September 22, 2012 - Where did Frank Go?

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Kyng - Pushing And Pulling
Before The Dawn - Throne Of Ice
Cutty Sark - Hardrock Power
Dokken - Victim Of The Crime

Re-Machined - Pictures Of Home
Black Country Communion - Confessor
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Man On Fire
Skalmold - Midgardsormur

Steve Harris - The Chosen Ones
Candlemass - The Killing Of The Sun
Deceased - The Luck Of The Corpse
Deceased - Torn Apart By Werewolves

Becoming The Archetype - The Weapon Breaker
Between The Buried And Me - Lay Your Ghosts To Rest
Prototype - Into oblivion
Scum Of The Earth - Zombie Apocalypse

Engel - Cash King
Where Hope Resides - Clocks
Tiamat - Thunder & Lightning
Local H - They Saved Reagan's Brain
Beyond All Recognition - What We'll Die To Defend

MX Machine - Devils Highway
Korn - Shoots And Ladders
Korn - One
Cloudscape - Pull The Brake
Bullet - All Fired Up
Black September - Solitude

The Amity Affliction - R.I.P. Bon
NettleCarrier - The Boiling Point
Bane - As Chaos Rises
Backhill Project - Power Of The Night
The Gardnerz - Transilvanian Hunger

The Graviators - Feelin' Low
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - The Last Run
The Last Vegas - Evil Eyes
Vision of Disorder - Annihilator
Encrust - Grime Maidens
Hate Machine - Anger Is King
Nine Round - Comics And Columns

Saltillo - Gatekeepers
Cutty Sark - Die Tonight
Mongrel - The More I Bleed
Stolen Babies - Mousefood
Devin Townsend Project - True North

Down - Misfortune Teller
As I Lay Dying - Defender
Judas Priest - Bloodstone

Hooded Menace - In The Dead We Dwell
Pro-Pain - A Good Day To Die    


Recap by The Metal Wulf

So, last week's show ended with Joe in complete ecstasy after a Jeffie massage. Seriously, from where I was sitting, it sounded like one of those Happy Ending moments. Hell, even Rick said it sounded like there was some Man-Love goin' on! And Joe DID seem a little evasive regarding the topic...

And this week, it was Josh's turn! Yep, somebody made the observation that Josh had sounded like he'd made pudding in his pants following a Jeffie massage. I'd never seen Josh so relaxed in my life!

Okay, while I'm at it, I may as well tackle this topic.

Seriously, we may have actually found a use for Jeffie. I think he'd make a great masseuse for the Metallic Onslaught. No bullshit, the guy has got some amazing skills when it comes to back massaging. The trouble is, he tries to wander away from the back, and tries to focus on places that don't require that kind of attention.

I'm thinking if we keep the guy focused, he'll do just fine!

There was further discussion involving the Lyons Zombie Walk on October 20. I'm really looking forward to taking part in this, to be perfectly honest. However, I can personally assure everybody that I will NOT be incorporating a Zombie-kini in my costume scheme, and definitely not a a Zombie Banana Hammock. I'm pretty confident that I'll be fully clothed, if not a little tattered and bloody and pale...which is kind of the general idea...

For those interested, there's a $5.00 admission fee if you donate two cans of food, otherwise you can take part for $10.00. This is going to be a great time, and I'd love to see a huge turnout for this!

Music-related topics centered on Steve Harris' (Iron Maiden) solo album, British Lion. In a nutshell...I'm actually kinda sorry to say that most of us are pretty underwhelmed. Not to say that it's terrible musically, but I think we all agreed that a better vocalist could have been acquired. I mean, how do you go from recording with Bruce Dickinson to...that...

Yep, just wasn't feelin' it...

And then there's Between The Buried And Me, who I just can't seem to fully embrace. Trust me, I fully respect them as musicians, but I just can't listen to them for long without wanting to tear my brain out...

One of the stranger moments of the evening came when Jeffie wanted to know where Frank was. I have no earthly idea who this Frank is, but apparently he's a little guy that is supposed to live under my left man-boob.

Trust me, there's nothing under there that shouldn't be there...I assure you...

A discussion of Jeffie's body odor resulted in both Josh and I getting Pit Stops (think WWF, Nasty Boys...), which is an experience I fully could have done without. Really would rather not experience that anytime soon.

And then there was a comment made about walking on the sun. Apparently Jeffie feels that if we've been on the moon, maybe we should attempt to try the sun next. He even seems confident that if we did it at night, nobody would burn up.

Yeah, you go right on ahead and test that theory, Jeffie old boy...good luck with that...