October 20, 2012 - Zombie Randy

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KIX - Girl Money

Saints & Sinners - Wheels Of Fire
Skid Row - Slave To The Grind

Danger Danger - Slipped Her The Big One
Queensryche - Anybody Listening?
Trixter - Waiting in That Line
Damn Yankees - Come Again

Kik Tracee - Don't Need Rules
Great White - Twice Shy
Firehouse - All She Wrote
Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Tinkertrain

My Dying Bride - Like A Perpetual Funeral
Acaro - Throne Of Blood
Cradle Of Filth - Frost On Her Pillow
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Circus Of Mass Torment
Mammoth Mammoth - (Up All Night)Demons To Fight

Bison B.C. - Finally Asleep
Opium Warlords - This Wind Is A Gift From A Distant Friend
The Sword - Eyes Of the Stormwitch
Affiance - Class Dismissed
The Paramedic - Clarissa Didn't Explain This
Wintersun - Land Of Snow And Sorrow
Geoff Tate - Take A Bullet
Tiamat - Thunder & Lightning

The Pestilence Choir - Lizard King
The Sorrow - Buried In The Deep
Slam One Down - Hell Doesn't Want Me
The Acacia Strain - Doomblade
Beyond The Threshold - First Blood
No Bragging Rights - Hope Theory
Pro-Pain - Nothing Left

Kiss - Back To The Stoneage
Lynch Mob - Slow Drag
Dio - Lord Of The Last Day
Down - Levitation
Pathology - A Bleak Future

Surrounded By Monsters - Ask Mr. Owl
Cradle Of Filth - Huge Onyx Wings Behind Despair
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Bow Down Before The Blood Court
Red Fang - Crows In Swine
Orden Ogan - Land Of The Dead

Kingdom Come - Break Down The Wall
Pig Destroyer - King Of Clubs
Pig Destroyer - Permanent Funeral
VoiVod - Mechanical Mind

The Sword - Cheap Sunglasses
Recap by The Metal Wulf
So, for those who may have been a little confused in the first hour of the show, I'll take a moment to bring everybody up to speed.

You see, many, MAAANY years ago, before Joe started hosting the Metallic Onslaught, there was a show called Rockin' Rage, hosted by Drew Hammond. Joe had been trying for quite some time to get Drew to come by and spin some classic 80's hair metal for us, and this past Friday, that's precisely what happened! Gotta say, it was a pretty good mix of tunes thrown in there.

I take full responsibility for the Damn Yankees track, by the way. "Come Again" is one of my favorite Tommy Shaw songs, outside of Styx. Not gonna deny it.

Don't be surprised if we happen to get Drew to sit in with us again, all told, the whole thing went really well!

I got a chance to vent a little bit about the cluster fuck that was the Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson show at the Main Street Armory last Tuesday night. Amazingly enough, I got through the whole discussion without swearing. Seriously, I wasn't very confident in my ability to do that, that's how upsetting the whole situation was, and I was one of the lucky ones...

So, if you weren't there, this is what transpired:

Over an hour wait for the doors to open, in not-very-warm weather. At least it wasn't precipitating...

Doors were to open at 6:00, and didn't open 'til after 7:00. Bill, Erica, and I were fortunate enough to get inside with just enough time to visit the rest rooms and take a peek at the over-priced t-shirts before Manson took the stage.

No opener, by the way, although DJ Starscream (Slipknot's Sid Wilson) was to have that slot in J Devil's absence.

So, people were still lined up outside during Manson's set. General agreement seems to be that there were in excess of 3,000 people who missed at LEAST half of Manson's set. That's better than half the people in attendance, as more than 5,000 people were packed into the Armory for this show, literally elbow to elbow, front to back, through the whole damned place...Which brings me to another point of annoyance. Why do they constantly oversell this place? If it took that long to get everybody in, I shudder to think what would have happened in the event of an emergency and everybody had to vacate in a hurry. I'm pretty sure that a fire that night would have made the Station Night Club tragedy look like a weenie roast...

Numerous complaints regarding security, as it was the second time this particular company had worked the Armory. I, personally, didn't see anything too out of the ordinary, although I question why they seemed more interested in shining their lights in people's cars while we were waiting to get in.

Zombie and Manson both kicked ass, so at least that was a plus.

Anyway, it took the Armory two days to address the situation, after many of us had spent that time addressing it in our own manner.

In a nutshell, a miscommunication between Zombie's Production Manager and the Armory staff resulted in the stage being assembled late in the day, cutting into the time the doors were to open, as well as cutting into the time that the opener was to take the stage. The Armory seems bound and determined to place all blame on Zombie's staff, and maybe rightly so. Still, my point is how does this venue NOT research the artists they're booking?

I mean, come on, Zombie brings a show that rivals any other act known for big stage productions, including KISS.

Enough about that, though...

So, we saw the return of Jeffie, who had mistakenly traveled to New Orleans to find Joe a handful of weeks ago. If you remember correctly, Joe had been vacationing in Lake George, and Jeffie got very, VERY sidetracked...

We'd spent previous weeks dreading his return, 'cuz lets face it, none of us really wanted to think about what kind of trouble he could have been finding down in Cajun Country. I mean, for all we knew he could have taken up Alligator Wrestling and was planning on returning with some reptilian companionship. Of course, had he been actually eaten by a gator....hmmmmm...I suppose we could always send him back down there...

Anyhoo, he returned, and it was worse than any of us could have anticipated. Actually, I think some of us may have been somewhat prepared for this possible scenario. For my part, I probably just found the idea to be too farfetched to take seriously.

But, as it turns out, Jeffie had gotten mixed up with a Voodoo Priestess...named Papa Shango...


Yeah, I know, I said it myself. Papa Shango was a short-lived WWE Wrestler about 20 years ago. The character was god-awful, and they eventually reintroduced the guy as Kama...who eventually had his greatest success when he became that Ho-lovin' Pimp Daddy, The Godfather. But, Jeffie insists he never heard of the guy, and that this Papa Shango was a woman.

Yeah, it makes my brain hurt, too, I know...

Honestly, I just chalked it up to the possibility that maybe he'd partied a bit too much, but then...I've never known Jeffie to be much of a drinker...unless it was bleach. Silly guy just LOOOOVES his bleach...

So, whoever this lady was, she supposedly taught Jeffie how to turn people into zombies.

Yep, pure ridiculousness. Sheer idiocy.

I think the only thing she taught him was how to be more of a clumsy oaf than he already was. Every time I turned around Friday night, he was flat on his face, looking like he'd been getting his ass kicked. And on more than one occasion, I'd turn my head to see him with his head in Josh's lap.

Yeah, you can only imagine what THAT looked like! Hell, at one point I had to tell them to get a damned room!

And what's more, he seemed to be confused as to what was wrong with me! Apparently, I was supposed to be turning into some kind of wrestling zombie. Yep, utter fucking nonsense. I mean, I admittedly had a couple of moments where I was a little disoriented, but I chalk it up to lack of sleep. I mean, I really DO keep some crazy hours. Hell, look at the time of night that I'm writing this! It's almost 2:00 a.m., for Chrissakes!

But, Jeffie would have you thinking I was turning into a zombie, and beating him up, which I suppose wasn't his plan, as he seemed to be wanting me to beat up on Josh or Rick.

He's such a goof, I swear...

Outside of that, there was another brief discussion concerning this whole cake-eating thing. Quite frankly, Azkath has successfully turned me off of cake for the time being. Honestly, I can't think about the stuff without stifling the urge to vomit, profusely. To make matters worse, Jeffie seems to think it would be a wonderful idea, and wants to take part in it somehow. Hell, I assured him that if he and Dave want to eat cake off each other, go for it! I'll even record it, as long as I don't' have to take part!

But, Jeffie seems to think he'd rather referee. Weird...

Doesn't matter, though, 'cuz it just ain't happening' folks.