February 23, 2013 - Randy vs Azkath

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U.D.O. - Braindead Hero 

Savatage - Starlight 

Anthrax - Anthem 
Cancer Bats - Into The Void 
Bullet For My Valentine - Riot 
KMFDM - Quake 
Darkthone - Lesser Men 
Black Mass - Mountain Of Skulls 
Soilwork - Realm Of The Wasted 
Setiva - Sick Sinister 
Cold Steel - Blood Secrets 
Hatriot - And Your Children To Be Damned 
Crashdiet - Excited 
Setiva - Bury Me 
Hatebreed - Dead Man Breathing 
Soothsayer - Govern Me 
Zen Kura - Cyanide 
Riot - Outlaw 
The Beards - This Beard Stays 
Setiva - Hellmouth 
Gemini Syndrome - Left Of Me 
Finntroll - Blodsvept 
Hatchet - Signals Of Infection 
Sir Reg - 'Til The Dead Come Alive 
Blood Of God - Master Of The Dead 
Setiva - Purpose 
Call Of The Void - Napalm Lungs 
Hypocrisy - End Of Disclosure 
Mad Season - Locomotive 
Omnium Gatherum - Nightwalkers 
Megadeth - Hangar 18 
M.O.R.G. - Devil Inside 
Saxon - Wheels Of Terror 
Seplophile - Glassstorms 
The Porridgeface - Fire Fear Flames 
Ghost - Secular Haze 
Kongh - The Portals 
Avenger Of Blood - Centuries Of Hell 
Gibby Haynes - Horse Named George 
Psyche Corporation - Nightmares 
Flotsam And Jetsam - Ugly Noise 
Flotsam And Jetsam - Gittyup 
Manilla Road - Stand Your Ground 
Enforcer - Death Rides This Night 
Volume IV - Wager 
Victor Griffin's In-Graved - Love Song For The Dying 
Savatage - Chance 
Kiss - All American Man 
Maelstrom - Arise 
Voivod - Corps Etranger 
Recap by The Metal Wulf...
Gotta say, it was cool having some representation from Setiva on the show this past Friday night. Most of us have known Ferg since his days in Loopus, and we got to talk about some of those fun times, as well as the recent reformation of Setiva.
They'll be out and about doing some shows in the coming months, most notably the 4/20 show at Pineapple Jack's, which will likely have at least a couple of us in attendance. Gonna be a tough call, as that's also the same day as the Wounded Warrior's benefit show in Geneva. Hmmmmm...
Speaking of shows, there was some happy discussion regarding Testament's show in Buffalo the previous Sunday. Great sets from all the bands that played, yet sadly Overkill had to cancel due to Blitz's bout with pneumonia. Apparently it was bad enough that Overkill actually had to back out of the rest of the tour while Bobby recovers.
Still, if you haven't seen this show yet, don't let that deter you! Check 'em out!
So, as you'll remember, Joe had taken out the Abba chip so I'd be able to enjoy the Testament show, which I have to say I was immensely grateful for. The idea of hearing Chuck Billy singing "Fernando" was kind of frightening to me, to be honest.
But, I didn't end up getting off quite as lucky as I'd thought. At some juncture I must have briefly dozed off in between talk breaks, and somehow a new chip got placed in me.
And in it's own way, it sucks JUST AS BAD as the Abba chip. See, instead of hearing random ABBA songs whenever music plays...all I hear now is Gordon Lightfoot singing "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald"...
Okay, admittedly, I've never really disliked this song. It's not like it's a bad song, but still...every time I hear music? All day long, while I'm at work...over and over and over...
Yup, I'm in hell, all over again...
I'd have to say that these circumstances probably contributed, at least in part, to my actions later in the show. For those who were listening, you know that Azkath was taunting me once again with his damned breath strips. Well, he pushed me a little too far, and I went off on him. I ended up throwing him into one of the corners, following it up with a running splash that should look pretty cool on video, once it's up. I tried going in for a Stink-Face after he crumpled to the floor, but he was able to avoid that particular indignity.
Things went back and forth from there, we basically beat the tar out of each other. But, in the end, I think I had him on the run...at least this time...
Eventually I DID end up with some breath strips, and well...things got a little weird from there. By weird I mean everybody's shirts and/or hoodies seemed so soft. Just couldn't stop touching fabric...never had that happen before...very strange experience...
Of course, nobody else seemed very receptive, and I can't say I can blame them. In retrospect, I'm not overly comfortable with that, either...
Note to self: Stay away from breath strips...even if they ARE minty fresh awesomeness...