December 5, 2014 - Wine Tasting

Recap by The Metal Wulf (Randy)...

I was a little worried as the show started, because Joe was claiming to be Batman right out of the starting gate. Coming just a handful of weeks after he claimed to be King Diamond, I'd say I had a bit of room to be worried. And to top it off, Josh claimed to be "The Doctor". Josh is, of course, a huge fan of Doctor Who, so go figure... 
Any worries were set aside pretty quickly, however, as Joe seemed to be merely joking around. Still, ya can't be too sure...
We dabbled in a bit of wine tasting that night, which proved to be interesting, especially in light of the fact that Josh doesn't drink, AT ALL, and Rick quit drinking a little over a year ago. This left Joe and I to sample the multitude of varieties that were at our disposal. 
It didn't help, as the night went on, that I had offered to drink Rick's share for him. As a matter of fact, in retrospect, that was a very, very bad idea. What also didn't help was Josh contributing to the problem by handing me full bottles of wine instead of a small sampling from each bottle. 
Truth of the matter is, I'm really not a drinker. Hell, even in my younger "wild" days I was never a huge drinker. Don't get me wrong, I could tie one on with the best of them if the mood struck me, but it was never honestly that big of a deal. With that being said, I really do love a nice glass of wine on occasion, with a particular fondness for Red Cat. And, thanks to Josh, I started pounding the Red Cat down bottle by bottle as the night went on.The repercussions were...unpleasant...and I should take a moment to apologize to Azkath for puking on the floor...
Speaking of Azkath, he seems unusually interested in my job. I mean, it is what it is, I've been stuck in retail Hell for quite some time. But, even with all the weird changes, Ames is still a pretty decent place to work. Still, I can't seem to shake the feeling that Ames is no longer around...but that can't be true, 'cuz I've been steadily working there for...well...hmmmmm...
Hurts the ol' brain, just thinking about it. Screw this...


Order Of The Dead - Crimson Tide
Gutted Alive - Cadaver Haver
Ire Clad - Sinnerstone

Blue Snaggletooth - Gawkers
Carcass - A Wraith In The Apparatus
The Skull - Send Judas Down
Lord Dying - A Wound Outside Of Time
Canedy - Cult Of The Poisoned Mind

Cretin - They Buried The Lunchbox
Caligula's Horse - Atlas
RAM - Creatures Of The Night
Portrait - Blessed To Be Cursed
Destroying Divinity - Scent Of Death

Cancer Bats - Satellites
Behemoth - Towards The Dying Sun We March
Combat - Shake It Off
Magnum - On Christmas Day
Rise Of The Northstar - Samurai Spirit

Bloodlash - Ocean Bed
Aversions Crown - Hollow Planet
Sepultura - The Cat And The Rat
The Flight Of Sleipnir - Archaic Rites
Metal Machine - New Generation

Ragnarok Jultide - The First Noel
The White Arms Of Athena - Heavy Sleep
Hanzel und Gretyl - Burning Witches For Satan
Hellcannon - Through The Eyes Of Evil
These Are They - Buried Neath The Willows

Mia Klose - Living For Love
Krokodil - Porcelain Bones
A Breach Of Silence - Lost At Sea
Exodus - My Last Nerve
Riot - Return To The Outlaw
Bob Rivers "Walking Around in Women's Underwear"

Obituary - Violent By Nature
Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow
Slipknot - The Negative One
Malformed - Bloodlust Of The Beast
Unearth - To The Ground

No Mercy - Waking The Dead
Obduktion - King Of Terrors
Sanctuary - Taste Revenge/Battle Angels (Live)
School Of Violence - We Then People
Dr Know - Into The Void

Warlock - East Meets West
Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain
Primordial - The Seed Of Tyrants
AC/DC - Rock Or Bust
Lords Of The Trident - Slutty Santa

Sister Sin - Count Me Out
Psychostick - Dogs Like Socks
Cavalera Conspiracy - Scum
As Blood Runs Black - Insomniac
Bloodbath - Unite In Pain

Worm Quartet "A Worm Quartet Christmas"