July 3, 2015 - Birthday Aftermath...

Not a lot in the form of insanity on this particular evening, probably due to the fact that Jeffie was afraid of Joe. Pretty understandable considering the horrific beating he'd suffered a week earlier. In fact, Azkath informed us that Jeffie had effectively trapped himself inside the remains of the refrigerator, which is where he'd decided to hide from Joe. Of course, Jeffie will eventually return. We can't get that lucky...and honestly...nobody had the foresight to bury the refrigerator with him inside it...

At some point early in the show the name Lance popped up. I vaguely remember a Lance...used to come out to visit us from time to time, been quite awhile...I wonder if that's who they were talkin' about? Of course, we're not located where we used to be, so perhaps he's just having a hard time finding us. Hmmmm... Anyhow, it seems that Josh is currently living not far from this Lance person, and it was suggested that perhaps Josh could hang out and enjoy some Bon Jovi listening sessions with Lance. Hope Josh enjoys himself with that!

I'm imagining Azkath was possibly just a little put out with me before the evening was over. After months of recording the show at his residence, I was in a position where I had no choice but to...ummmmm...desecrate his toilet. I'd been doing really well, too, hadn't had the urge to take a crap on recording nights at all...until this night... I'll spare you the full details...let's just say it was brutal and unpleasant. While I was tending to business, it was suggested that somebody should sniff the cushion of the chair where I sit, although I usually do my best to restrain any gaseous discharges until I'm outside the recording area. Of course, they'd have had the perfect victim for that particular indignity if Jeffie hadn't gotten himself trapped inside a refrigerator, but what are ya gonna do?

We'd mentioned that Judas Priestess were returning to perform for their third time at Women's Right 2 Rock, an annual event held in my hometown of Seneca Falls, NY. This is a 3-day event, and features a wide variety of rockin' ladies representing multiple genres and artistic styles, both locally and nationally. Always a good time!

Our closing discussion had to do with some photos that Joe had posted to my Facebook page, supposedly proving that Bigfeets existed. I called shenanigans, of course...and in retrospect, perhaps I shouldn't have been so skeptical, because, as of this writing, I know that they really exist...unfortunately...

- Metalwulf


Watain - A Fine Day To Die
Excimer - War Terror
Iron Savior - Iron Watcher

Fuck The Facts - Solitude
Eskimo Callboy - F.D.M.D.H.
High On Fire - Luminiferous
Lamb Of God - 512
Architects Of Chaoz - When Murder Comes To Town

Between The Buried And Me - The Ectopic Stroll
Iwrestledabearonce - Remain Calm
Nekro Drunkz - Flatulent Angel
Pro-Pain - Crushed To Dust
Organ Dealer - Black Dolphin

Orchid - Sign Of The Witch
On Top - Go Crazy
Rest Among Ruins - Beyond The Storm
Sepultura - Under My Skin
Motorhead - Thunder & Lightning

Shape Of Despair - Monotony Fields
Gus G. - Burn
Wilson - Before I Burn
RavenEye - Breaking Out
Oblivious Signal - Crash

Harter Attack - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Fifth Angel - Cry Out The Fools
Keel - You're The Victim (I'm The Crime)
Icon - Rock'n'Roll Maniac
Johnny Crash - Hey Kid

Divinex - Reinventions
Bone Gnawer - Chainsaw Carnage
Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire
Ken Mode - Failing At Fun Since 1981
Thirteen South - Live Song

Shrapnel Storm - Carpet Bombing
Johnny B. Morbid - Crucifiction
Demon Lung - Deny The Savior
Lorna Shore - Traces Of Supremacy
Lucifer - Abracadabra

Caustic Method - Integrity Fail
Perzonal War - Times Of Hate
Weedeater - Bow Down
Age Of Shadows - Prophet's WarningRefused - Destroy The Man
Robots And Monsters - Gravel Pusher
Lindemann - Cowboy

Creeping - Scythes Over My Grave
Vorzug - I Am In Hell
Butcher Babies - Monsters Ball
Defect Designer - Flies On Your Lips
Glowsun - Against The Clock

Majestic Downfall - The Brick, The Concrete
August Burns Red - Blackwood
Bonehunter - Symbol Of The Curse
Aeon Zen - Disconnected
Thy Art Is Murder - Lightbearer

Slayer - Repentless
Fuck The Facts - Prey
Fear Factory - Soul Hacker
Immortal Bird - Sycophant
Kataklysm - Thy Serpents Tongue

The Horde Of Torment - Viral Malignance
Wild Dogs - Metal Fuel (For The Blood)
Artch - Another Return To Church Hill
Betsy - You Want It You Got It
Intrinsic - State Of The Union

Excimer - The Curse Of Seth
The Black Dahlia Murder - Vlad, Son Of The Dragon
Sun & Sail Club - Baba Yaga Bastard Patrol
Trials - Disgraced And Erased
Runaway Kids - Better Days

Caustic Method - Six Feet
Between The Buried And Me - King Redeem - Queen Serene
Architects Of Choaz - Obsidian Black
High On Fire - The Falconist
Eskimo Callboy - Monster

Iwrestledabearonce - We All Float Down Here
Lamb Of God - 512
Nekro Drunks - Hump The Stump
Sepultura - Under My Skin
Pro-Pain - Age Of Disgust

Orchid - Sign Of The Witch
Organ Dealer - The Creeper
Gus G. - Burn
Motorhead - Thunder & Lightning
RavenEye - Breaking Out

The Compulsions - Hellbound Babies
Wilson - Windows Down!
On Top - 282
Bullet For My Valentine - You Want A Battle (Here's A War)
Sideburn - Evil Ways

Demon Lung - I Am Haunted
Haste The Day - Begin
King Heavy - As Dawn Broke On The Day
Cattle Decapitation - Manufactured Extinct
Paradise Lost - Punishment Through Time

George Kollias - The Passage
E-Force - Demonikhol
NilExistence - Pitch Black Perception
Volcano - Death Metal
Impurity - Mystical Woman

Mystifier - An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Prayer-Book

Armored Saint - With A Full Head Of Steam

Cattle Decapitation - Manufactured Extinct
George Kollias - Treasures Of Nemesis
Slayer - Repentless
Black Fast - To Propagate The Void
Bonehunter - Devil Metal Punks

Glowsun - Behind The Moon
Refused - Destroy The Man
Trials - Disgraced And Erased
Thy Art Is Murder - Lightbearer
Turbowolf - Pale Horse

Haste The Day - Shadow
Beyond Fallen - Merchant Of Souls