April 13, 2013 - What Randy Did to Cuss Muffin...

Lordi - I Luv Ugly 

Owl - Destroyer 
Ugly Kid Joe - Devil's Paradise 
Kobra And The Lotus - 50 Shades Of Evil 
Black Pyramid - Bleed Out 
Anthrax - Keep On Runnin' 
Deep Purple - Hell To Pay 
Queensryche - Cold 
Sodom - Stigmatized 
Ghost B.C. - Year Zero 
Scanner - Wizard Force 
Woe - All Bridges Burned 
The Black Dahlia Murder - Into The Everblack 
Mistress - Psycho Bat 
Terror - Invasion 
Execution - In The Name Of Metal 
Suicidal Tendencies - Who's Afraid 
Fallstar - It's In Our Blood 
Septekh - Apollonian Eyes 
Dead Awaken - Mudhell 
Anciients - Overthrone 
Anciients - Falling In Line 
Avenger Of Blood - Aggressive Psychotic Behavior 
Anvil - Jackhammer 
Kvelertak - Spring Fra Livet 
Black Summer - Letting Go 
Device - Out Of Line 
Melvins - Black Betty 
Chain Reaction - Down Below 
Dragonsfire - The Gunslinger's Fate 
The Ocean - Bathyalpelagic I: Impasses 
Rob Zombie - Lucifer Rising 
Alice In Chains - Stone 
Starkill - Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire 
Killswitch Engage - Turning Point 
While She Sleeps - Death Toll 
Crossfaith - Leviathan 
Stryper - To Hell With The Devil 
Spiritual Beggars - Turn The Tide 
Volbeat - Doc Holiday 
Ghost B.C. - Depth Of Satan's Eyes 
Sebastian Bach - Piece of Me 
Saxon - Guardians Of The Tomb 
High On Fire - Snakes For The Devine 
Hatriot - And Your Children To Be Damned 
Lynch Mob - River Of Love 
Recap by The Metal Wulf

We had Cuss Muffin and Karma from Roc City Roller Derby on hand to bring us up to speed with derby news.
Truth is, there's a lot going on. They've recently moved to Monroe Community College (Bill Gray's Ice Plex) for future bouts, and are also now members of the WFTA (Women's Flat Track Association). 
There was brief mention of No Pants Day while the girls were there, and Cuss Muffin suggested that what we needed was a No Tops Day. Not sure how that would fly, though...hmmmmm...
Somehow something was mentioned about Karma jumping over Joe as a skate stunt. The catch being, Joe has to dress as a shark, and swim around in a dunk tank, and Karma gets to dress like Fonzie from Happy Days. Personally, I say we need to make this happen before the new season is over, preferably around Joe's birthday!
Later in the evening, after Karma departed, I felt oddly compelled to give Cuss Muffin a lap dance, which didn't go quite as well as one would think. As a matter of fact, I got hip-checked...twice...and went reeling into the large wall displays where large quantities of vinyl are stored. 
The day's going to come where all of those records come pouring down... 
Darrel Lake had also returned to further promote his Wounded Warriors Project show that was held this past Saturday in Geneva.