November 21, 2014 - The Return of Ames

Recap by The Metal Wulf aka Randy...
I don't know about Rick, Josh, and Azkath, but my main concern on this night was Joe's mental state. And to be honest, the guys seemed to think that maybe we shouldn't really dwell on it too much. And maybe they're right.

When it's all said and done, he didn't seem to think he was King Diamond anymore, so I'm guessing that's a good thing!

To be honest, Azkath seemed more concerned about how things were going with me and my day job. It's weird, actually...I mean, Ames sure has changed. For some reason I'm now stuck in the produce department, and I don't even remember them putting in a produce department! Or even carrying actual groceries, for that matter!

Azkath seems to think that Ames closed long ago, though, and for some reason that's got me questioning my reality. In fact, I think I may be starting to suffer a bit of a breakdown...things really do seem a bit funny, and I can't quite put my finger on why...and I can't quite shake the feeling that maybe he's onto something.


Kinda vague on some of the other occurrences of the evening, although there WAS a bit of a disturbing discussion that had to do with my hairy loofah...and it's probably for the best that I don't remember that full discussion...we'll just leave it at that!


Broughton's Rules "Gothic"
Krokodil "Dead Man's Path"
Hanzel Und Gretyl "Burning Wheels of Satan"

Hellcannon "Wasteland Remains"
Ire Clad "Prey for Thee, God of War"
Mia Klose "Living for Love"
These are They "Steeple of Blood"
Manilla Road "Black Cauldron"

Primordial "The Seed of Tyrants"
SSS "Crushed by Drudgery"
Carcass "Intensive Battery Brooding"
Blue Snaggletooth "Transmutation"
Downfall of Gaia "Darkness Inflames These Saphire Eyes"

Ghost Brigade "Stones and Pillars"
Machine Head "Beneath the Silt"
Riot "Fight, Fight, Fight"
Thanatos "Feeding the War Machine"
Psycroptic "Echoes to Come"

Skalmold "Med Fuglum"
The Skull "Trapped Inside My Mind"
Toothgrinder "Relic of My Youth"
Spiders "Shake Electric"
Mors Pricipium Est "Leader of the Titans"

Job for a Cowboy "Eating the Visions of God"
Cavelera Conspiracy "Father of Hate"
At the Gates "The Head of the Hydra"
As Blood Runs Black "Survival Rites"
Psychostick "Bruce Campbell"

Sister Sin "Chaos Royale"
Unearth "Lifetime in Ruins"
Beyond Creation "Neurotical Transmissions"
Slipknot "Sarcastrophe"
Devo Spice "Earworm"

Obituary "Within a Dying Breed"
Obduktion "Lordship of Superior"
Metal Machine "Morning Star"
No Mercy "Controlled by Hatred"
Bloodbath "Unite in Pain"

At the Gates "The Circular Ruins"
INC "Invite This Plague"
A Breach of Silence "Hang Em High"
Resistance "The Gift to Inherit"
Like Monroe "Black Lungs"

Allen Lande "Down from the Mountain"
Black Crown Initiate "Purge"
Exodus "Salt the Wound"
Order of the Dead "Sucking the Marrow"
Cripper "Bloodshot Monkey Eye"

Shed the Skin "Luminous Transgressions"
Crepuscolo "Granitic Old School"
Malformed "Labyrinths of Silence"
Combat "Evil Speak"