February 9, 2013 - Snowstorms and ABBA


2Cellos - Technical Difficulties 

VoiVod - Empathy For The Enemy 
Destruction - Cynaide 
Destruction - Spiritual Genocide 
Joe Carpenter - Stormbringer 
Manilla Road - Hallowed Be Thy Grave 
Avenger Of Blood - Spawn Of Evil 
Enforcer - Death Rides This Night 
Death Tyrant - Baphomet 
Newsted - King Of The Underdogs 
Demon Hunter - I Am Stone 
Psyche Corporation - Pound Of Flesh 
Crest Of Darkness - Welcome To My Funeral 
High Priest Of Saturn - Crawling King Snake 
Soothsayer - Dark Star 
Kiss - She 
Volume IV - Kong 
Victor Griffin's In-Graved - Thorn In The Flesh 
Neuronspoiler - Through Hell We March 
Those Who Fear - Daggermouth 
Dynasty - Hard Pressed 
Abdicate - Cranial Collapse 
Death Wolf - Death Wolf March 
Hatriot - Blood Stained Wings 
Helloween - Waiting For The Thunder 
Spinal Tap - Christmas With The Devil 
Fist - Hot Spikes 
Crash Diet - Liquid Jesus 
The Beards - You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man 
Slammer - Johnny's Home 
Maelstrom - Predestined 
Cold Steel - Blood Secrets 
Static - X - I'm With Stupid 
Metal Church - Fake Healer 
Haiduk - Stormcall 
Seven Year Existence - Death Roll 
Swarm Of Arrows - Gravel And Gold 
Hate - Venom 
Clutch - Earth Rocker 
Alice In Chains - Hollow 
Mothership - Lunar Master 
Suffocation - As Grace Descends 
Ghost - Secular Haze 
To The Deep - Thrown From High 
Powermad - Absolute Power 
Angel - Tower 
Bornholm - Throne Of Crows 
Hatebreed - Indivisible 
Hemlock - The Masquerade 
Hemlock - Vendetta 
Recap by The Metal Wulf

Kind of a miracle that the show even happened on this evening, as the East Coast was being battered by a winter storm called Nemo...

Nemo...fucking Nemo...who names a storm Nemo?

I guess I get the whole nautical thing, Captain Nemo...Finding Nemo...but what the hell?

Pardon me if I seem just a trifle bitter toward our recent weather patterns. The fact is, had it not been for that piece of shit Nemo and some added accumulations courtesy of a large lake effect storm, I would have been in Rochester that night, along with Bill, Erica, Josh, Seriah Azkath, and Arydaea Insanity to see Doro Pesch, as well as possibly get an audio interview with her.

Yeah, I'm still pretty pissed, not that it does much good. I mean, you can shake your fist at the skies all you want, but let's face it, the only thing you're going to do is look like a complete ass...


When I found out the we were still on for the Onslaught, I initially decided to just hang back. I mean, we were under a State Of Emergency, after all. But then Joe called me, asked me why I was being such a puss, and threatened to kick me in the vagina.

Novel idea, considering I don't have one. Unless it's really, REEEEAAALLLY well hidden...

So, with that being said, we rode up and it was on with the show!

With the weather being what it was, there was some joking around going on about wearing each other like Tauntauns is any of us got stuck outside. It was pretty solidly decided that I'd be the one who smelled the worse on the inside, but that kinda goes without saying. To be honest, a further agreement suggested that I should just be used as a new form of bio-chemical weapon.

Getting back to the Bronie Bullshit, Joe had mentioned something about there being a whole new line of My Little Pony toys being released, along with a Pony Castle...

Seriously, not my thing. Not even remotely interested, don't believe a word of it...

I'd mentioned how I'd finally heard Ghost's cover of ABBA's "I'm A Marionette", which is going to be included on their upcoming new disc, entitled "Secular Haze".

It's a good track, suitably creepy to fit Ghost's style, yet I found myself wondering if I'd ever even heard the original. I couldn't for the life of me remember, so further searching on YouTube not only allowed me to hear that, but to also notice ABBA tracks that I hadn't heard since I was in my early teens...

How I despise admitting this...

Yes, I went ahead and listened to almost half an hour worth of ABBA tracks! I confess! And I even found songs I remember actually LIKING as a kid!

So, as a result, I've had "Take A Chance On Me" stuck in my head for almost a week at this juncture. Yeah, that's right, almost constantly since last Tuesday, no bullshit, that song keeps popping up in my brain.

It's drivin' me nuts, too. Well, crazier than I already was...

And to make matters worse, I can't even enjoy other music anymore, thanks to Joe. I'd dozed off in between talk breaks and apparently planted something in me he's calling the Abba Chip. This chip makes all music I hear sound like ABBA songs.

Don't believe me? Well, I tried listening to AC/DC not long ago, and all I heard was shit like "Fernando", "Waterloo", and fucking "Dancing Queen"...

I've been trying to find out where in my body this chip currently resides, with absolutely no luck. Believe me, I'm almost at a juncture where I'm ready to rip out some potentially important organs and/or body parts in order to get this thing out of me...

So, with that being said, hopefully there will be enough of me left to make it to the Onslaught on Friday, and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy some heavy freakin' metal by then!