caustic Method - Fool Me Once

Defect Designer - I Remember You Dead
Between The Buried And Me - The Coma Machine
Organ Dealer - Festering Maze
High On Fire - Luminiferous
Iwrestledabearonce - Killed To Death

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die
Raven - Mind Over Metal
Piledriver - Witch Hunt
Nasty Trast - Hell Ride
M.O.D. - Dead Men/Most/Captain Crunch

Paradise Lost - Sacrifice The Flame
Thy Art Is Murder - Coffin Dragger
Sekond Skyn - Curse
Unleash The Archers - Test Your Metal
Powerwolf - Dead Until Dark

Wilson - Give Em Hell
The Maension - Freak
KMFDM - Blood VS. Money (Chant Remix)
Dalkhu - Aceepting The Buried Signs
Architects Of Chaoz - Angel Of Death

Kartikeya - He Who Carries the Head of Brahma
Moore - (A&B) Assault and Battery
Slayer - Repentless