December 19, 2014 - Eric from Ire Clad Visits...

Poor Randy

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Eric Rodriguez, bassist for Ithaca, NY's Ire Clad, has the distinct honor of being our first guest on the show since all the changes late last summer.  Of course, some may consider that a dubious honor for us, as Eric is a...well...UNIQUE individual. I mean, only Eric would show regret over me losing my scalp and not being album to lick my skull.  I believe he even went so far as to describe it as cranialingus... 
Gotta say, the holidays had been taking a bit of a toll on me by the time this show came along. Anybody who's ever worked any type of retail job around Christmas knows what I'm talking about. Something about this kinda work that just sucks the holdiay spirit right out of you. And I'd literally only been home from work mere minutes before having to head out with the guys to do that show.
So, being dead tired with no time to recharge the batteries, I fell asleep during a talk break...until Seriah Azkath assured that I'd stay wide awake by dumping handfuls of snow down my back. Yes, it sucked, and yes, I stayed awake the rest of the night!
We were a bit put out with Josh toward the end of that show, as it's pretty much his fault that we got a visit from Jeffie to ruin our holiday. To make matters worse, Jeffie continued a relatively new Metallic Onslaught tradition by performing the Pantsless Santa dance. This actually led to a disturbing segment of the show that not only saw me getting a lap dance from Jeffie, as well as getting violated by Eric...and a power vac.  Then Eric violated Gary, our resident stuffy. It say the least...
Poor, poor Gary...

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
Fight - Christmas Ride
Venom - Black Xmas

Anacrusis - Twisted Cross
Morbid Angel - Maze Of Torment
Seducer - No Contract
Heathen - Mercy Is No Virtue
Marduk - Sex With Satan (Piledriver cover)

Order Of The Dead - Sucking The Marrow
Ire Clad - Feeds On Them
Lord Dying - A Wound Outside Of Time
Abhor - Re-Evolution
Obduktion - Pull The Plug (Death cover)

Misfits - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Ramones - Merry Christmas
Shaman's Bane - Frosty
220 Volt - Heavy Christmas
Bob Rivers - I Am Santa Claus

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Winter Palace
Alcoholator - Pounding Metal (Exciter cover)
Astronomikon - Witch Hunter
Dr. Living Dead! - They Live
Lynch Mob - Believers Of The Day

CJSS - Metal Forever
Coroner - Reborn Through Hate
D.R.I. - I'd Rather Be Sleeping (VATS Demo)
Mezzrow - Then Came The Killing
Metal Church - Start The Fire

Ronnie James Dio - God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
AC/DC - Mistress For Christmas
Austrian Death Machine - Jingle Bells
Holy Grail - No Presents For Christmas
Steel Panther - Sexy Santa

Drum Wars - The Mob Rules
The Crown - Horrid Ways
U.D.O. - Rebels Of The Night
Level 10 - Scream And Shout
Mia Klose - London's A Heartbreaker

Dark Angel - Never To Rise Again
Hallows Eve - Lethal Tendencies
Krank - Rock The House
Lizzy Borden - Rod Of Iron
Icon - Rock 'n' Roll Maniac

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter Present Dracula - Queen Of The Dead
Injested - Rotted Eden
Post Mortal Possession - Suspended By Nails
Night In Gales - Get Killed Or Die Trying
Erotikill - Metal Cry

Iron Saviour - Desert Plains (Judas Priest cover)
Keel - You're The Victim (I'm The Crime)
Ace Frehley - Rip It Out
Kreator - Behind The Mirror
Mercyful Fate - Desecration Of Souls

Emigrate - Eat You Alive
Mortal Sin - I Am Immortal
Hades - The Cross

Bob Rivers - Walkin' 'Round In Women's Underwear
Anvil - Backwaxed

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