April 13, 2013 - What Randy Did to Cuss Muffin...

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Lordi - I Luv Ugly 

Owl - Destroyer 
Ugly Kid Joe - Devil's Paradise 
Kobra And The Lotus - 50 Shades Of Evil 
Black Pyramid - Bleed Out 
Anthrax - Keep On Runnin' 
Deep Purple - Hell To Pay 
Queensryche - Cold 
Sodom - Stigmatized 
Ghost B.C. - Year Zero 
Scanner - Wizard Force 
Woe - All Bridges Burned 
The Black Dahlia Murder - Into The Everblack 
Mistress - Psycho Bat 
Terror - Invasion 
Execution - In The Name Of Metal 
Suicidal Tendencies - Who's Afraid 
Fallstar - It's In Our Blood 
Septekh - Apollonian Eyes 
Dead Awaken - Mudhell 
Anciients - Overthrone 
Anciients - Falling In Line 
Avenger Of Blood - Aggressive Psychotic Behavior 
Anvil - Jackhammer 
Kvelertak - Spring Fra Livet 
Black Summer - Letting Go 
Device - Out Of Line 
Melvins - Black Betty 
Chain Reaction - Down Below 
Dragonsfire - The Gunslinger's Fate 
The Ocean - Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses 
Rob Zombie - Lucifer Rising 
Alice In Chains - Stone 
Starkill - Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire 
Killswitch Engage - Turning Point 
While She Sleeps - Death Toll 
Crossfaith - Leviathan 
Stryper - To Hell With The Devil 
Spiritual Beggars - Turn The Tide 
Volbeat - Doc Holiday 
Ghost B.C. - Depth Of Satan's Eyes 
Sebastian Bach - Piece of Me 
Saxon - Guardians Of The Tomb 
High On Fire - Snakes For The Devine 
Hatriot - And Your Children To Be Damned 
Lynch Mob - River Of Love 
Recap by The Metal Wulf

We had Cuss Muffin and Karma from Roc City Roller Derby on hand to bring us up to speed with derby news.
Truth is, there's a lot going on. They've recently moved to Monroe Community College (Bill Gray's Ice Plex) for future bouts, and are also now members of the WFTA (Women's Flat Track Association). 
There was brief mention of No Pants Day while the girls were there, and Cuss Muffin suggested that what we needed was a No Tops Day. Not sure how that would fly, though...hmmmmm...
Somehow something was mentioned about Karma jumping over Joe as a skate stunt. The catch being, Joe has to dress as a shark, and swim around in a dunk tank, and Karma gets to dress like Fonzie from Happy Days. Personally, I say we need to make this happen before the new season is over, preferably around Joe's birthday!
Later in the evening, after Karma departed, I felt oddly compelled to give Cuss Muffin a lap dance, which didn't go quite as well as one would think. As a matter of fact, I got hip-checked...twice...and went reeling into the large wall displays where large quantities of vinyl are stored. 
The day's going to come where all of those records come pouring down... 
Darrel Lake had also returned to further promote his Wounded Warriors Project show that was held this past Saturday in Geneva.


March 9, 2013 - Roller Girls

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Nick Hellfort - Lifeline 
Lord - Digital Lies 
Kaledon - Between The Hammer And The Anvil 
Mortillery - Evil Invaders 
Howl - Attrition 
Wolfchant - Clan Of Cross 
The New Black - Sharkpool 
Dream Master - Leather Army 
Mothership - Cosmic Rain 
Rotting Christ - Iwa Voodoo 
Stryper - Bleeding From The Inside Out 
Gemini Syndrome - Left Of Me 
Within The Ruins - Feeding Frenzy 
Off With Their Heads - Shirts 
Stigma - Days Of Old 
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell 
Kyuss - The Green Machine 
Destruction - Cyanide 
Hatchet - Welcome To The Plague 
Orange Goblin - Round Up The Horses 
Krokus - Hardrocking Man 
Voivod - Warchaic 
Trouble - Pray For The Dead 
Hazy Hamlet - Field Of Crosses 
Maelstrom - Arise 
Mortillery - Angel Witch 
Domination - Backstabber 
Hateform - All Becomes Nothing 
Lordi - Happy New Fear 
Optical Faze - Ghost Planet 
Pig Destroyer - Volume 
Wormed - Techkinox Wormhole 
In The Flood - Sufferer 
Avenger Of Blood - Centuries Of Hell 
Inter Arma - 'sblood 
Soilwork - Realm Of The Wasted 
Toranaga - Hammer To The Skull 
Suffocation - Eminent Wrath 
Devourment - March To Megiddo 
Devourment - Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill 
Six Feet Under - Fragment 
Lowkey - Seems Like Problems 
Raped Ape - Return To Nothing 
Mortillery - Madhouse 
Darkthrone - Dead Early 
Cancer Bats - War Pigs 
Recap by The Metal Wulf
Only got to enjoy the last two hours of the show this week, as Rick, Bill and myself had gone to see Nile at the Montage in Rochester.

Gotta say, Nile kicked ass. Will definitely have to check them out again sometime. In the interest of getting to the Onslaught, Rick and I had left after the first of their two sets, though.

We did get to hear a little bit of the Onslaught on the radio as we came back toward Geneva, which is usually fairly amusing, because you can generally hear the guys as they talk shit about you!

Yep, imagine my shock when I heard Joe say that he hates me...I was pretty bummed, but I didn't let it show. If anything, I was probably just as shocked to hear Azkath say that he actually likes me. I find that one kinda hard to swallow, especially in light of another pre-fabricated statement that he once again insists that I gave to him to read on my behalf.

So, here's the deal: This "statement" suggests that I'm going to come out on No Pants Day, displaying my Bronie-ism in a manner suitable for the occasion.

** What Azkath Read: I would like to provide a warning to all. This coming No Pants Day, I promise that I will not be any more pantless than I have in the past, but, and that is a big butt, I will finally admit to my bronyism, and let it flourish, it the most appropriate way possible for a No Pants Day celebration. You have been warned. I love you all. **

Yeah, that don't sound good at all. I mean, the whole Bronie thing is a pile o' crap anyway, I've pretty well established that. I can categorically say that there will be no Bronie-ing on No Pants Day. I'm just gonna throw on a pair of shorts and keep them on for the night. I'm letting someone else make an ass of themselves this year. Whatever happens, I WILL NOT be the one to blame! Mark my words!

And to make matters worse, Joe turned around and installed another chip in me. I swear, I've gotta stop dozing off on the show, because I'm gettin' a little tired of him tampering with my brain like that. I mean, this time he outfitted me with the "THX Chip"...

Yeah...THX...that wonderful sound sample you get to hear before certain movies. You know you've heard it...one of the most God-awful, annoying sounds in the world. I even spent a good portion of one of the final talk breaks imitating it. Wasn't hard, because every time music played, that's what I heard!

Azkath tried to help, but really didn't help at all. I guess he somehow felt he could beat the chip out of me somehow...but he just made matters worse. I mean, I can hear music, but it's always interspersed with that wretched THX sound...just terrible, really, really terrible...I guess that's what he gets for attempting to use electrocution to short out the chip. Not fun...seriously, I had smoke coming out of my ears for two days. Try explaining THAT at work...

With that being said, I've gotta say that this has without a doubt been the worst of the bunch. How I've maintained my sanity at work, or anywhere else for that matter, is completely beyond me...I just hope I can keep it together until the next installment, where I'm hoping Joe can take it out once and for all...


December 29, 2012 - Horseface, Disfigured Dead, and Lethal Lorelei

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Doro - Take No Prisoner
Blue Oyster Cult - Take Me Away
My Dying Bride - A Tapestry Scorned

Horseface - The Nile

Horseface - Speak
Jorn - Rock And Roll Children
T&N - Tooth And Nail

Horseface - Drown
Snakecharmer - Guilty As Charged
Mammoth Mammoth - Bury Me

Disfigured Dead - Punishing Atonement
Aeon - I Wish You Death
Daemonicus - Inhabited

Disfigured Dead - Deranged Concecration
Sons of Aeon - Enemy Of The Souls
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Piled Up For The Scavengers

Disfigured Dead - Baneful Barbarity
Flotsam And Jetsam - Gitty Up
Voivod - Warchaic
Overtorture - Slaves To The Atom

Disfigured Dead - Death Disguised Dreams Demise
Hellcannon - Resinous Infection
Hellcannon - Pull The Plug
Sonic Reign - Monument In Black

Celtachor - The Landing Of Amergin
Disfigured Dead - Reliquary Bone Enshrinement

The Project Hate - We Watch In Silence As The Earth Turns To Blood
Hate - Festival Of Slaves
Wintersfear - Painting Pictures Black
Cult Of Luna - I: The Weapon

Blue Oyster Cult - Cities On Flames
Corsair - Falconer
Trouble - Rain
Trouble - Tragedy Man
Mindfunk - Goddess
Alice In Chains - Hollow

Advent Sorrow - Withered By Her Curse
Jorn - The Mob Rules
Cindergarden - Black Hole Sun

g/z/r/- Seance Fiction
Kiss - C'mon And Love Me
Wolcott Falls - Meth Lab Explosion

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Not much to say about this particular edition. It was actually a refreshingly calm evening for once!
John Halstead of HorseFace joined us to share some newer demos that will be featured on their next full-length, and based on what we heard, we're very much looking forward to featuring that album on the Onslaught as soon as it's available!
Two members of Disfigured Dead were also on hand to discuss their band and where things are currently headed with them. Very tight, aggressive metal of the extreme variety. Brutal jams, to be sure, check 'em out! 
Roc City Roller Derby's Lethal Lorelei was on hand to promote her upcoming birthday bash at the Montage. We hadn't had a chance to talk to any of the Roc City ladies in quite some time, so it was cool to have the time to catch up with her a bit.For those interested, the line-up for her party consists of Setiva (reuniting just for her!), Hate Machine, Beneath Hell's Sky, and Silence Broken. Between some great music and the presence of many roller derby girls, I'm betting this is gonna be a party to remember!
Let's see...above and beyond that, there was a full moon, so I spent the evening pretty much coated in fur, and showing off a little bit of the newer dental work my lycanthropic form has acquired. So far no new photos are available, but give it time..
Definitely a plus that none of the band members seemed uncomfortable having a werewolf in their midst. Which is a good thing, as the full moon DOES occasionally coincide with our show...
All in all, it was just all in an evening's work, pretty much another day at the office for the rest of us!
I believe there was some brief mention about my cat and the fact that at numerous times he has seen me naked. Don't know what the big deal is, I'm pretty sure our pets don't really judge us by our looks, whether we're clothed or not.
However, I DID mention that Mittens likes to occasionally curl up under the covers, and I had to admit that I once...well...Dutch-ovened him...
Really, I completely forgot that he was there! I'd woke up in the middle of the night, turned over, farted, and there was suddenly this rampant scurrying under the sheets, as my cat suddenly felt the need to distance himself from the bed.
Can't say I blame him...
So, our next edition of the show will feature our Top 10 lists for 2012. In a nutshell, this means that absolutely NOTHING will suck, as far as music goes this week!
We may even let Tim give us a brief rundown of what he liked the most in the past year, although I got a little scared when he mentioned something about Rick Springfield...
Tune in and see what made us tick throughout the year, and maybe get a little perspective into what we're looking forward to most in 2013!

December 8, 2012 - Roller Girls, Birthdays and Ponies!

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More Photos


Badlands - Winter's Call
Trouble - Tragedy Man
Troubled Horse - Another Mans Name
Orden Ogan - Angels War

CJSS - Ready
Doro - Raise Your Fist In The Air
Druid Lord - Awaken By The Dead
Earthship - Old Widow's Gloom
Mammoth Mammoth - (Up All Night) Demons To Fight

Cult Of Luna - I: The Weapon
Hatebreed - Put It To The Torch
Hanzel Und Gretyl - Ironstar Outlaws
Children Of Technology - Mayhemic Speed Anarchy

The Gates Of Slumber - Blessed Pathway To the Celestial Kingdom
Erupted - Path Of Perdition
Death - Spiritual Healing
Dimmu Borgir - The Maelstrom Mephisto
Unleashed - Odalheim

Hate - Solarflesh
The Gardnerz - Transilvanian Hunger
Daemonicus - Inhabited
Bane - Light The Black Flame
Bane - The Truth Unleashed
Type O Negative - Black No. 1

Saxon - Broken Heroes
Sacred Reich - Ignorance
Corrosion Of Conformity - Strong Medicine Too Late
Mortiferous Scorn - Bottom Feeder
Audrey Horne - There Goes A Lady
Galadriel - Still Not Dead Enough

Wednesday 13 - Halloween 13-13
Postmortem - Falling From Hell
Dr. Living Dead! - Mental Warzone
Hellbringer - Bell Of The Antichrist
Die Hard - Sanctify The Morbid
Wintersfear - Black Dolphin
Aeon - Still They Pray
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Piled Up For The Scavengers

King Diamond - At The Graves
Sepultura - Desperate Cry
Slayer - Criminally Insane
Devo Spice - In The 80's
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - Harley Got Devoured By The Undead
Daemonicus - Nothing But Death
Abhor - Wings Of Chaos

Triumph - When The Lights Go Down


Recap by The Metal Wulf

For the most part, it was a fun evening, but things got a little frustrating for me by the time the night was over. More on that in a bit, though...

So, we were celebrating three separate birthdays, as Lance, Josh, and Rick all had them during the course of the week.

A friend of Rick's was kind enough to provide a thoroughly delicious marble cake, complete with black icing and a red Pentagram design on top. Our kind of cake, without a doubt!

We had roller derby girls on the show, this time representing the newly formed Finger Lakes Lunachicks. In fact, we were only expecting a handful of girls to visit, but what was supposed to have been three turned into expecting a few more, and by the time it was all said and done, we had fifteen ladies in the studio, all there to support their team. Pretty damned cool, I must say.

I'm personally very excited at the prospects of actually having a team to represent our region, now. I'm even happier to say that these ladies seem more than content to have me represent as the team mascot.

Can you say WarWulf?

So, the evening took a turn for the weird after the arrival of Azkath.

Yeah, the moment finally arrived when he read the stupid "earthshaking" confession that was supposely prepared by me. I had no idea what to expect, but when it was all said and done, the the crap that started spewing forth was just plain ridiculous, even for OUR show...

So, according to this prepared statement that I was supposedly "too afraid to read", I am what is called a "Bronie"...

Honestly? What the FUCK is a Bronie? ** READ THIS FOR MORE DETAILS **

Apparently, a Bronie is a guy who is a fan of the My Little Pony cartoon series as well as the line of toys.

Apparently, it even goes beyond guys just being "fans", as in some extreme cases it crosses the border into fetishism...

Now, I'm not one to judge folks based on what turns them on, within reason. Hell, I could even understand the whole cartoon character thing...a HUMAN cartoon character, that is...say, a Wilma Flintstone fetish...or a Jessica Rabbit fetish...

Get where I'm coming from?

So, with that being said, take it from me. I've NEVER known anybody who even OWNED a My Little Pony...I've NEVER seen a single episode of the series...and, I don't find the stupid toys even REMOTELY CUTE!!!

End of story, no Bronies here!


I, Randy Smith, have something to admit to all of you. This will be hard, but I do feel that it is an important part of my personality, and something that I wish you share with all of you. It means a lot to me, and it makes me who I am. In every possible way. It may be shocking, but in time, I feel that I can convert you all. So in conclusion, I Randy Smith, don't want you to look at me THAT differently because of all this. So, that's it I guess, oh, right, forgot to tell you. I am a Brony. That's right. I LOVE My Little Pony in the very best ways. The innocence. The love. The sexiness. So please, join me in my celebration of the greatness that is My Little Pony!

So, next week will probably be relatively calm, as Josh and Rick will be attending the Killswitch Engage/Shadows Fall show in Buffalo.

Joe and I, along with Lance, will still be on hand to entertain the masses! In fact, if I remember correctly, we should even see the return of Tim Binder, who will probably be back for a few weeks. Should be a good time, so tune on in!

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